Out from the underground and up towards the light, Unknownium, a new project by PsiloCybian and one half of Lunar Dawn is a greasy bass filled rebellion designed to fill the void of our unexplained existence with someone else`s memories.

In this strange space between the mind and the world, we are four-sided triangles. We lurk in the shadows, strangers watching strangers, unknown to each other. We are the resistance, the screaming madness that passes through black holes and into the day to find snake charmers and melody makers dancing wildly to the random beauty of perfect chaos.


01: Unknownium - Unknownium
02: Unknownium - Squareish Sawtooth
03: Unknownium - Absent Presence
04: Unknownium - Greasy Roller
05: Unknownium - Four Sided Triangle
06: Unknownium - Blackholes
07: Unknownium - Someone Elses Memories
08: Unknownium - Randomness Of Thought

Mastering: Plus6
Design: PsiloCybian

Release date:

15.01.18 via Bandcamp & Beatport (Digital)

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