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Various Artists
Trancefusion: Chapter II

Format:CD and Digital
Catalogue no.:BMSS1CD021
Release date:2017-02-14
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BMSS Artists on the release

Boom Shankar, Moon Tripper, Sabretooth, Somatic Cell, Soul Kontakt, Try2Fly

Release info

Painstakingly curated over a year from a motley crew of genre bending masters skilled in the art of sonic wizardry, Boom Shankar and BMSS Records bring you Chapter 2 of Trancefusion.

These 11 tracks redraw the lines without losing sight of what is important to dancefloors. Split over two chapters, all 22 tracks defy categorical trends, yet fuse seamlessly, transporting the listener from technodelic progressions to Progressive Trance, to Retro Goa Trance remixes and on to peak time Psychedelic Trance.

Some highlights from Chapter 2 include a remix of the classic Atmos track "The only Process" by Captain Hook, a remix of Etnica & Pleiadians by Imaginarium with the former remixing "Simulated Reality" by Boom Shankar and Soul Kontakt. Sabretooth`s remix of Cosmosis and Spirit Architect featuring Try2Fly stand alongside these legends with outstanding work of their own.

Always striving for the perfect balance between eclecticism and fundamentals, Trancefusion Chapter 2 is an innovative reinterpretation of a genre that is uninhibited, expressive, deep and definitively Psychedelic.


01: Atmos - The only Process (Captain Hook Remix)
02: Soul Seeker - Melodramatic
03: Etnica & Pleiadians - Plasma Light (Imaginarium Remix)
04: Somatic Cell - Grieg on E
05: Cosmosis - Gift of the Gods (Sabretooth Remix)
06: Spirit Architect & Try2Fly - Keep Going (Sabretooth Remix)
07: M-Theory - Transcend Humanity
08: Moon Tripper - Tarantism
09: Soul Kontakt & Boom Shankar - Simulated Reality (Etnica & Pleiadians Remix)
10: Solar Spectrum - Twisted Modules
11: Pettra - Brazil

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: Miro Moric

Release date:

13.02.17 via Beatport (Digital) & 16.02.17 via Psyshop (CD)