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Bandcamp Friday is upcoming, which means that 100% of your sales go directly to support the artists & labels you love! To spice things up, we are also giving you 30% off on all our releases.

☀️ Simply go to

☀️ Add the releases you want to your shopping basket and use the following promo code at check out for your instant 30% discount.

☀️ Promo code: goodvibes30

The campaign is running until Friday, 5th of May, 23:59 CET

If you"ve not visited recently, there are some stunning releases for those who like to blast and boogie a bit more, featuring Molecularia, Triton, Arkadia feat. Stryker, Yahel and Erez from Infected Mushroom and as well the releases by Sabretooth and Luminous which reached #1 in the Beatport charts.

Much ❤️ to you and to Bandcamp, and enjoy browsing through our sonic tales!

Out now: The Trancemancer - Sacred Trinity EP

The Trancemancer makes a welcome return to BMSS with a fresh 3 track EP called "Sacred Trinity". At once hard, groovy and glitchy, the sound is everything we`ve come to expect from the French producer.

Inspired by ancient spiritual principles, the result is an EP that feeds the mind by evoking - as the name suggests - the Hindu sacred trinity of three gods who are responsible for the creation and destruction of the world, whilst also feeding the body through driving rhythms, frenzied FM synthesis and mind-warping FX.


1: The Trancemancer - Sacred Trinity
2: The Trancemancer - Akashic Records
3: The Trancemancer - Reincarnation

STEM Mastering: Plus Six Mastering
Design: Sketch inc.

Release date:

28.04.23 via Beatport and 12.05.23 via Bandcamp

Liminality: #1 in the Beatport charts

A few days after the release, we reached #1 on the Beatport charts! 👑

Thank you everyone for supporting Molecularia and our BMSS Records narrative! ❤️

In case you haven`t gotten "Liminality" yet, now is the time!

Download "Liminality" from Beatport


01: Molecularia - Seriously
02: Molecularia - Temple of Doom

Mastering: TRK Mastering

Release date:

14.04.23 via Beatport

Out now: Molecularia - Liminality EP

Long-standing BMSS Dj Takttrauma returns with a second EP for his crepuscular new project Molecularia.

Composed around the anthropological notion of "liminality" - a nebulous state occurring amidst a rite of passage during which all social norms, personality and the world itself temporarily dissolve - the 2 featured tracks offer a brooding and sophisticated soundscape for the listener to lose themselves in.

Like a cavernous spirit-world, the emerging soundscape is at once dark and exhilarating. Haunting FX and shape-shifting synths accompany thundering basslines, propelled at break-neck speed by tectonic percussion and mind-warping transitions.

The result is a powerful twilight-meets-forest vibe that is certain to transition the dancefloor into a state of "liminality" and quasi-hysteria!


1: Molecularia - Seriously
2: Molecularia - Temple of Doom

Mastering: Scorb

Release date:

14.04.23 via Beatport and 28.04.23 via Bandcamp

Out now: Triton - Emperor of Dreams EP

BMSS Records is proud to present "Emperor of Dreams", the latest EP from Mexican producer Triton.

Comprising three mind-bending tracks, the EP is a journey to the outer reaches of psychedelic soundscape...and beyond!

With its dark atmosphere and intelligent drums, "Vibration" (145 BPM) is a retro-futuristic sonic rollercoaster that will leave your senses reeling.

On a more more introspective tip, "Mutual Attraction" (147 BPM) explores the emotional side of Psytrance with its haunting vocals, ethereal pads, and hypnotic rhythms.

The EP concludes with the title track, "Emperor of Dreams" (148 BPM), an epic finale that combines elements of techno, L.A. Beats Scene, and Psytrance.

Triton`s production skills are on full display here, as he weaves together complex rhythms, atmospheric pads, and mesmerising melodies to create a sonic landscape that is at once familiar and completely alien.

With its blend of cutting-edge production techniques, innovative sound design, and otherworldly atmospheres, this EP is a must for any fan of meta Psytrance and experimental electronic music more generally.


