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Kundalini - Moon Maze EP

Kundalini presents a new storming 2-track EP "Moon Maze" on his home label BMSS.

Featuring a massive hybrid sound fusing Full On Psy with playful sound design, catchy hooks and powerful synths, this EP promises to be an underground secret weapon choice for the coming months - arriving to a trancefloor near you soon!


01: Kundalini - Moon Maze
02: Kundalini - Slez

Mastering: Plus Six Mastering
Design: Sketch inc.

Release date:

28.10.22 via Beatport and 11.11.22 via Bandcamp

Out next on BMSS: Kundalini - Moon Maze EP

After a long hiatus, we are back with a bunch of smashing releases to be released in the coming months. The first one is by our Bulgarian homeboy Kundalini.

"Moon Maze" features a massive hybrid sound fusing Full On Psytrance with playful sound design, catchy hooks and powerful synths.

🌕 Arriving to global trancefloors 28.10. 🌑


01: Kundalini - Moon Maze | 145
02: Kundalini - Slez | 145

Design & video: Miro Moric at Sketch inc.
Mastering: Micky Noise at Plus Six Mastering

The Trancemancer | Full Live Set

Have a blast with a full live set from our BMSS homeboy from France: The Trancemancer

Originally from the South of France, Damien discovered Psytrance in Goa during a global trip which let him travel around the world in order to participate in the best parties known back then. This experience became a revelation and a kick-off to start working on his own music.

First as a DJ before he gave birth to his own live act featuring mainly hardware and from there on to find his true purpose in combining the advantages of a computer together with the benefits of analog synths.

After various pseudonyms he eventually arrived at The Trancemancer - a very dancefloor focused Psytrance project with futuristic sounds and engaging voices, a sound very close to Night Full On but with a certain hint of old school Goa Trance.

Boom Shankar at ERA Festival | Canada

"It`s very seldom that I am completely satisfied with the outcome of one of my sets. As a perfectionist, it`s not easy to come to the conclusion that something I "created" was flawless or excellent.

Due to the fact that I completely improvise all my sonic journeys, the outcome is always a result of all elements in play, so the setting has to be "ideal" to make the "set" perfect.

At Era Festival last weekend in Canada all those elements were in perfect alignment: a beautiful bunch of receptive people, most of them an active part of the scene for decades, a stunning location out in the wilderness featuring pure and unspoiled nature, a crew sharing the same altruistic approach, a crystal clear sound system transporting every little detail to one`s body, mind and soul and of course some "luck" manifested in great weather, harmony between everyone and ultimately the mutual concept of letting go of one`s ego in order to fall deep into collective Trance.
When all these elements are in play, the DJ tranceforms into the shaman, the dancefloor turns into a ritualistic place and real magic can happen - and it did!

For 9 hours I had the chance, privilege and as well responsibility to create a mutual Dance & Trance experience for this wonderful bunch of shiny happy people, composing and creating a journey through 30 years of Goa and Psychedelic Trance with the intention to mutually create and share love through music and vibration.

And we succeeded with an outcome I was rarely able to reach in recent years.

Era Festival was pure magic, the essence of our culture was manifested in so many layers that I felt warped back to the 90s, and I am so thankful to the universe and everyone connected and part of this gathering and journey that we could reach these heights and form these multilayered bonds together. 🙏

This is the reason why I love Djing and why my trust and love for this scene and culture is still vibrant.
Thank you to everyone who contributed to this experience and made me fall in love once again with our culture! The perfect closing of this season and the beginning of a new Era." ❤️

Boom Shankar! 🔱

Old is Gold: dropping Goa Trance at Era Festival

When you realize that some music simply doesn`t get old, but instead it aged well and is still perceived the way it was intended decades ago. Putting your artists friends Virtual Light and Rikam from TechSafari Records in Trance: priceless bonus treat! ❤️ Thank you Era Festival for this receptive trip through the times...

