“Dreaming about India” is a two track Psytrance EP by Exolon that plays with Full On tendencies and features a collaboration with Moon Tripper. Lusty potent basses provide the perfect platform on which dancing psychonauts begin their spiritual quests. Take them through oriental motifs and the mysterious profound happiness found only on unforgettable inward journeys.

Evolving rhythms unfold and the tale is told through hypnotic loops that seem to weave through time and space. Heavenly flutes transpose souls, lifting them up to higher states of awareness and connectivity. Exotic voices tingle and glow shining their light deep into the imagination where wandering souls re-connect with the voice within.


01: Exolon - Dreaming about India
02: Exolon & Moon Tripper - More than Matter

Mastering: Micky Noise [Plus Six]
Design: design78.co

Release date:

25.03.19 via Beatport (Digital)

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