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Datacult remixes Klopfgeister & Kopel: Traveller EP

 Datacult returns to the nexus of controlled bass anarchy and formidable crunching rhythms with a two track EP.

Seven Days by Klopfgeister & Kopel gets a progressive reboot. Key elements are transformed into a brand new maxed out track with a menacing story of its own and pulsating Datacult beats.

Schizophrenia, is a progressive journey complete with dark spherical pads, and a merciless bass line. The track courts impending madness as a sitar-riddled synth pulls the proceedings steadily off the rails and into total dance floor destruction!


01: Klopfgeister & Kopel - Seven Days (Datacult Remix)
02: Datacult - Schizophrenia

Mastering: Martin Vice
Design: BMSS

Release date:

16.04.18 via Beatport (Digital)

Various Artists / Essentials: Chapter 2

 Enjoy the essence of our label output of the past 12 months for a nice price on Bandcamp!


01: Ascent - Himalayas (2017 Remix)
02: Mind Lab - The Setting
03: BPM - Ignition Sequence
04: Chikodelic - Dream
05: Moon Tripper & Ovnimoon - Divine Portal
06: Hujaboy - Oceans of Love
07: Genetica - Liquid Sun
08: NoFace - Solar System
09: Kundalini - Eighty Four
10: Somatic Cell & PsiloCybian - Voices

Mastering: Various
Design: BMSS

Release date:

28.03.18 via Bandcamp (Digital)

Latest episodes of Cosmic Hour on Soundcloud

Get your ears ready for a pleasure trip from Progressive Psytrance to Full-on Goa Trance: We just added the latest two episodes of our Cosmic Hour radio show on Soundcloud, featuring Sephira and Datacult, presented by our host Moon Tripper. Listen & enjoy your journey!

Genetica - The Remixes (Sideform & Phanatic)

 Genetica strike back with their third EP on their home label BMSS Records. "The Remixes" features fresh interpretations of two classic tracks from Phanatic and Sideform, perfectly showcasing their talent for producing mighty energy, forceful kicks and basses and esoteric evocative story-lines. The hybrid of Sound Control and Argon Sphere will once again kick up some serious star dust!


01: Phanatic - Skyfall (Genetica Remix)
02: Sideform - Definition of Reality (Genetica Remix)

Mastering: Genetica
Design: Acora

Release date:

19.03.18 via Beatport (Digital)

Download: Datacult - Black Noise CD

 Black Noise is turning three soon, hooray! While Datacult is working on his next CD, enjoy Black Noise and download the full CD from his website or Soundcloud.

  1. Mittelstandskinder Ohne Strom - Sleep (Datacult Remix)
  2. Perfect Stranger & Eat Static - Perfect Static (Datacult Remix IV)
  3. Datacult - Afro Samurai
  4. Datacult - Shades
  5. Datacult - Chrome
  6. Datacult - Robot
  7. ManMadeMan - Make Up Your Mind (Datacult Remix)
  8. Perfect Stranger & Eat Static - Perfect Static (Datacult Psychedelic Remix)
  9. Datacult - Kinetic
  10. Mental Flow - Darkness (Datacult Remix)
  11. 21street - Magik Globe (Datacult Remix)

The legend returns: Dark Soho - Hybrid

 Good things come to those who wait. After a decade long absence, Dark Soho, the legendary Dark and Gothic Psytrance project from Israel returns with a full 8 track album on BMSS Records.

Hybrid is, as the name suggests, a sonic synthesis of industrial sounds, Gothic atmospheres, herculean basses and signature crunchy guitar riffs that hover over profound emotions. Collaborations featuring Orpheus, Originals and a remix by No Comment are part of this long over due release!

Behold the resurrection! Let The Games Begin!


01: Dark Soho - See what I see
02: Dark Soho - Walk away
03: Dark Soho & Originals - Agenda
04: Dark Soho & Orpheus - Surreal
05: Dark Soho - Depths of Emotions (No Comment Remix)
06: Dark Soho - Hear me out
07: Dark Soho - Default (2018 Mix)
08: Dark Soho & Tactic Mind - First Shot (Orpheus Remix)

Mastering: Tactic Mind
Design: Soraya Louisa

Release date:

26.02.18 via Bandcamp & Beatport (Digital)

Ascent & friends: Awakening [New album!]

 "Awakening", Ascents highly anticipated new album is a heart felt labor of love between friends that crosses borders and genres.

Through new collaborations, each track highlights a different aspect of Ascents emotive musicality. With artists such as Norma Project (his father), Shogan, Lupin, E-Mantra, E-Mov, Ovnimoon, Moon Tripper, Merlin & Lydia Delay, Ascent pairs authoritative musicality with genre-bending acoustic revelation.

Each track is as captivating as it is charismatic. Eastern wind instruments and oriental vocals set against minor scales awaken a deep soul-stirring emotionality. Ascents sensitive positivity is powerful and present. Awakening is a remarkable and original re-imagination of Progressive Psytrance with a touch of Goa.


01: Ascent & Norma Project - Mission 385
02: Ascent & Shogan - Cosmic Portal
03: Ascent & Lupin - Electro magnetic Spectrum
04: Ascent & E-Mantra - Ancient Signs
05: Ascent & E-MoV - Flow Charge
06: Ascent & Ovnimoon - Mother Earth
07: Ascent & Moon Tripper - Mystic Orient
08: Ascent - Morava
09: Ascent & Merlin Feat. Lydia Delay - Wheel Of Samsara

Mastering: Shogan
Design: Zeidgeiz

Release date:

12.02.18 via Bandcamp & Beatport (Digital)

ChikoDelic presents Aknowledgement

 ChikoDelic gives us his second release with his home label BMSS Records that highlights both creativity and masterful soundscaping. With both tracks ChikoDelic continues with his formula to keep the dancefloor rocking. PerfecTone was responsible for the mastering, guaranteeing that Aknowledgement will kick up some dust wherever it is played!


01: ChikoDelic - Avatar
02: ChikoDelic - Jungle Beat

Mastering: PerfecTone
Design: Acora

Release date:

29.01.18 via Beatport (Digital)

Datacult: Mindgate [Dj Set 2018]

This is my Datacult Dj set I played at Mindgate, at Gotec Club in January 2018. Expect some heavy Progressive Psytrance. The set contains a selection of top notch artists like Starlab, Etnica, Vertical Mode, Zyce, Ajna, Freedom Fighters, Modus, Atma and Waveform, just to name a few. Plus some of my very own Datacult tunes as well, for sure. Enjoy!

[Datacult, January 2018]

Unknownium (PsiloCybian & Lunar Dawn)

 Out from the underground and up towards the light, Unknownium, a new project by PsiloCybian and one half of Lunar Dawn is a greasy bass filled rebellion designed to fill the void of our unexplained existence with someone else`s memories.

In this strange space between the mind and the world, we are four-sided triangles. We lurk in the shadows, strangers watching strangers, unknown to each other. We are the resistance, the screaming madness that passes through black holes and into the day to find snake charmers and melody makers dancing wildly to the random beauty of perfect chaos.


01: Unknownium - Unknownium
02: Unknownium - Squareish Sawtooth
03: Unknownium - Absent Presence
04: Unknownium - Greasy Roller
05: Unknownium - Four Sided Triangle
06: Unknownium - Blackholes
07: Unknownium - Someone Elses Memories
08: Unknownium - Randomness Of Thought

Mastering: Plus6
Design: PsiloCybian

Release date:

15.01.18 via Bandcamp & Beatport (Digital)

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