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BMSS Records Summer Festival Tour 2012

 Summer is coming big time and our artists are touring. You can catch their performances on these international festivals.

We will update the list once we have more dates confirmed.

See you soon - the summer of 2012 is looking beautiful!


06.06. Spirit Base (Hungary) Atma
14.06. Glade (UK) Boom Shankar, Hypnocoustics, Oleg
21.06. Sunrise Celebration (UK) Hypnocoustics
22.06. Ambiosonic Festival (France) Juladi
28.06. Tree of Life (Turkey) Boom Shankar, Atma
28.06. Fusion Festival (Germany) Juladi
29.06. Reisefieber (Switzerland) Atma


06.07. Bakony (Hungary) Oleg
07.07. Existence (Finland) Azar
13.07. Antaris (Germany) Atma, Boom Shankar, Saltaux, Jamas, Cosmix
19.07. Somuna (Switzerland) Interconnekted, Sephira, Oleg, Boom Shankar, Hypnocoustics
19.07. Paradise (Austria) Hypnocoustics
26.07. Ragana (Lithuania) Atma
28.07. Boom (Portugal) Oleg


02.08. Waha (Romania) Atma
27.08. Transylvania Calling (Romania) Atma
30.08. Hadra (France) Alexsoph, Boom Shankar
31.08. Waveform (UK) Sephira

September & October:

01.09. Moostival (Germany) Saltaux
28.09. Spiritual Reconnection (Turkey) Boom Shankar, ABS, Alexsoph, Soul Kontakt, Jamas
05.10. Connection Festival (Spain) Alexsoph, Boom Shankar, Interconnekted, Astral Gnomix, Multiman

Get ready for the summer season and tune into our latest live performances, mixes and full tracks via Soundcloud:

Multiman / Olé

 Enjoy this first album out of a series of free web releases of our artists.

Multiman takes you on a mystical and energetic journey through all kinds of the Psy Trance genre. A pinch of oldschool Goa Trance melted together with heaps of musicality in an intelligent design.

Mystic, atmospheric, deep, powerful, abstract and manifold plus a certain Spanish touch makes this album something very special. Olé!

Out the 25th of May on BMSS and downloadable from HERE

Thank you for your Transition!

 Unity - Tribalistic - Psychedelic - Synergy - Energy - Essence - Friendships - Colours - Lights - Smiles - Laughter - Tears of Joy - Sun and Moon - Pine Trees - Roots - Dust - Family - Brothers & Sisters - Open Portal - Connectedness - Deepness - Ritual - Mother Nature - Trance - Spirituality - Oneness and Love

This years edition of Transiton was simply the climax of our gatherings so far! Beautiful beings in the most amazing nature possible, full power sunshine, brilliant music non-stop plus an energy level which was unlike no other.

Unity was between all of us and unity shall remain!

Thank YOU for everything - WE reached something very rare and special alltogether!

Enjoy a travel back to Paradise with our photos

Transition Festival 2012 Panorama

Mida / Let`s get lost EP

 We have new music for you from Mida! A flawless comination of Psy Trance and Progressive Trance awaits you!

"Let`s get lost" features two fresh morning gems which will set dancefloors on fire and in trance.

A strong rhythm and tribal section goes along with beautiful melodies to welcome the new morning.

Let`s get lost in this sonic delight which was once more mastered by the master of morning melodies: Silicon Sound.

Get it excusively via Beatport

Hypnocoustics / Ashtamangala EP

 Hypnocoustics are back with their second EP on BMSS Records. Three fresh morning monsters are waiting to be unleashed to the dancefloor and they will kick up some dust!

Following their formula of combining Psy Trance elements with an addictive groove, a pinch of oldschool and heaps of musicality, they raised the level of production to a new height.

This is the sound of summer, this is Ashtamangala. Mastered by Silicon Sound and Cass, expect nothing but a sonic delight!

Get it excusively via Beatport

Transition 2012 - Tune in!

 Transition Festival is an experience in nature during 5 days of culture, music, magic, art, and dance.

A cosmic gateway to a higher state of consciousness is opening upon us in the next 2012. Come and be part of the transition between dream and reality, a place with neither time nor space in the fourth dimension, which makes you feel in the "Here & Now".

Experience the unexpected in a stounding outdoor location, where the unreal becomes real, in tune with the spirits of nature and the magic of Gaia. The place is located 4 kms from Almonte, on the boarders of the National Park of Doñana (Huelva, South of Spain), surrounded by beautiful nature, lovely pine trees, green bushes, and amazing sunsets!!!

This shamanic party experience will make you connect with an unknown energy source, defining the ancient ritual of the trance dance experience, including the priviledge of camping in a magical surrounding and feeling its natural essence. Main Floor and Chill Out will guide you in a mystical voyage into trance, presenting a flow created with true love and passion, driven by international and national artists.

The whole location is transformed into a real dream, a playground full of amazing lights, decoration, smells and tastes, as well as alternative activities like Workshops to go beyond body and mind. Have a nice walk along the Autoexistent Market, where you may find a nice selection of vegetarian food, the latest party fashion, and typical Andalusian meals at moderate prices.

