It has been 20 years now since Andrei Oliver Brasovean embarked on his journey into the world of electronic music production. After a long and successful career with different musical projects, Andrei is surprising us again with a brand new Atma album: "Music Revolution".

While most of the electronic music nowadays is based on linear drums, baselines and overuse of sound effects, Atma leads us into a completely new perspective of electronic music.
Deep and mystical melodic lines, complex chords, and crystal-clear acoustic instruments are the perfect combination to rewind your mind back into the abyss of the Trance music roots.


01. Atma - The outer limits
02. Atma - Freedom
03. Atma - Forbidden Paradise
04. Atma - Music Revolution
05. Atma - Disturbing Silence
06. Atma - Into the void
07. Atma - Space Conquest
08. Atma - Its time
09. Atma - When we dream
10. Atma - The Guide

Mastering: Andrei Brasovean (Atma)
Design: Daniel Borg (Kuluri)
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