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Various Artists
Essentials: Chapter 2

Catalogue no.:Sun125
Release date:2018-03-28
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BMSS Artists on the release

Ascent, BPM, Genetica, Kundalini, Mind Lab, Moon Tripper, PsiloCybian, Somatic Cell

Release info

The essence of our label output of the past 12 months for a nice price on Bandcamp!


01: Ascent - Himalayas (2017 Remix)
02: Mind Lab - The Setting
03: BPM - Ignition Sequence
04: Chikodelic - Dream
05: Moon Tripper & Ovnimoon - Divine Portal
06: Hujaboy - Oceans of Love
07: Genetica - Liquid Sun
08: NoFace - Solar System
09: Kundalini - Eighty Four
10: Somatic Cell & PsiloCybian - Voices

Mastering: Various
Design: BMSS

Release date:

28.03.18 via Bandcamp (Digital)