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Dual Barrel - Adventure into Procrastination

 Spaghetti Western Psy anyone?

Here is a story of two misfits going on an epic adventure through a strange world of cowboys & aliens - followed by Psytrance blasting from a massive BOOMbox! 🔈

Sounds weird? Good! We love this kinda shit!

Our BMSS Records Croatian shroom PsiloCybian teamed up with Deimos / Perfect Blind to form their new project Dual Barrel and we are proud to state that this is a kind of psychedelic music, you probably haven`t heard before! 🛸

8 years in the making, you can be sure this will once again break boundaries with the standardized Psytrance of nowadays, something fresh for your ears. ⚗️

"Adventure into Procrastination" will be a free X-mas gift for all our followers who supported us throughout the years and will be downloadable from our Bandcamp page on 24.12.2019

⚠️ ⚠️

Save that page and date and have a dope holiday season everyone. Thank you all for your support! ❤️

Ancient Pagan Plants of the Psychotropists

 Have an exclusive listen to our next release on BMSS Records: Psychotropists - Ancient Pagan Plants

We hope you enjoy the teaser! ❤️

The track will be out on Monday, 16th of December via Beatport.

The Psychotropists join BMSS with their debut release "Ancient Pagan Plants". A Goa-inspired psychedelic blaster, this is a track that is grounded by a driving prog-inspired feel but lifted by soaring hallucinogenic hooks, modulated leads and phantasmic FX.

For the first time, the German-Indian duo`s super-slick sound proves to us that psychotropic visions can be transferred into synthesized realms using the medium of psychedelic trance production...

Definitely one to watch and a lot more to come on their home label very soon! 🙏

Ascent welcomes "The Decade of Venus"

 Ascent makes a welcome return to BMSS with a fresh tech-fuelled progressive monster worthy of the masterful Serbian producer`s reputation!

"The Decade Of Venus" is inspired by the birth of our solar system: Venus and Earth emerged from the pre-solar nebular with almost identical composition and size. Yet they evolved into two completely different worlds. Clouds of sulphur dioxide make Venus" intensely acidic troposphere an inhospitable hell, whilst our planet has magically birthed a plethora of life shielded under a protective atmosphere.

The resulting galactic track builds on the roots of the Goa trance sound and - by means of a funked-up submarine-deep bassline, gravity-defying grooves and tense atmospherics - takes us on an intrastellar journey to distant cosmic events via the inevitable trancefloor, and reminds us of the miracle of Earth`s life-cradling haven.


01: Ascent - The Decade of Venus

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: Mina BMSS

Release date:

25.11.19 via Beatport

PsiloCybian unleashes "Throb & Thunder"

 PsiloCybian`s new track "Throb & Thunder" rumbles along like a pulsating sonic tornado.

Driven by thundering percussion and palpitating synth-work, it sucks up everything in its path and is sure to leave in its wake a dancefloor in a state of frenzied devastation!


01: PsiloCybian - Throb & Thunder

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: BMSS

Release date:

11.11.19 via Beatport

Spatial Plants, Mergel & Psychoreen

 Come on a mind-boggling journey with Spatial Plants for their latest EP "From Jungle to Space".

An unstoppable juggernaut of a release, the Russian duo have delivered an expertly-produced cutting-edge vision of futuristic psychedelic trance.

Imagine this: you are crawling through the depths of a damp, fern-filled jungle, teeming with robotic creepy-crawlies and fluorescent arachnids. It is at once magical and daunting - you are not sure whether you are discovering a primeval long-lost world or penetrating for the first-time a distant vision of the future. A great driving force then suddenly grabs your very soul and sends you hurtling at hyper-sonic speed into the great void of space. The arthropods that were once crawling over your skin have transmogrified into industrial space-pods that further propel your consciousness into the ether. You head uncontrollably into an all-consuming vortex of energy, accelerating inexorably towards - and into - a final blissful ball of light.