This celebration has its origins in a magical gathering, Spirits of Nature (2007), under a total lunar eclipse. This cosmic connection made a sustainable and conscious project possible, showing a full respect to Mother Nature. This is the energy of the New Era, and Transition is here to be part of it!

See you on the dancefloor! ♥

More info: Festival Page - Facebook - Goabase

Tune in and get a taste of what is upcoming...

Transition Festival 2012 by Transition Festival

Transition 2012 - The sonic wizards

 We are very happy presenting you the Line Up for Transition 2012. We see you in April in Paradise....

Mainfloor Live:

Total Eclipse (Mandala Records / FR) - Lucas (Tip World / UK) - Aphid Moon (Aphid Records / UK) - Tantrix (Blue Hour Sounds / UK) - Zyce (Tesseract Studios / SRB) - Hypnocoustics (BMSS Records/ UK) - Soul Kontakt (BMSS Records / MT) - Hypnoise (Antu Records / SP) - Interconnekted (BMSS Records / MT) - Phase Phour (BMSS Records / NOR) - Elegy (Panzar Productions / AUT) - Mida (BMSS Records / GER) - Clean Trip (Zero Gravity Records / SP) - Zaraus (One Foot Records / PT) - Multiman (BMSS Records / SP) - The Dark Face (Zero Gravity Records / SP) - Acidbox (Fullmoongui / SP) - Ying Yang Monx (Fullmoongui / SP) - Kimiox (Eardream Music / SP) - Prozac (Universal Dance Records / SP) and more...

Mainfloor Djs:

Boom Shankar (BMSS Records / GER) - Alexsoph (BMSS Records / GER) - Cosmix (Return to the Source / BMSS Records / GER) - Daksinamurti (Shiva Space Technology / Sangoma / GER) - Psibindi (Aphid Records / UK) - Yan Gecko (BMSS Records / GER) - Doctor (Transition / SP) - Anam Fio (BMSS / GER) - Khelben (Independent / GER) - Fohat (Spontaneous Aerobics / GER) - Maximus (BMSS Records / GER) - Vinyltreiber (Transition / GER) - Spiritual Fingers (Nostradamus / PT) - Fluoelf (Transition / SP) - Chimbo (Fullmoongui / SP) - Lord Flames (Red Dust / SP) - Lull (Psilocibe / SP) - Mr.RC (Transition / SP) - Julio Roger (Transition / SP) - Freesoul (Transition / SP) - Hell Blau (Transition / SP) and more...

Chill Out:

Aes Dana (Ultimae Records / FR) - Entheogenic (Universal Symbiosis Records / UK) - Space Desingners (Crystal Matrix / PT) - Psyco13 (Zero Gravity Records / SP) - Manito (Furthur / SP) - Minimus (BMSS Records / GER) - Oso (Dinsha Prana Records / SP) - Victor Carazzo (Ritmikal Records / SP) - Eusebio Lopez (Transition / SP) - Interakt (Sidewave Records / PT) - Baba Shankar (BMSS / GER) - Jesus Blau (Transition / SP) - Freesoul (Transition / GER) - El Mong (Transition / SP) - Telodj (Transition / SP) - Dia Dora (Tanztee / GER) - Stargazer (Villa Nachttanz / GER) - Dark el Kante (Random Records / SP) - Anam Kara (GER) - Alic (SP) and more...

Plus some additional surprises...check back soon!

We see you on the dancefloor! ♥

More info: Festival Page - Facebook - Goabase

BMSS @ Transition Festival 2012 Spain by BMSS Records

PhasePhour & Boom Shankar - Live in Oslo

Live footage from "We are not Machines" (Oslo / Norway / 18.02.2012) featuring PhasePhour (Live) & Boom Shankar (Dj Set) - The track you can hear in the video will be released on an upcoming digital EP, on Boom Shankars next CD compilation and on a special limited edition Vinyl which will be out this spring on BMSS Records.

The following Soundcloud sets are live recordings of the night - Enjoy!

A fair deal: Bandcamp

 Today we started our cooperation with Bandcamp, one of the most likeable digital distributors of music.

The company offers by far the fairerst deals in comparision with all the other major download platforms, so you dont need to pay any handling fee, wav upgrade fee or any other unfair trick most companies use to get more money out of your pockets which by the way never finds its way to the artist or label...

Check it out, the prices for lossless tracks are a lot cheaper than in other shops and we even lowered the prices down to €1 for our latest tracks plus there will be a free track for you to download if you check out our latest compilation Transition!

A good and fair way to stock up your collection!

Check out BMSS Records on Bandcamp

Vj(ane)s @ Transition

We are very happy to announce the Vjs for this years edition of Transition Festival:

Juladi, Maex Steel, Lysid and Sumishii Aran plus some more surprises will make sure, that the festival will be perfectly set in perfectly in and will be in sync with nature. Get a feeling of what is upcoming with Juladi`s hand-made version of Suduaya"s "Come back to Life" and see you on the dancefloor soon!

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