Matibhrama are proud to present their debut EP on BMSS, "Taku Wakan". Inspired by the narratives of Native American tribes, the release takes the listener on an ancestral journey through mystical shamanic rituals. Based on the entrancing evocation of primeval spirits, each of the 3 tracks invites us to delve deep inside our consciousness to discover our totem animals: Aku Wakan (“the sacred”), Maka Mahpee (“between sky and earth”) and Oyate (“tribe”).

The EP has been constructed holistically, with the artwork carefully crafted to reflect the music: the sensitive hand-painted piece by French artist Bellule captures the atmosphere of the EP perfectly with her symbolic representation of a transcended physical world.

Through "Taku Wakan", Matibhrama deliver their trademark fusion of electronic and instrumental music. This unique alliance between psychedelic trance and live tribal music allows us to waver magically between soaring ethnic stratospheres and earth-bound tribal roots. At once moving and grounding, "Taku Wakan" offers the dancefloor a captivating vision of the future of Ethno Trance, propelled by ground-shaking primordial rhythms.


01: Matibhrama - Oyate
02: Matibhrama - Taku Wakan
03: Matibhrama - Mahkah Mahpee

Mastering: Micky Noise [Plus Six]
Design: Bellule

Release date:

01.07.19 via Bandcamp (Digital)

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