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BMSS Label Night 2023: Germany Edition

After a very successful first edition in Switzerland, our second BMSS Records label night of 2023 will take place in the area our journey started more than 2 decades ago, the lake of Constance, aka the Bodensee in Germany.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to a night of psychedelic extravaganza in a family-style atmosphere, featuring an old-school vibe embedded into a holistic sonic concept.

Expect the founding fathers of our tribe plus some special guests from the first chapter of our sonic story, representing modern Psychedelic and Progressive Trance.

In detail, we are welcoming Hypnocoustics from NANO Records UK as our special guest. Joe had his first releases on BMSS more than a decade ago and is considered nowadays as one of the most talented and versatile artists from the global Psytrance scene.

In addition, we are happy to welcome Capitan Transition from Transition Festival in Spain and another international surprise live act from our BMSS realms...

Our BMSS homeboys Alexsoph and Boom Shankar will add one of their highly energetic vs Dj sets on top, ensuring a holistic journey through all colors of the modern Psytrance palette.

On the illumination front, we are very happy to have Global Tribe - Biodynamic Ecovillage from Spain on board with a special decoration concept!

See you this Saturday, family, we are looking forward to another extraordinary journey with you! ❤

All info here!

Out now on BMSS: Sabretooth - God Food (Single)

Ben Fraser returns to his home label BMSS under his Sabretooth guise.

‘God Food’ is everything we’ve come to expect from the veteran producer and more! Featuring Ben`s trademark uber-driving bassline, the track propels forward relentlessly - accompanied by a frenzy of precision-made grooves and cut-throat acid lines.

Bought to a climax by subtle but poignant melodies, the track is destined to ignite dance floors at parties and festivals worldwide.


01: Sabretooth - God Food

Mastering: Plus Six Mastering
Design: Ben Fraser

Release date:

20.01.23 via Beatport and 03.03.23 via Bandcamp

BMSS Label Night 2023: Switzerland Edition

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our first BMSS Records label night of 2023 in Switzerland. And we are more than just happy that we found the perfect venue for our kind of oldschool family parties:

Club-Schlaflos in Aarau. 🙏

Expect the unusual suspects representing modern Psychedelic and oldschool Goa Trance on the Main Floor and Progressive Trance, Psychedelic Techno and Acid on the family floor:

Boom Shankar, Kundalini, Psychotropists, Sabretooth / Ben Fraser, Alexsoph and Datacult will ensure your synapses being blissfully triggered! 🔥

See you this Saturday, January 14th, family! ❤ All info here!

BMSS Label Night Line Up

Next on BMSS: Arkadia - Message of Peace (Album)

Here is our first release for 2023: Arkadia`s debut album, "Message of Peace"! Building on the sound introduced through his first few of EPs on his home label BMSS, Portuguese producer Pedro Bento presents a ground-shaking, foot-stomping and spirit-convulsing first full-length release.

The eight featured tracks form a life-affirming ode to existence and the beautiful gift that is human consciousness. A hypnotic and relentless force underpins the album, transitioning the mood from uplifting Daytime vibes through to more cerebral psychedelic territory. Accompanied by subtle but compelling Goa-infused melodies, groove-laden tribal vocal hooks and supersonic rhythms - "Message of Peace" evokes mystical tales as old as the hills, wraps them up in a futuristic package and hurtles them at breakneck speed towards a visionary destiny.

The album concludes in an epic fashion with a remix of a timeless track from Yahel and I-Zen (Erez from Infected Mushroom). Expert mastering by Stryker and a cover featuring Sati`s usual graphical genius polish this release off to a fittingly high standard.

With "Message of Peace", Arkadia reminds us of wisdom passed, and shines a beacon towards an optimistic future - whilst making our bodies contort inexorably to primitive but psychoactive vibrations! This is trance music at its best. This is Arkadia!


01: Arkadia - One Reason
02: Arkadia - Sacred Mantra
03: Arkadia - Acid Bomb
04: Stryker & Arkadia - Instinct
05: Arkadia - Moonwalk
06: Arkadia - Message of Peace
07: Arkadia - Timeless
08: Yahel & I-Zen - Waves of Sound (Arkadia Remix)

Mastering: Plus Six Mastering
Design: Sati Design

Release date:

06.01.23 via Beatport and 20.01.23 via Bandcamp

Thank you Bandcamp Family

Dear brothers of the Moon and Sisters of the Sun, we have a special discount for YOU, our Bandcamp family! ❤️

We want to thank you for all your continuous love & support throughout 2022 with our latest flash sale, the biggest one in our history.

Here is your code to receive an instant 50% drop on all our releases which includes as well our whole discography which is already 50% off: thankyoubmssfamily

Simply visit us at Bandcamp - add the releases you want to your shopping basket and use the promo code at check out for your instant 50% discount.

The campaign is running until the end of the year, so until 31st of December 23:59.

Thanks as always for keeping us, keeping on! Best vibes from Boom Shankar and our whole BMSS Records family, happy holidays and have a fantastic flight into 2023! ❤️

Boom Shankar`s Boom Festival set on SoundCloud

Boom Shankar`s Dance Temple set from this year`s edition of the mighty Boom Festival is finally online to the Boom Radio SoundCloud!

This is a live recording of his impromptu set between Kala from Forestdelic Records and Outsiders performed on the final morning of the festival from 08:30 till 11:00 a.m.

