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See you at our upcoming BMSS Label Parties!

We hope you slided nicely into 2012, may this year be the Transition year we are all waiting for! A Transition away from the material world towards a more consciousness oriented one! We will offer you the perfect frame to unite with your fellow Trancers in April: see you at Transition Festival 2012 in Southern Spain!

But even before there will be some great chances to connect with us! We hope to see you at one of the upcoming BMSS Label Parties in Brighton (UK), Berlin (Germany) and Oslo (Norway). We are already planning more tour stops, so in case you are a Promoter willing to have us over, please get in contact with us.

14.01.2012 Freak Bazaar presents BMSS Label Party
(Volks / Brighton / United Kingdom)

The first stop will be in Brighton (UK). The Freak Bazaar Family invited Soul Kontakt (Live) and Boom Shankar (Dj set) to Volks, a beautiful club at the seashore of Brighton to rock the night.

Additional performances by Adsimeon (Somethin Groovy), Niquid (Psychedelicious), Clayton (Freak Bazaar) and Kayaman (Freak Bazaar) will guarantee a night of psychedelic Extravaganza. And if you care to wander downstairs you will be greeted with downtempo and prog trance from Sergical Spirit (Somethin" Groovy), Piatrixx (Psy Sundays), Mental Silence (Debut! Freak Bazaar) and Trancient (Freak Bazaar). We hope to see you there!

More info: BMSS Label Party in Brighton on Facebook

21.01.2012 Natraj Temple presents Winter Dance
(Natraj Temple / Berlin / Germany)

The second stop will be Berlin (Germany), the venue the Natraj Temple. Most of you probably came across this name already, as the former Natraj was THE Goa trance club in Germany in the mid nineties. After relocating to Berlin some years ago, the old spirit is ready to come to life again! Atma and Boom Shankar will make sure you will have a hell of a party!

This is as well the second tour stop for Atma"s Music Revolution tour, so you can expect a very long and special Live Act from Atma; a combination of his latest Music Revolution tracks with his golden evergreens...melting into something quite unique! Boom Shankar will play two sets framing Atmas Live Act, so get ready for 4 hours of excusite Psychedelic Trance. Both shows will be set in motion by Sumishii Aran (Maex Steel & Lysid) provising a visual performance perfectly synchronized with the music...

In addition, we will have free CDs with us so the first guests will receive our latest release for free! So come early, grab your copy of Atma"s Music Revolution and get ready for a blasting night!

More info: BMSS Label Party in Berlin on Facebook

18.02.2012 Love & Magic presents We are not Machines
(Manefisken / Olso / Norway)

The third Label Party will happen in the Norwegian capital of Oslo. Our latest signing Phase Phour returned from the US to their homebase in Norway, a perfect reason for celebration! They will showcast their latest tracks in a mind-bending Live performance - get ready for this one! In addition Label head Boom Shankar will have his debut gig in Norway, so you can be sure to experience a night full of great vibes and energy!

More info: BMSS Label Party in Oslo on Facebook

We are looking forward seeing you at those parties or at Transition Festival in April! Much love and have a great start of 2012!

Atma - Music Revolution - The new album is out now!

It has been 20 years now since Andrei Oliver Brasovean embarked on his journey into the world of electronic music production. After a long and successful career with different musical projects, Andrei is surprising us again with a brand new Atma album: "Music Revolution".

While most of the electronic music nowadays is based on linear drums, baselines and overuse of sound effects, Atma leads us into a completely new perspective of electronic music.

Deep and mystical melodic lines, complex chords, and crystal-clear acoustic instruments are the perfect combination to rewind your mind back into the abyss of the Trance music roots.

Click for more info

Atma / Into the Void (Official Music Video by Sumishii Aran)

Enjoy the official video for Into the Void - released on Atma`s "Music Revolution".

Meller featured in Beat magazine

The latest issue of the German music magazine Beat features a drumsound workshop by Meller. Click the picture below to read the article in PDF format here:

Meller Drumsound article

New Dj mix by Marco Scherer available free for download

Checkout Marco Scherer"s latest mix recorded live at "Bohemica" in Darmstadt, Germany. You can listen to the set via my "Techtrance Sessions" Podcast, via XML Feed or download it directly:

Techtrance Sessions at iTunes
Techtrance Sessions as XML Feed
Download directly

Various Artists / Transition - Compiled by Boom Shankar

Boom Shankar was once more responsible for this sonic delight featuring the aural highlights of one of the most vibrating festies Europe has to offer.

This CD is a must for every lover of psychedelic music and especially for everyone taking part in the last editions of Transition Festival taking place every year around Easter time in the national park of Donana in southern Spain.

Leave your ego at the doorstep, free your mind and let us guide you into the uplifting and intelligent form of Trance. More than a dozen producers took part in this project guaranteeing a sonic trip you want to take over and over again...

Click for more info

Air Snare Podcast Episode 002 with Marco Scherer

Air Snare podcast second episode is now available for download. This time its a techno journey mixed by Marco Scherer aka Meller. We hope you will enjoy this one!

Listen at Soundcloud and Mixcloud, or download at:

Air Snare Podcast with Marco Scherer at Soundcloud   Air Snare Podcast with Marco Scherer at Mixcloud   Download Air Snare Podcast with Marco Scherer

Hypnocoustics - Buddha Nature EP released

Groovy, psychedelic, intelligent...words describing the sound of Hypnocoustics best.

Ben Wood & Joe Studt - friends from University who share the love of psychedelic music and life - perfectly demonstrate us with this 3 track EP what the Hypnocoustics sound is made of: slamming drums, driving basslines, heaps of musicality & groove, all delivered cleanly and with high energy.

We are very proud releasing these three morning monsters which will set every sunfilled dancefloor of this season on fire...

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