"Awakening", Ascents highly anticipated new album is a heart felt labor of love between friends that crosses borders and genres.

Through new collaborations, each track highlights a different aspect of Ascents emotive musicality. With artists such as Norma Project (his father), Shogan, Lupin, E-Mantra, E-Mov, Ovnimoon, Moon Tripper, Merlin & Lydia Delay, Ascent pairs authoritative musicality with genre-bending acoustic revelation.

Each track is as captivating as it is charismatic. Eastern wind instruments and oriental vocals set against minor scales awaken a deep soul-stirring emotionality. Ascents sensitive positivity is powerful and present. Awakening is a remarkable and original re-imagination of Progressive Psytrance with a touch of Goa.


01: Ascent & Norma Project - Mission 385
02: Ascent & Shogan - Cosmic Portal
03: Ascent & Lupin - Electro magnetic Spectrum
04: Ascent & E-Mantra - Ancient Signs
05: Ascent & E-MoV - Flow Charge
06: Ascent & Ovnimoon - Mother Earth
07: Ascent & Moon Tripper - Mystic Orient
08: Ascent - Morava
09: Ascent & Merlin Feat. Lydia Delay - Wheel Of Samsara

Mastering: Shogan
Design: Zeidgeiz

Release date:

12.02.18 via Bandcamp & Beatport (Digital)

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