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Shifting Waves in E-Motion

 E-Motion comes to BMSS with "Shifting Waves", his first EP on the label. Featuring two tracks, both the perfect accompaniment to the tidal ebbs and flows of rambling summer nights.

"Shifting Waves" throws you from wave to wave with ever forceful pressure and powerful grooves. "Boomers", a tribute to the well beloved festival, takes you down an intensely twisted path filled with strangely puzzling sonic stimuli.

Rolling onward, with crashing rhythms, and hallucinatory ideas "Shifting Waves" submerges you in an ocean of mechanical psychedelia.


01: E-Motion - Shifting Waves
02: E-Motion - Boomers

Mastering: Micky Noise [Plus Six]
Design: Point Zero Productions

Release date:

09.07.18 via Beatport (Digital)

E-Motion Banner

Hypnoia or "There is actually some Forest in Dubai"

 Showcasing profoundly ethereal vibrations and mystical forest forces, Subnormal and Moon Tripper come together as Hypnoia for their first EP on their home label BMSS Records.

"Dune Rattles" which features a collaboration with Symatik from Dubai and "Ancient Future" are night time forays into the abstract paralyzing sound of a strange obscure underground filled with twisted mantras and sacred incantations to keep your dance floor spellbound in the darkness.


01: Hypnoia - Ancient Future
02: Hypnoia & Symatik - Dune Rattles

Mastering: Micky Noise [Plus Six]
Design: BMSS

Release date:

02.07.18 via Beatport (Digital)

Ascent: Live Set for Summer 2018

 Dive deep into the beautiful sounds of Ascent`s live set for this summer season of 2018. Including some of his recent gems and an outlook into what`s coming next on BMSS. Enjoy the journey!


01. Vertex & Interpulse - Galactik Frequency
02. Ascent & Norma Project - Mission 385
03. Vertex & Ascent - Istok I Zapad
04. Ascent & Shogan - Cosmic Portal
05. Ascent & E-Mantra - Dancing Elves
06. Ascent & E-MoV - Flow Charge
07. Ascent - Gravity
08. Ascent - Pagans (Unreleased)
09. Ascent & Sound Control - Power of the Mind
10. Ascent - Morava
11. Ascent & Lupin - Electro Magnetic Spectrum

Download these tracks from Bandcamp

Exolon: Galactic Groove [Live Set 2018]

 "Exolon results on a highly danceable experience, thru interesting explorations of cosmic realms of trance. Music that fills up your senses and conduce emotions. Dance and feel the rhythmic patterns and uplifting melodies leading you into trance as they reveal themselves thru spiritual electronica in a full-powered grid of evolving positive frequencies."

Enjoy the live set of Exolon which includes a few unreleased goodies and a preview to Exolon`s upcoming release "Otherlife EP", out on July 16th on BMSS.


01: Exolon - The Time Machine [Unreleased]
02: Exolon & Zatzak - Out of Order
03: Exolon - Otherlife [BMSS]
04: Exolon - Alternate Dimension [Unreleased]
05: Exolon & Gandhabba Live - My Mind Your Mind [BMSS]
06: Exolon - Unexpected Reality
07: Exolon - Stranglet [Unreleased]
08: Exolon (feat. Pizzicato) - Drop of Strings

Radzy: Eternal Saga [3 hour exclusive Dj Set]

 Our Malaysian BMSS representative, Epic Tribe founder and Belantara baba Radzy returns with an exclusive 3 hours blasting DJ set.

A sonic adventure through the ever eternal saga of the Psychedelic realm. Sit tight and enjoy the ride!

Radzy is a Psychedelic Trance DJ & Promoter from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is the co-founder and organizer of Epic Tribe, Malaysia`s Psychedelic Trance collective family that has been promoting and hosting psychedelic trance music & arts culture in Kuala Lumpur since early 2006. Radzy is the co-organizer and cofounder of Belantara Gathering, Malaysia`s annual international psychedelic music & arts festival.

Since a few years Radzy is part of the BMSS Records family as label Dj, representing Malaysia and South East Asia for the label.

Stream "Holistic Nature" on YouTube

Like all our releases, you can find as well our latest compilation "Holistic Nature" by Fohat on our YouTube channel. Enjoy the ride and don`t forget to follow us!

