Stratum is Perfect Blinds most nuanced album to date. Ten soundscapes worthy of epic science fiction or futurist fantasy. Clearly destined for the slowly expanding alternative electronic section on BMSS, these intelligent ambient tunes steer clear of boundaries and limits. Prepare to go beyond the familiar.

Ethereal orchestral synths underscore his stirring cinematic interpretations. Deep, convincing beats and esoteric textures combine to create space like vistas. Even as the music gains speed it never loses its intensity or cinematic feel.

You may find yourself on the edge of Tribal step or at the border of slower Techno with this exploration into the aesthetics of mechanical sound. You will be drawn into the newly formed solar system of Stratum where you will undoubtedly ponder upon the relationship between ourselves and the stars.


01: Perfect Blind - Stratum IX
02: Perfect Blind - Manifest Destiny
03: Perfect Blind - Ancient Machinery
04: Perfect Blind - Last Torch of a Dying Star
05: Perfect Blind - Burning Mass (feat. Jay Kay)
06: Perfect Blind - Foreseen Consequences
07: Perfect Blind - Escape Velocity
08: Perfect Blind - The Expanse (Spaced Out)
09: Perfect Blind - Abyssentient
10: Perfect Blind - The Long Silent

Mastering: Deimos
Design: Ivana Patricia

Release date:

04.09.17 via Bandcamp (Digital)
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