"Once again, thank you dear Boomers for your support, energy and fantastic vibes, all artists who contributed their amazing tunes and the Boom Festival team for the chance to channel my vibe and energy into your holistic narrative.

It was an out of this world experience!"

Tune in, turn on & enjoy this special journey of the final morning of the festival! 🙏

Out next on BMSS: Muatoy - Skeptic Believers

Finnish producer Muatoy returns to his home label BMSS with a blasting second EP!

Inspired by the notion of extraterrestrial life, the 2 featured tracks are true to the unique playful and groovy style Muatoy established on his debut - a sound that is at once bouncy, uplifting and vibrant.

A veritable high energy concoction, this EP is guaranteed to abduct the listener`s mind and return them to Earth with a higher consciousness... Are you a believer?


01: Muatoy - Skeptic Believers
02: Muatoy - Interaction

Mastering: Plus Six Mastering
Design: Sketch inc.

Release date:

09.12.22 via Beatport and 23.12.22 via Bandcamp

Narko - The Research: #1 in the Beatport charts

One day after the release, we reached #1 on the Beatport charts! 👑

Thank you everyone for supporting Narko and our BMSS Records narrative! ❤️

In case you haven`t gotten "The Research" yet, now is the time!

Download "The Research" from Beatport
Download "The Research" from Bandcamp


01: Narko - The Research
02: Narko - Hallucinations
03: Narko - Interplanetary
04: Narko - The Space Tribute
05: Virtual Light & Narko - From Above or Below
06: Narko - Delusionary
07: Narko - The Results

Mastering: Plus Six Mastering
Design: Sati Design

Release date:

18.11.22 via Beatport

Out now on BMSS: Narko - The Research (Album)

BMSS Records proudly presents "The Research", the second full length album by Canadian maestro Narko. As the title suggests, the album is the product of 2 years of intense experimentation, tweaking and fine-tuning in the studio: a quasi-scientific process and enlightening spiritual odyssey all at once! The resulting 7 tracks paint a multicoloured psychedelic soundscape that is at once rich, deep, musical and mature.

From the outset, Narko engages the listener with a subliminal synth-based intro worthy of an operatic magnus opus. Backed with face-melting syncopated basslines, cavernous FX, and modulated FM synths, the album means business from the get go. At times almost operatic, at others driving and moody - and held together by outstanding production and meticulous attention to detail - the album immerses the listener on a multi-faceted and mind-warping journey from Full On into Psytrance.

"From Above Or Below", a collaboration with Virtual Light, is an absolute dance floor bomb. With "The Space Tribute", Narko delivers a heartfelt and suitably blasting tribute to the late Olli Wisdom aka Space Tribe. Concluding with the relentless "The Results", the album comes full circle and is brought to a satisfyingly psychedelic culmination.

The magnum opus has been appropriately completed with the finest analogue mastering courtesy of Plus Six Mastering and epic artwork from outstanding psychedelic designer Sati.

This really is the ultimate 1-hour psychedelic trip - the Narko way!

Mastering: Plus Six Mastering
Design: Sati Design

Release date:

18.11.22 via Beatport and 02.12.22 via Bandcamp

Boom Shankar at Boom Festival | Full Set Movie 4k

The full two and a half hour set of our label baba Boom Shankar at Boom Festival Official 2022 will premiere tomorrow, Thursday, at 19:00 Berlin time on our BMSS Records YouTube channel! 🙏 Recorded in 4k by 6 cameras and edited by the one and only UP Audiovisual from Brazil, this is something not to be missed! See you tomorrow on YouTube. ❤️

"DOUBLE BOOM!! Here it is: the full movie of my set at this year`s edition of Boom Festival! It`s the first time that my whole performance was covered and professionally edited - so this is something truly special for me!

A little background info: I felt like a little kid when I entered the Dance Temple on the final morning of the festival. I was nervous as fck, excited as hell but as well amped to the max, enthusiastic and truly positive to having the chance, the challenge and as well the privilege to play for this amazing dancefloor.

Months before the festival, a thought crossed my mind if it wouldn`t be wiser and as well safer to skip improvisation this time and to prepare a set - safety first style. But a minute later I erased this thought as I realized that by doing this, I would give away the advantage of a DJ set versus a "live" set: the ability to get into direct communication with the dance floor and to have a dialogue with the crowd based on giving, receiving and thus mutually creating a journey rather than a pre-arranged monologue of just sending out frequencies.

So I went ahead with my trademark Boom Shankar approach of full improvisation with all its advantages and as well disadvantages. You might be able to see this in the video: it took me a bit to establish this connection as the energy I received from the floor was quite intense, but in the end I felt that we fully clicked and thus created an energetic and truly beautiful connection!

Seeing the outcome of this connection in the video makes me so happy, and it confirms that this decision and the impromptu approach were the right choices.

Being able to make people dance, to create smiles and to exchange energies and vibes with each other - to make others happy with what makes me happy - is one of the most beautiful experiences of my life, and I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to do that!

This being said, thank YOU dear Boomers and everyone else watching and reading this for your support - it means the world to me! ❤️ Thank you Boom Festival for the chance to channel my vibe and energy into your holistic narrative, massive thanx to all the artists who contributed their amazing tunes and last but not least thank you UP Audiovisual for recording and editing this set!"

[Boom Shankar]
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