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Argon Sphere

Catalogue no.:Sun138
Release date:2018-08-27
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Argon Sphere

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Argon Sphere, previously incarnated on BMSS as one half of Genetica, brings you a high powered debut, "Traveller". Two hard driving tracks, both as stimulating and evocative as the other, remind you to forget about Mondays, routines, rules and regulations. Bouncing bass lines and theatrical flourishes roll alongside touches of old school Goa. Chattering synths speak to your inner rebel and say, "We are all mad here." ... Aren`t we?

Watch out for Argon Spheres upcoming album due out at the end of this year.


01: Argon Sphere - Traveller
02: Argon Sphere - Tortured Brain

Mastering: Micky Noise [Plus Six]
Design: BMSS

Release date:

27.08.18 via Beatport (Digital)