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BMSS welcomes Bunker Jack

 BMSS Records once again extends the family ties to welcome Portugal-based artist Bunker Jack.

The sound of Bunker Jack is best described as pure Psychedelic Trance for the mind, body and soul. Expect energetic & groove laden structures, with organic and mechanical elements as well as some industrial influences especially designed for psychedelic dancefloors.

This is topped of with a mix of emotional and strong futuristic leads filled with soaring, cosmic sounds and atmospherics designed to drive the listener into a state of pure Trance.

Check out his debut BMSS EP "Lunatic Activity" and his second project Synergies who"s debut EP we just released.

Welcome to the family Bunker Jack!

BMSS welcomes Triceradrops

 BMSS Records extends the family ties across the Atlantic to welcome California-based artist Triceradrops.

His experimental approach to the Psychedelic Trance sound takes us into unfamiliar territory. Expect dark industrial soundscapes that test hallucinogenic boundaries.

A preview of his music in form of a remix to Sensient is available for free download here:


We consider his sound such a unique find that over the coming months you will hear more of him on EP`s, Compilations and Remixes. 🔥

Welcome to the family Triceradrops! ❤️

Yner, Out of Jetlag & Upsoull: Connections Pt.2

 Yner releases the second part of his project "Connections" featuring Upsoull and Out of Jetlag on BMSS. Trough sound and sonic wizardry, Yner transmits the fun and pleasure of collaborative creative passions.

These two forward moving Progressive Trance floor fillers are vibrant, surprising and melodic in all the right places. Bright charismatic and bubbling over with electrifying basses and enigmatic elements, Broken Limits and Volvet will test the limits of your day time dancefloor.


01: Yner & Out Of Jetlag - Volvet
02: Yner & Upsoull - Broken Limits

Mastering: Micky Noise [Plus Six]
Design: BMSS (Soraya Putra)

Release date:

15.10.18 via Beatport (Digital)

Yner - Connections Part 2 EP Banner

Bunker Jack: Lunatic Activity EP

 Breaking with the tradition of compulsory breaks and build ups, Bunker Jacks "Lunatic Activity" is a full bodied non stop whirlwind through granular psychedelic visions and altered states of reality.

Drawing from his own manic states, and his experiences as an explorer of the mantra sound, "Lunatic Activity" and "Dimensional Space" are merciless juggernauts designed to push your dance-floor well past the limit.


01: Bunker Jack - Deep Space
02: Bunker Jack - Lunatic Time

Mastering: Micky Noise [Plus Six]
Design: BMSS (Soraya Putra)

Release date:

01.10.18 via Beatport (Digital)

Bunker Jack EP Banner

International understanding through Psytrance

Boom Shankar at Aywa Festival (Lebanon | 2018)

...when you drop Astral Projection"s "Mahadeva" in Lebanon... 👣

The power of Trance unites people, no matter their background, religion or heritage. 🇮🇱️ 💃🕺 🇱🇧️ International understanding, an approach through Psychedelic Trance. Thank you all! ❤️

Posted by Boom Shankar on Monday, 1 October 2018

Euphorya feat. Alignments: This is a Dream EP

 Previously featured on the Crystal Matrix label as Insignia, Ruben Rocha signs onto BMSS as Euphorya and debuts with "This is a Dream".

Euphorya`s sound is an intensely spirited hybrid of Daytime Full On and Progressive Trance. Two supernatural journeys that begin with a drop of white magic. Euphorya`s sonic bridges transport you through sunny portals into vivid utopias dazzling with spectral tones and deep emotive composition.

In his own word: "The mysterious dream of life, where it`s up to each individual to create their own fantasy, with the help of music."


01: Euphorya & Alignments - I see the Light
02: Euphorya - This is a Dream

Mastering: Micky Noise [Plus Six]
Design: BMSS (Soraya Putra)

Release date:

24.09.18 via Beatport (Digital)

Thank you Lebanon Trance Family!

Thank you 🇱🇧️ Lebanon Trance Family for all your smiles and amazing vibes! ❤️ Such a privilege playing for and with you guys for 6 hours - fully connected! 🙏

Posted by Armin Boom Shankar on Wednesday, 26 September 2018

BMSS Records at Aywa Festival in Lebanon

 Just a few days left before the BMSS Records family returns to beautiful Lebanon for AYWA Festival! ❤️

AYWA is an Experiential Festival in Lebanon, a gathering of like-minded spirits, that are creating a new, sustainable and happy future each in their own special way!

Driven by awareness and consciousness, we bring solutions and examples to help humanity gain its self-sustainability back by remembering ancient ways and finding new ones to create everlasting communities. 🙏

We are looking forward to welcoming you back to the land of Cedars and magic!

Boom Shankar | By The Rain | Damnedge | Exolon | Dj Kundalini | LunoSol Productions | Matibhrama | Moon Tripper | Radzy | Hypnoia

We are sorry to inform that Ascent & The Key are not able to perform due to personal reasons, but the rest of the gang will assure a blasting week in the mountains of Lebanon!

Sentinel 7: The Search EP

 "The Search", by US based Psytrance producer Sentinel 7, was created during a time of personal change. It is a fluid but driving debut EP on BMSS.

Robotic, fierce and piercing, these two future forward tracks are fueled by flourishes of acid and moments of soul satisfying digital dimension bending. Freeing yourself from the trappings of judgement, while allowing you to be endlessly curious about other states of mind "Infernal" and the title track are bright new perspectives that open up Nighttime dance-floors to the full potential of altered realities.


01: Sentinel 7 - The Search
02: Sentinel 7 - Infernal

Design: BMSS

Release date:

10.09.18 via Beatport (Digital)

ChikoDelic: Enlightenment EP

 On his 3rd EP with his home label BMSS, ChikoDelic expands upon his working-theory that the daytime Full On sound has unexplored hallucinogenic properties.

Both tracks bounce out basslines that gallop, march and sometimes burst into triplets before they catch a break in vast cathedral like atmospheres. Working with edgy electric elements, fistfuls of glittering shimmering nuance and a secret script that is positively schizophrenic, DMT & 4:20 take your dance floor to new inter dimensional ecstasy.


01: ChikoDelic - DMT
02: ChikoDelic - 4:20

Mastering: PerfecTone
Design: BMSS

Release date:

03.09.18 via Beatport (Digital)

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