Hola Muchachos, ready for some loco Mexican flavoured progressive vibes? Meller is about to launch their Spanish Fly EP, containing three fresh tunes of progressive Techno and psychedelic Trance.

The tapas & tequila monster "Don Juan", this years Summer smash-hit, immediately compels you to put on your sombrero and jump around with a big grin! The follow-up track "Geisterbahn" is a breeze of Trance, playing with hypnotic guitar sounds and an engaging atmosphere gluing you to the dance floor. Finally "Organic" enters the psychedelic area with mind bending sequences and straight beats just made for one purpose: keep you moving!


1. Meller - Don Juan
2. Meller - Geisterbahn
3. Meller - Organic

Mastering: Tim Schuldt (4CN)
Design: Julian Calvo Orquin (Multiman)

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