VA / Holistic Nature - Compiled by Fohat

 With a decade and a half behind the decks to his credit, Fohat, a BMSS Records veteran presents his first compilation, "Holistic Nature". Featuring undiscovered talents and the unconventional skills of artists used to creating outside the box, Fohat brings you an uncommon individualistic take on twilight Psytrance.

Leaning on the familiar theme of unity through sound and movement, "Holistic Nature" is intended to be a restorative tonic for all the senses, physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual. These ten previously unreleased tracks by artists such as Zeridium, OxyFlux, Modular Pitch or Altus are designed to touch the listener on many levels drawing individuals together into one cohesive experience.

On Holistic Nature, it is the totality of the journey, the setting, the contact, the experience, the assimilation and integration of rhythm, tone and melody that draw the listener in. A cure-all for all the senses equally, where the message is as important as the medium, these ten tracks function as one enlightened re-interpretation of twilight Psytrance.

Polished off with Mastering by TRK (Scorb) and illustrated by the visionary graphics of Aashit Singh, "Holistic Nature" brings you a delightfully unified experience of the Night Time sound.


01: Noize Method - Saraswati
02: Duke & Gonzo - Viper Mad
03: Zeridium & Primary - Eivor"s Temple
04: Nomad Aliens - Mad Experience
05: OxyFlux - Bamboozled
06: Modular Pitch - Three Dimensional Space
07: Altus & Moonquake - Alien Steve
08: Wavelength - Schumann Resonances
09: Moon Tripper & E-Motion - The Light
10: Fohat - Release

Mastering: Scorb [TRK Mastering]
Design: Aashit Singh

Release date:

18.06.18 via Beatport (Digital) & 22.06.18 via Psyshop (CD)

The return of 2 legends: Total Eclipse & Dj Marios

 Two legends come together on this new EP on BMSS Records: Stephane Holweck of Total Eclipse, founding member of Juno Reactor and the man responsible for many genre defining Goa Trance Tracks and Dj Marios, founding member of Samothraki Dance Festival (Greece) now working under the alias of Plasmatix.

Four decades of musical knowledge, two maestros and one unique sound that brings the worlds of Psychedelic Trance and Goa Trance together. Featuring a remix of Patchbay`s "Iansa" and a original track of their own labeled "Pythagorean Artifact", these two tracks channel the best of old school sounds with modern production and cutting edge techniques.

Psychedelic, groovy, emotional, with strong rhythm elements 0101 takes you into the beyond where what is familiar becomes new again. Tune in to this extraordinary sound. It`s proper psychedelic music!


01: Plasmatix & Total Eclipse - Pythagorean Artifact
02: Patchbay - Iansa (Plasmatix & Total Eclipse Remix)

Mastering: Alex Diplock [E.V.P.]
Design: BMSS

Release date:

11.06.18 via Beatport (Digital)

The Key rise again with a fresh EP

 The Key (Ovnimoon & Ascent) rise again with a fresh EP on their home label BMSS Records. Following the success of their debut album, the dynamic duo from Chile and Serbia captivate us once again with the best of Goa & Progressive Trance, resulting in their unique unmistakable "Key" sound.

In addition to the solo title track, a fresh remix to Moon Tripper`s "Hypnoia" is part of this elevating EP.

Mastered with sonic precision and full dynamics by Plus Six Mastering. Enjoy the rise!


01: The Key - Rise Again
02: Moon Tripper - Hypnoia (The Key Remix)

Mastering: Plus 6 (Wizzy Noise)
Design: BMSS

Release date:

28.05.18 via Beatport (Digital)

Psychedelix from the desert: Hypnoia

 We are very happy to announce the signing of Hypnoia to BMSS Records.

Hypnoia is a Night Time / Forest Psychedelic Trance project launched in 2017 by Brad Ashtar (Moon Tripper) & Nadair Khan (Subnormal), both residing in Dubai.

After having years of experience in their individual genres of Psychedelic music they decided to join hands and launch their maiden project as Hypnoia. With Hypnoia they are showcasing a blend of deep, perplexing, ethereal vibrations supported by anagogic forest and organic roots.

Both are looking forward to releasing music and sharing their sounds at festivals and Psychedelic gatherings around the world.

Expect their massive debut EP in June on BMSS Records!

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