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EldarLife / Live in Oslo

Enjoy this special set from EldarLife, part of the Norwegian Psy Trance group PhasePhour, recorded live at "Love Bomb" in Oslo / Norway on April 20th 2013. Floating Ambient channels with dubby Chill Out...perfect to enjoy a night chilled-out!

EldarLife - Live at Maenefisken
20. April 2013 Oslo / Norway

Release date: 28.04.13
Design by Anna Karenina

Style: Chill Out & Ambient
Duration: 00:57 hours


01: EldarLife - What drives the Universe
02: EldarLife - Gone Gong
03: PhasePhour - Unpronounced Numbers
04: PhasePhour - Moment
05: EldarLife - Bell Chill
06: EldarLife / Henning Ruud
07: PhasePhour - Tetraphobia
08: EldarLife - Mathematic illusion
09: EldarLife - Chillwinter
10: PhasePhour - The Land

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16 hours of Live & Dj Sets from BMSS artists for you!

Enjoy this collection of Live Sets and Dj Mixes from our artists: 15 hours of sonic delights...should bring you through the day and the night! :)

* EldarLife - Live @ Maenefisken
(Recorded live in Oslo / Norway 2013) (Chill Out)

* Hell Blau - Spritual Healing
(Dj Mix 2013) (Psy Trance)

* Sequoya - Live @ Alice im Wummerland III
(Recorded live in Mannheim / Germany 2013) (Forest)

* Boom Shankar - Apsaras, Demons and a Butterfly
(Dj Mix 2013) (Psy Trance)

* Azar - Live @ Transition Festival
(Recorded live in Almonte / Spain 2013) (Psy Trance)

* PhasePhour - Live in Oslo
(Recorded live in Oslo / Norway 2012) (Psy Trance)

* Alexsoph & Boom Shankar (ABS)- Live @ Hadra Festival
(Live recorded in France 2012) (Psy Trance)

* Interconnekted- Live @ Transition Festival
(Live recorded in Almonte / Spain 2011) (Psy Trance)

* Astral Gnomix- Live @ Aquaria
(Live recorded at Konstanz / Germany 2011) (Goa Trance)

* Boom Shankar - Special Spices
(Dj Mix 2012) (Chill Out)

* Boom Shankar - Live @ Ozora Festival
(Live recorded at Ozora / Hungary 2011) (Psy Trance)

Meller Live @ Alice im Wummerland III (BMSS Label Party)

Some footage from our label party in Mannheim / Germany featuring Meller Live! The guys rocked the Progressive floor big time, awesome vibes and lovely peeps! Thank you all for coming and see you again in October!

Thank you for your Transition!

Thank you for your Transition

Transition - ONE with Nature!

Thanx to everyone who channeled their energy, their vision and their dedication into this amazing Transition experience! Its hard to find suitable words fully catching the energy, the love, the connectedness, the vibe and the power of this gathering...but we expect everyone taking part feels it, knows it and made his or her Transition!

This festival contained the source of what the Trance scene is all about and we are so happy to have shared these great moments of joy with each and everyone of us! Love to all of you, we are connected more than ever and this is just the beginning of something much much bigger!

Thank you for your Transition, thank you for your energy, your love, dedication and your being!

Muchas gracias to Lara Aisha & Carmen Fernandez for providing us with these beautiful Photos!

In addition, enjoy these 33 compressed seconds of pure Transition by Andrea:

Azar put his Transition set he played on Thursday morning to his Soundcloud page, give it a listen, it will trigger some nice memories!

...and see you in the next edition of Transition!
09.04.2014 - 14.04.2014
Almonte / Spain

Spiritual Healing / Mixed by Hell Blau (BMSS Spain)

We are happy to share this piece of art with you: Hell Blaus latest digital DJ Mix - Spiritual Healing.

In case youve heard Jesus before, there are no more words necessary to explain what this sonic shaman is capable case you havent heard him yet, its about time!

Hell Blau - Spiritual Healing

Release date: 26.04.13
Design by Acora

Speed: 140 Bpm
Duration: 00:49 hours

Hell Blau on Facebook
BMSS Records on Facebook
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New release by Spinal Fusion: Inner Peace (Out soon!)

Spinal Fusion, brought to you from the mother land of India via BMSS Records, promises to deliver three sonic masterpieces guaranteed to cause a dust storm on the dancefloor.

Crystal-clear production, solid basslines and enough psychedelic elements to transport your mind to outer space but with enough groove to keep you feet glued to Earth. The EP consists of two solo tracks and a collaboration with Earbug, all of which have been carefully mastered by Silicon Sound to ensure maximum aural pleasure and presence.


01: Spinal Fusion / Reality equals Illusion
02: Spinal Fusion / Inner Peace
03: Spinal Fusion & Earbug / Self Realization

Release date: 08.05.13 exclusively via Beatport

Mastering by Silicon Sound
Design by Hakan Hisim

New debut mix by Sequoya (Yan Gecko`s Forest project)

Deep in the woods, where mystical creatures and strange plants live in symbiotic harmony you`ll find Sequoya, the ancient tree, communicating constantly with the spirits of the forest. If you listen carefully you will understand these tales of natural interconnectedness to find your rightful place in mother Gaia´s symbiotic entiy.

One of these tales was channeled directly into the massive last edition of "Alice im Wummerland", our label party in Mannheim / Germany. Dive deep and enjoy the blast!!

Release date: 25.04.13
Speed: 147 - 149 Bpm
Duration: 01:58 hours

Featuring: Braincell, Atriohm, Ianuaria, Mark Day, Farebi Jalebi, Lab & Malice in Wonderland, Cenotes, Parus, Gu, Peyo, Muscaria, Petran and many more...

New release by Tectum: Inner Voice EP / Out on Beatport!

The New York based and Iranian raised wunderkind Tectumsurprises us again with a deluxe selection of high quality gems: crossing borders, genres and styles and uniting them into one is certainly one of the talents making this producer stand out of the mass.

A pinch of Techno, a big woop of Progressive and some Oldschoolish Goa Trance flavorings are mangled into one. This is Tectum"s Inner Voice, and it speaks loud!

Listen, and tune in...these audible delights are made to kick up some dust and to widen your horizon big time!

Get Inner Voice exclusively via Beatport!


01: Tectum / Afternoon Delight
02: Tectum / Pyramid of Light
03: Tectum / Plastic Mind
04: Tectum / Floating Planet

Mastering by Silicon Sound
Design by Edit Summerside

Marco Scherer at Bohemica [March 2013]

Listen to Marco"s dj set, recorded last Friday on the Bohemica party in Darmstadt, Germany. You can either download the mix, listen in our Podcast or at Mixcloud. So choose your media below and enjoy :)

DOWNLOAD MP3 // Listen to Marco"s iTunes Podcast // Listen to my mixes at Mixcloud

Boom Shankar / Apsaras, Demons and a Butterfly

Boom Shankar made a new mix, wort checking out as it contains the energy and all the tracks from his Asia Tour - have a listen!

"Here it is: my new Boom Shankar Mix for spring 2013:

Apsaras, Demons and a Butterfly

2 hours and 22 minutes of Psychedelic Trance made for the big floor featuring all the tracks I rocked Asian dancefloors with and some still unreleased gems which will come out later this season.

Enjoy this on the fly mix, play it loud and spread the music and its vibes! Thank you for all your support my friends, it means a lot to me!


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