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Simulated Reality - Remixed

 10 years ago, in 2010 I was on the beautiful island of Malta to perform at Earth Garden Festival. I spent the following days together with Soul Kontakt in his studio in St. Pauls Bay and the outcome was our first track together, "Simulated Reality".

This track came out in 2011 on my first compilation for BMSS Records called "Transition".

Over the coming years it got remixed by Etnica & Pleiadians, Cimi and Android Spirit (Daksinamurti`s and Tickets` project back then). Now in 2020, ten years after it was created I am more than happy to release 2 new remixes again on BMSS, celebrating our 200th release.

First up, our latest signings from the US and from France (Qhemist & The Trancemancer) who pump the track up to 145 bpm and give it a veritable turbo charge - transmogrifying the original’s uplifting vibes into a acidic monster for the Twilight hours.

The second remix is by Inverse Out, who send the track catapulting at 147 bpm into Suomi realms. The result is an unexpected tale full of tribal twists and playful turns.

These 2 awe-inspiring remixes are a perfect way to celebrate this seminal milestone, allowing us to both reminisce over past achievements and glimpse at the label’s future as a trailblazer in the psychedelic scene.

Simulated Reality Remixed (Chapter 1) will be out via Beatport on Monday, October 12th. Teasers soon, stay tuned and stay tuned for the second chapter which will come our later in 2020.

I hope you will enjoy these fresh takes on this classic and I want to thank you already for your support! ❤️ We will make sure to #keepingitholistic for the next 200 releases! 🙏

[Boom Shankar | BMSS Records]

The release will be out October 12th 2020 on Beatport. Preorders are available from 11th of October via Beatport

True Grit is leading the Psytrance charts

 3...2...and...1 🏆 Our latest release on BMSS Records is leading the Psytrance charts! Thanx to Akasha, Plus Six Mastering, Antunesketch and all artists involved. We couldn`t be any happier for our 199th release.

Thanx to all of you supporting BMSS & this truly epic compilation! ❤️


1. Tron - Alien Prisoner
2. Architekt - Tranquilized
3. U-Grid (Prohecht & Noise Gust) - Bamiyan Valley
4. Algorika - Chimpanzee Are You
5. Martian Arts & Entasis - Micro Sphere
6. Lucid Mantra - Sub Atomic Particles
7. Obliviant & Asimilon - Finger in a Dyke
8. Braincell - Magic Island
9. Junky Monkey - In the Parallel Universe
10. Kundalini - Daily Dosage

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: Antunesketch

And in case you don`t own your copy yet, get it while it`s hot & spicy via Beatport and see you soon again for our 200th release anniversary!

Boom Shankar`s latest charts on Beatport

 Here is Boom Shankar`s latest take on Psychedelic Trance featuring 10 tracks from our BMSS realms which not only shake up every dancefloor unleashed upon, but were also created by stunning up & coming artists, solid friends and beautiful human beings.

In no order of favoritism, they equally fulfill their purposes.

1. Qhemist & The Trancemancer - Telepathic
2. Architekt - Tranquilized
3. Inverse Out - Liquidimension
4. Tron - Alien Prisoner
5. The Trancemancer - Schizophrenia
6. U-Grid - Bamiyan Valley
7. Qhemist & The Trancemancer - Samurai
8. Kundalini - Daily Dosage
9. The Trancemancer - Pandemic
10. Algorika - Chimpanzee are you

Download them all at once here and thank you for your support!

True Grit - Compiled by Akasha

 New Zealand`s Dj Akasha presents the finely crafted and lovingly curated compilation True Grit.

With a seamless progression from light-filled, uplifting melodies through to deep multifaceted bangers, the 10 tracks feature some of the finest worldwide talent the underground psy scene has to offer. Listeners will be guided on a voyage through expansive psychoactive soundscapes, liberally doused with high BPMs, funked-up basslines, playful mind-bending leads and infectious grooves.

Akasha transports her deep psychedelic dancefloor energy directly into your homes, delivering a message of empowerment:

We are united and strong in spirit. We have the stamina to overcome any challenge. We have True Grit!


1. Tron - Alien Prisoner
2. Architekt - Tranquilized
3. U-Grid (Prohecht & Noise Gust) - Bamiyan Valley
4. Algorika - Chimpanzee Are You
5. Martian Arts & Entasis - Micro Sphere
6. Lucid Mantra - Sub Atomic Particles
7. Obliviant & Asimilon - Finger in a Dyke
8. Braincell - Magic Island
9. Junky Monkey - In the Parallel Universe
10. Kundalini - Daily Dosage

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: Antunesketch

Release date:

28.09.20 via Beatport and 12.10.2020 via Bandcamp

Boom Shankar - Jungle Spirit 3 - Free Download

 Free downloads for free minds - enjoy! ❤️

3 years after the second part of the Jungle Spirit Mix series we are really happy to finally present you the third chapter.

2:22:02 hours of what our head honcho Boom Shankar defines as Psychedelic Trance with a Goa twist featuring a high octane selection of his preferred trip advisors.