1: Triton - Vibration
2: Triton - Mutual Attraction
3: Triton - Emperor of Dreams

Mastering: Plus Six Mastering
Design: Sketch inc.

Release date:

31.03.23 via Beatport and 24.02.23 via Bandcamp

Chemical Intelligence: #1 in the Beatport charts

One day after the release, we reached #1 on the Beatport charts! 👑

Thank you everyone for supporting Luminous and our BMSS Records narrative! ❤️

In case you haven`t gotten "Chemical Intelligence" yet, now is the time!

Download "Chemical Intelligence" from Beatport
Download "Chemical Intelligence" from Bandcamp


01: Luminous & Oxytocin - Anesthesia
02: Luminous - Chemical Intelligence

Mastering: Plus Six Mastering
Design: Sketch inc.

Release date:

10.02.23 via Beatport

Out now: Luminous - Chemical Intelligence EP

Luminous makes his solo release debut on BMSS after an awesome contribution to the Ailihphilia compilation last year.

With the "Chemical Intelligence" EP, the Greek producer delivers a fast-paced and brain-energising release that is sure to turn some heads in the scene.

The 2 tracks feature funky but driving basslines accompanied by a flurry of warped syncopated synth work - a sound that aims for the highest quality production values and a careful balance between day and night, light and dark. Welcome Luminous!


1: Luminous & Oxytocin - Anesthesia
2: Luminous - Chemical Intelligence

Mastering: Plus Six Mastering
Design: Sketch inc.

Release date:

10.02.23 via Beatport and 24.02.23 via Bandcamp

BMSS Label Night 2023: Germany Edition

After a very successful first edition in Switzerland, our second BMSS Records label night of 2023 will take place in the area our journey started more than 2 decades ago, the lake of Constance, aka the Bodensee in Germany.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to a night of psychedelic extravaganza in a family-style atmosphere, featuring an old-school vibe embedded into a holistic sonic concept.

Expect the founding fathers of our tribe plus some special guests from the first chapter of our sonic story, representing modern Psychedelic and Progressive Trance.

In detail, we are welcoming Hypnocoustics from NANO Records UK as our special guest. Joe had his first releases on BMSS more than a decade ago and is considered nowadays as one of the most talented and versatile artists from the global Psytrance scene.

In addition, we are happy to welcome Capitan Transition from Transition Festival in Spain and another international surprise live act from our BMSS realms...

Our BMSS homeboys Alexsoph and Boom Shankar will add one of their highly energetic vs Dj sets on top, ensuring a holistic journey through all colors of the modern Psytrance palette.

On the illumination front, we are very happy to have Global Tribe - Biodynamic Ecovillage from Spain on board with a special decoration concept!

See you this Saturday, family, we are looking forward to another extraordinary journey with you! ❤

All info here!

Out now on BMSS: Sabretooth - God Food (Single)

Ben Fraser returns to his home label BMSS under his Sabretooth guise.

‘God Food’ is everything we’ve come to expect from the veteran producer and more! Featuring Ben`s trademark uber-driving bassline, the track propels forward relentlessly - accompanied by a frenzy of precision-made grooves and cut-throat acid lines.

Bought to a climax by subtle but poignant melodies, the track is destined to ignite dance floors at parties and festivals worldwide.


01: Sabretooth - God Food

Mastering: Plus Six Mastering
Design: Ben Fraser

Release date:

20.01.23 via Beatport and 03.03.23 via Bandcamp

BMSS Label Night 2023: Switzerland Edition

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our first BMSS Records label night of 2023 in Switzerland. And we are more than just happy that we found the perfect venue for our kind of oldschool family parties:

Club-Schlaflos in Aarau. 🙏

Expect the unusual suspects representing modern Psychedelic and oldschool Goa Trance on the Main Floor and Progressive Trance, Psychedelic Techno and Acid on the family floor:

Boom Shankar, Kundalini, Psychotropists, Sabretooth / Ben Fraser, Alexsoph and Datacult will ensure your synapses being blissfully triggered! 🔥

See you this Saturday, January 14th, family! ❤ All info here!

BMSS Label Night Line Up
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