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Moon Tripper & Ovnimoon
Divine Portal

Catalogue no.:Sun118
Release date:2017-12-10
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Moon Tripper

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Moon Tripper and Ovnimoon join forces taking you on an inter-dimensional voyage through the "Divine Portal".

Legendary Ovnimoon`s unmistakable sound is compelling and expressive as always. Spirited and alluring, this otherworldly collaboration reinterprets traditional Goa elements with paranormal precision and sonic dynamism. "Connected Minds" articulates the suggestive, expressive side of Moon Tripper`s mystical sound. Strapping rhythms and driving basslines provide a deep energetic ride suitable for pre-dawn dance floors and twilight moments.


01: Moon Tripper & Ovnimoon - Divine Portal
02: Moon Tripper - Connected Minds

Mastering: BPM
Design: Acora

Release date:

11.12.17 via Beatport (Digital)