It was once again inspired by underground gatherings in the Malaysian jungle, Chinese meadows and the floating villages and bamboo forests of Thailand.

Thanx to all the artists and labels for the sonic gems involved and to for the visual interpretation.

Download Jungle Spirit 3 from here...

We hope you enjoy this journey! 🙏

Jungle Spirit 3 Banner

Qhemist & The Trancemancer - Samurai EP

 New BMSS signing Qhemist makes a stunning label debut with "Samurai" - a collaboration EP with The Trancemancer.

Inspired by Bushido, the traditional Samurais code of conduct, the two featured tracks create an eerie and organic soundscape. Full On, but with touch of Twilight, the emerging vibe evokes the precision, veracity and spirituality of these mystical warriors.

The oriental inspiration in the sound design and textures adds another layer of depth and complexity to this release - the result is a deftly crafted EP that will transport the dancefloor to another world!


01: Qhemist & The Trancemancer - Telepathic
02: Qhemist & The Trancemancer - Samurai

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: Sketch inc.

Release date:

07.09.20 via Beatport and 21.09.2020 via Bandcamp

Mini S.U.N. Festival - The secret gathering 2020

 Through the eyes of an organizer and DJ during the pandemic.

"This year started unusually and with difficulty for everyone, including myself. At the beginning of the quarantine, I lost my sources of income, as they were all connected to music events. Bookings and gigs were cancelled, we had no idea what we were going to do and what was coming… Luckily, I made good use of the lockdown, rested, recharged, studied and got a lot of help in the hard times.

Unfortunately, the SUN festival (Deep-Smile Foundation) also lost revenues, and we found ourselves behind the eight ball. Then at the beginning of the summer our government made some concessions, and when we heard we could hold parties of up to 500 visitors, in addition to seeing football games held with several thousand spectators and people going to beaches in crowds, we felt that we would have enough space to be together while also keeping up social distancing on a 100-hectare territory. So, we decided to have a smaller, family gathering, because everyone was in need of a little recharge in nature, meeting friends and good music, which is not restricted by four walls. But we had to think and act quickly.

SUN 2020 The magic tree

We knew that we couldn’t take any risks, we had to follow all the rules and instructions. This is why we basically invited only artists who are part of or stand close to SUN. The whole event was private, those invited had already bought their presale tickets for the big event planned for this year, and we sent a newsletter to our members. It felt like some commando action, but everyone invited managed to keep the secret pretty well.

This was the only way we could do it, because if word had got out about the event, several thousand people might have appeared, and we wouldn’t have been able neither to handle it or take responsibility for them, and we were in no way prepared for such a big crowd infrastructurally. With 500 people, however, we couldn’t afford to have more stages, so all the artists had to fit on one. It was an exciting challenge to put together the timetable making sure that the artist is there at the exact time, that it has an arch, and that every guest has something to enjoy music-wise… What’s more, we couldn’t have a 4-day-stomp either, we had to put in slower-paced performers every day too, so that people’s minds, bodies, spirits could quiet down so they could have fun longer.

SUN 2020 Dancefloor

Originally, we planned for a 4-day-long festival, which we prolonged a bit, but it was mainly for the team by then, and I have to say, as an organizer, this was much more enjoyable and comfortable than the 8-day-long big festival last year, when we have to be on standby almost non-stop, and there’s loads of work to do all day, all night, and in addition, there were fewer team members this time as well, mostly coming to relax, but it was fine like this.

This year’s festival was totally different, yet it still reflected SUN vibes. Csobankapuszta is always a magical location, and the workers and guests make it even more special. It’s like being in a wonderland bubble there. Somehow, the energies are all harmonized, elevating our feeling of existence. Perhaps we could experience this even more so this year because the whole event was more concentrated. I had many amazing moments myself. So many smiles, thanks and hugs from people, many beautiful meetings.

Or when somebody wrote Kory’s name with a stick on the ground in the middle of the dance floor, making the ‘o’ a heart, and his dog, Rufusz, went and lay exactly in the center of that heart… and I could tell you many more similarly heart-warming stories like this, which everybody experiences when they come to our events.

We did miss the main stage, the gem of the festival, but at least its opening next year will be an even bigger blast. It did make things easier, though, because we didn’t have to walk miles, as everything was in one place. However, every artist was well prepared and we could hear truly amazing sets. We were lucky because we could invite two foreign artist friends too, (Boom Shankar, Goa Bernie), who elevated to the festival atmosphere with their presence.

SUN 2020 Cheeky

We also love asking DJs to play first-time b2b sets, which always turn out great and very exciting, like this year: Oleg and Ikoza, me and Eltwave, and in the end, Boom Shankar & Kory & Goa Bernie with a “threesome”, all fantastic acts. The whole team was very happy, you couldn’t wipe the grin off our faces, and of course, as always, we got really exhausted by then end, but it was worth it. Many feel this was the best SUN fest in years, probably because of the cozy family vibes. I’m really grateful.