Posted by Boom Shankar on Friday, September 23, 2022

Out next on BMSS: E-Motion - 10.000 Little Fusions

E-Motion is back with a powerfully built new EP that is guaranteed to twirl your chakras. Featuring an abundance of mind-boggling playful leads, the two tracks will exhilarate your senses from start to finish.

Join this colorful adventure that will melt your subconscious like 10,000 little fusions!


01: E-Motion - 10.000 Little Fusions
02: E-Motion - Heavy Melting

Mastering: Stryker
Design: Piule

Release date:

02.09.22 via Beatport and 16.09.22 via Bandcamp

Boom Shankar at Boom Festival 2022

"Back from Boom, but still freaking overwhelmed. It took me a while to just partially comprehend the magnitude and impact of the cumulated experiences, so here is just the compressed essence of the past week from my point of view.
A week of re-connection for the global trance tribe after more than two years of disconnection and solitude, a week of energetic and creative exchange in the form of a vast range of sonic, visual and every other possible expression of sensual and synaptic stimulation, a week filled with love, dialogue, friendship and togetherness, forming bonds on an abundance of alternative social, cultural and artistic layers.

I am grateful for having being part of this mutual experience between ten thousands like-minded & -hearted beings and for having being able to contribute my energy, personality, music and vibration to this experience in alternative cultural creation and ultimately manifestation.

Channeling my part and interpretation of the Psychedelic Trance journey into the Dance Temple experience and exchanging vibes & smiles with everyone on the dancefloor to mutually create my "set" was one of the strongest, most intense and blissful experiences in my 25 years of Djing.

Thank you, Artur, João, Electra, everyone involved in the production of Boom Festival Official and the Anthropocene in form of YOU - the Boom family - for your vision, (re-)creation and manifestation of the pillars and the whole holistic spectrum of alternative & psychedelic trance culture of the 21st century.

BOOM! ❤️

PS: to all my friends, fans, brothers and sisters around the globe who could not physically participate in this experience but whose presence, love and support I strongly felt, I am happy to announce that the whole set was recorded and will be revealed very this video here is just a tiny teaser."

Boom Shankar at Boom Festival 2022 - Dance Temple

A month after my debut Boom Shankar set at the mighty Boom Festival Official here is finally the essence of 150 minutes of me DJing compressed into 60 seconds by the one and only Up Audiovisual. The full length video will be uploaded soon - so stay tuned. Once again, thank you all for your continuous support, it means a lot to me! ❤️ Track in the teaser by Spectra Sonics - arigato sensei! 🙏

Posted by Boom Shankar on Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Molecularia - Macrocycle EP

Long-standing BMSS DJ TaktTrauma presents the much-anticipated debut of his new live project Molecularia.

"Macrocycle" features a deep and powerful forest-tinged twilight sound - at once playful and sophisticated. Inspired by the circularity of life and the notion that, at a chemical level, all life is related, the 2 featured tracks take the listener on a subconscious trip to an eerie wonderland - a terra incognita populated by eccentric creatures and crazy freaks.

This is a one mind-altering sonic journey you won`t want to miss!


01: Molecularia - Why is Six afraid of Seven?
02: Molecularia - Enchanted Forest

Mastering: Scorb
Design: Zeidgeiz

Release date:

03.06.22 via Beatport and 17.06.22 via Bandcamp

Luminous - Orbital Explorations - Live Set 2022

Enjoy "Orbital Explorations", an exclusive live set by our recent signing Luminous from Greece.

Track list:

01: Mind And Matter - Day Out Of Time (Luminous Remix)
02: Luminous - Beyond Infinity
03: Luminous - Connection
04: Luminous - Life Beyond Earth
05: Luminous - Psychedelic Dosage
06: Luminous - In a bubble of Unattended Sympathy
07: Luminous - Kepler 61
08: Luminous - WubbaDubba
09: Faders - Nirvana (Luminous Remix)
10: Luminous - Chemical Intelligence
11: Luminous - Saturated Perception

In case you enjoy this set, get "Saturated Perception", the latest release from Luminous here and follow Luminous on Soundcloud for more tracks coming soon!

