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Shifting Waves

Catalogue no.:Sun132
Release date:2018-07-09
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E-Motion comes to BMSS with "Shifting Waves", his first EP on the label. Featuring two tracks, both the perfect accompaniment to the tidal ebbs and flows of rambling summer nights.

"Shifting Waves" throws you from wave to wave with ever forceful pressure and powerful grooves. "Boomers", a tribute to the well beloved festival, takes you down an intensely twisted path filled with strangely puzzling sonic stimuli.

Rolling onward, with crashing rhythms, and hallucinatory ideas "Shifting Waves" submerges you in an ocean of mechanical psychedelia.


01: E-Motion - Shifting Waves
02: E-Motion - Boomers

Mastering: Micky Noise [Plus Six]
Design: Point Zero Productions

Release date:

09.07.18 via Beatport (Digital)