And of course, there’s no stopping. As soon as summer kicked off, I was lucky to get a lot of gig invites, as a DJ, I’ve been traveling almost every week, so I am very happy that I have opportunities like this in these times. We don’t know how long this will last, and of course, we take care of each other, of ourselves, as the danger is real, but life cannot stop, it’s just transforming. We hope this goes smoothly, and I trust that we will be able to hold the reborn SUN festival next year."

[Cheeky | Solar.United.Natives | August 2020]

Lebanon needs our help - please support!

When I think back to my previous times in Lebanon, I remember shiny happy people dancing like there`s no tomorrow, sharing their love, offering me their friendship and welcoming me with one of the greatest hospitalities I ever experienced in all my travels and tours around the world.

Even back then I found it amazing that so many people can still enjoy their life to the fullest despite living in such a corrupt country with a huge unemployment rate, particularly among the younger generation, with so much poverty and so many other problems, foreign and domestic as a result of years of civil war and unstable political and living conditions.

Those experiences actually gave me hope for the future - they showed me that even in such harsh conditions, one can remain optimistic and positive - demonstrating that the "problems" we have to face in Germany and other rich countries are nothing compared to the hardship those people have to face on a daily basis.

image host

And then the blast happened. 💥

I am sure all of you remember the footage of the explosion which took place in the port of Beirut a couple of weeks ago killing hundreds, injuring thousands and displacing hundreds of thousands of people from their destroyed homes.

I was shocked seeing those images and hearing from my friends in Beirut about the destruction and the reactions - and again, I was amazed to see the energy and the commitment of the people cleaning the streets from the rubble, helping the injured and distributing food and medicine among the wounded. It was the „simple“ people who did this, not the government which failed once again in actually being there for its people and helping those in need.

And this brings me to the reason why I write this message:

Those people need help from abroad, from people like me and from people like you reading these lines. I know that we are all struggling in the moment with the pandemic and the effects it has on our jobs, our social life and as well our income - but our Lebanese friends, brothers and sisters struggle from this as well on top of the blast, making it even harder for them to get through these times in one piece…literally.

I asked my friends in Beirut about some local NGOs - small local organizations that are not associated with the government and that, despite some big players, use every single cent of the donations for the cause to help their people.

In the end, I found 2 projects that I think are best qualified for this cause.

One is called the Alain Malak Foundation, a trusted NGO working for years in Beirut, and the donations will be used for housing the homeless and paying medical bills of the injured.


The other is a small project for rebuilding one of the buildings that was once home to 9 families. The donations will be used to supply those families with the basic equipment needed for repairing their destroyed home.


image host

I want to ask all of you to help those people in need as especially now in particular, when the news has stopped reporting about the aftermath of the explosion, the hardship for these people continues. The disaster has not magically disappeared just because the media has stopped reporting about it. It`s still there and the problems remain.

If you are up for a donation (regardless of the amount as every Euro, dollar, etc. counts), I want to show you my gratitude for supporting this cause by sending you any BMSS Records release you choose - for free!

Simply send me a screenshot of your transfer via Facebook and choose a release from our catalog here:

The person who donated the highest amount (minimum though Euro 100.-) will receive our entire discography valued at over Euro 800.- so you can do something good and are even directly rewarded and not just by good karma. 🙏

Thank you for reading these few lines, and any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated! ❤️

[Boom Shankar | August 2020 | Germany]

We welcome The Trancemancer to BMSS

 Originally from the South of France, Damien discovered Psytrance in Goa during a global trip which let him travel around the world in order to participate in the best parties known back then. This experience became a revelation and a kick off to start working on his own music. First as a DJ before he gave birth to his own live act featuring mainly hardware and from there on to find his true purpose in combining the advantages of a computer together with benefits of analog synths.

After various pseudonyms he eventually arrived at The Trancemancer - a very dancefloor focused Psytrance project with futuristic sounds and engaging voices, a sound very close to Night Full On but with a certain hint of oldschool Goa Trance - the reason we at BMSS Records got aware of him and featured him together with Qhemist on Tribal Lineage 2.

After numerous releases on labels like Sol Music, Let it out or Ovnimoon Records, we finally signed him exclusively to our label family in 2020 representing BMSS all over France.

Welcome to BMSS Damien!

Inverse Out - Exclusive BMSS Live Set 2020

 Thanx to our friends at Enlightertainment who managed this live stream for our dynamic duo from Finland, we can present you an exclusive hour of the latest sonic output from the Inverse Out studio.

The live set features one hour of released and unreleased material from our boys featuring as well collaborations with Vertical and Samadhi. Enjoy the ride!


01. Vertical & Inverse Out - Lure
02. Inverse Out & Vertical - Between the middle
03. Inverse Out & Vertical - Fresh Frontiers
04. Inverse Out - Mobilecho
05. Inverse Out - Objectone
06. Inverse Out - Liquidimension
07. Vertical & Inverse Out - Triple Forms
08. Vertical & Inverse Out - Platonic
09. Samadhi & Inverse Out - Clusteroid
10. Inverse Out - Tenso Turbine

Wanna spin those tunes yourself? Visit us at Bandcamp!

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