We welcome Luminous to BMSS

We are very happy to announce the signing of Luminous from Greece to BMSS Records!

Kostas studied Music in the University of Hull where he researched saxophone and music production, then he decided to expand his knowledge by studying a Master’s course in Leeds College of Music focused on music performance and production. In 2016, the project Luminous was born, a Psytrance project with a slight old school touch.

The project is focused on bringing high energy levels to the dancefloor, as well as a sense of elevation and light due to the melodic context of his music. His unique production aims for quality and driving psychedelic music with a balance between day and night, maintaining the psychedelic element through the whole journey and thus perfectly fitting to our label philosophy.

He released his first track with us on Ailihphilia II, and we just dropped his first live set on Soundcloud - tune in here!

Welcome to BMSS Records, Kostas! ❤

Ailihphilia - Level II - Compiled by Boom Shankar

Label head and chief pilot Boom Shankar presents the first BMSS release for 2022: the second half of the mind-altering conceptual double compilation project "Ailihphilia".

Following the label`s dark / light dichotomy, LEVEL II reflects the label`s "Sun side", featuring a more daytime and morning-oriented selection of Psytrance and Full On, liberally doused with a brain-melting smattering of Goa and Acid elements.

The two halves unite to form a jaw-dropping 4-hour collection: one project, one journey, one narrative - a mirror of our souls, and a reflection of the deep psychedelic realms of the human psyche.

From the deep to the uplifting, old school to new school, this monolithic trip spans every aspect of the psychedelic trance scene, and crucially gives the involved artists an opportunity to showcase the full spectrum of their sound by featuring several tracks within the project.

In this sense, Ailihphilia is a true reflection, a mirror, of BMSS` unique modus operandi - an approach that unifies both established artists and legends with new talents and up-and-coming artists, an international crew of producers, DJs and other misfits who fly in the face traditional sub-genre boundaries, focusing instead on true creativity and a profound dancefloor experience.

The compilation features as a result some of the label`s recent signings (Luminous from Greece and Protonix from India), some resident heavy hitters (Sabretooth from the UK, Ascent from Serbia, Mind Lab from Spain, Argon Sphere from Serbia), bolstered by some returning guests and close friends of the label (Solitary Shell from France, Main Ape from Poland and UNI feat. Kunmar from Japan)

Whilst LEVEL I spanned a wide range of trance subgenres, LEVEL II features a more consistent set of 10 true subterranean trance gems, the sort of secret treasures that are often found in the most remote and unexpected places - not necessarily in big releases from massive labels. These are the kind of exquisitely crafted, finely honed pleasure machines that will drive an underground dancefloor into a truly united trance-like state of abandon.

With Boom Shankar at the helm, BMSS Records once again push the boundaries of the psychedelic trance scene whilst firmly acknowledging its approach perfectly encapsulated by the palindromic mantra "Never Odd or Even".


01: Ascent - Courage (Samas Original Mix) (142)
02: Protonix - Awakening (Level Mix) (145)
03: Luminous - Saturated Perception (Rotor Mix) (145)
04: Protonix - Trancendental (Dad Mix) (145)
05: Main Ape - Alter Dimension (Stressed Desserts Mix) (145)
06: Sabretooth - Rotavator (Ailihphilia Mix) (145)
07: Mind Lab & Argon Sphere - Hysteria (No Lemon No Melon Mix) (145)
08: Main Ape - Life over Death (A Nut for a Jar of Tuna Mix) (145)
09: Solitary Shell - Afterglow (Eve Mix) (146)
10: UNI & Kunmar - Yamato (Live on Time, Emit no Evil Mix) (143)

Mastering: Micky Noise [Plus Six Mastering]
Design: Miro Moric [Sketch inc.]

Release date:

28.01.22 via Beatport [Full Journey & Individual Tracks] and 11.02.22 via Bandcamp [Full Journey]

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