Sound good? Thought so. In that case "From Jungle to Space" is one to check out!


01: Spatial Plants - From Jungle to Space
02: Spatial Plants, Mergel & Psychoreen - You Sick

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: BMSS

Release date:

04.11.19 via Beatport

A visit from OVNI: Dopek - Twin Paradox EP

 Dopek makes his BMSS debut with an enthralling new EP. Somewhere between Twilight and Full On, the two tracks resonate with an intense, distorted soundscape.

Propelled by powerful mechanical basslines, and liberally doused with eerie FX and magnetic synths, the mischievous pair of tracks manage to tread a fine line between organic and industrial vibes - making these a perfect choice for a cultivated dancefloor either day or night.


01: Dopek - Choose a Character
02: Dopek - Analyzing

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: BMSS

Release date:

28.10.19 via Bandcamp & Beatport

Argon Sphere & Sabretooth = Argon Tooth

 BMSS stalwarts Argon Sphere and Sabretooth team-up for an epic new collaboration EP!

As you`d expect from these 2 veteran producers, the resulting 3 tracks are jam-packed with crunchy psychotropic treats and trail-blazing production techniques.

Ben and Ivan have swapped files for remixes of Argon Sphere`s classic Traveller and Sabretooth`s mischievous Ravey Gravy - each delivering a masterful and playful take on the original, whilst staying true to their vibe.

The innovative collaboration track "Argon Tooth" features a full-frontal bass attack that drives away like an out-of-control juggernaut and a mythical blend of psychoactive tricks and blips.

Along with mesmerising percussion, gravitational grooves and synergetic synths, this is a guaranteed dancefloor bomb!


01: Sabretooth - Ravey Gravy (Argon Sphere Remix)
02: Argon Sphere - Traveller (Sabretooth Remix)
03: Argon Sphere & Sabretooth - Argon Tooth

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: Ben Fraser

Release date:

21.10.19 via Beatport

Arkadia - Another Galaxy EP

 Come on an interstellar trip into outer space with Arkadia`s new EP "Another Galaxy".

A refreshing fusion of uplifting hooks and subtle melodies, the 2 tracks soar indubitably towards the stars in a twisted but elegant fashion. Expect to be propelled into another galaxy as the driving basslines, modulated leads and hallucinogenic FX take hold of your mind, body and soul.


01: Arkadia - Desire
02: Arkadia - Another Galaxy

Mastering: Stryker
Design: BMSS

Release date:

07.10.19 via Beatport

Moon Tripper - Belantara EP

 A full power psychedelic trip, Moon Tripper`s new EP "Belantara" features 2 dust-raising monsters!

The title track is a groovy ode to a magical spot in the Malaysian rainforest where a gathering of like-minded psychedelic travelers gather every year - a forest-tinged daytime blaster, the track is positively teeming with creeping psychosomatic equatorial jungle arthropods and is set to embroil the dancefloor in its dense canopy of modulated synth-lianas.

"Groovy Doobie" is a good-vibes smile-inducing psychotropic concoction in which layer-upon-layer of squelchy organic goodness coalesce to fry the listener`s brain.


01: Moon Tripper - Belantara
02: Moon Tripper - Groovy Doobie

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: BMSS

Release date:

30.09.19 via Bandcamp & Beatport

Here is some B.L.U.R. from PsiloCybian

 PsiloCybian makes a welcome return to BMSS Records with brand new dancefloor bomb "B.L.U.R".

This fresh stomper is destined to set the trancefloor alight with its consciousness-convulsing grooves, relentless rolling bassline and riproaring 303 action. Its succeeds in infusing a light Goa-inspired melodic morning touch whilst simultaneously serving-up a real smorgasbord of psychedelic treats for the mind, body and soul.

If B.L.U.R hasn`t already got you stomping about like a demented maniac, it will very soon!


01: PsiloCybian - B.L.U.R.

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: BMSS

Release date:

23.09.19 via Beatport

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