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Triceradrops - Requiem | New Mini Album

 In anticipation of his full artist album, Triceradrops brings us a haunting new EP on BMSS Records. The US producer was inspired by the notion of writing music for souls that have transcended into another world, and - true to his signature style - this is psychedelic music with a distinct heady and industrial vibe.

As a result, the release drags the listener to the darker side to face their own fears and demons head-on, before drawing them into a tech-fuelled climax by the means of the subtlety balanced grooves and modulated textures. A subtle interplay between light and dark, this is a formidable psychedelic rendition of the eternal yin and yang.


01: Triceradrops - Agony
02: Triceradrops & Subsidiary - Sick of you
03: Triceradrops & No Cliu - Ashes of the Phoenix
04: Triceradrops - Shadow Design (Triceradrops Mix)
05: Triceradrops - Bridge Burner

Mastering: Triceradrops
Design: BMSS

Release date:

06.04.20 via Beatport and now as well on Bandcamp

Arkadia - Alpha & Omega EP

 Arkadia returns for a third EP on BMSS - the epic "Alpha & Omega"! True to his sound, the Portuguese producer presents 2 rip-roaring daytime blasters. Both tracks feature tough-as-nails kick-bass and machine-precision percussion, bolstered by finely-crafted Goa-inspired leads and mind-altering psychoactive FX.

Relentless yet subtly euphoric, tough yet atmospheric, this colossal release is set to devastate underground trancefloors worldwide!


01: Arkadia - Alpha
02: Arkadia - Omega

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: BMSS

Release date:

09.03.20 via Beatport

Bunker Jack - State of Freedom EP

 Bunker Jack is back with his third EP on BMSS - a hypersonic full-power-no-shower release featuring 2 cutting-edge psychedelic gems. With both tracks racking-up at an eye-watering 148bpm, "State of Freedom" offers a visionary sound in which a creeping night-time psychedelic soundscape fuses with subtle but powerful trickles of Goa-delic melody. Evoking a sense of freedom and futurism, prepare to be guided unrelentlessly through the most remote recesses of your mind!


01: Bunker Jack - State of Freedom
02: Bunker Jack - Around the Universe

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: MeskalART / BMSS

Release date:

02.03.20 via Beatport

Datacult & GMO - Karma EP

 Datacult and GMO join forces again for a new rock-solid crossover EP. The two featured tracks fuse Datacult"s trademark progressive-meets-techno sound with GMO"s distinctive melodic and fluid touch.

The result is quintessentially psychedelic whilst avoiding any of the usual psytrance production cliches. A perfect release for those good-vibe daytime festival moments, this collaboration delivers a dancefloor-satisfying sound that is at once light-as-air, soul-shakingly deep and undeniably groovy!


01: Datacult & GMO - Karma
02: Datacult & GMO - Dragon Wings

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: Sketch inc. / BMSS

Release date:

24.02.20 via Beatport

SPS (Super Power Source) - Perception

 SPS (Super Power Source) hit BMSS Records with stellar new track "Perception".

Evoking the spirits of Goa, this is a colourful and mystical production that combines old school vibes with contemporary production techniques.

At once classic and cutting-edge, the emerging sonic landscapes take the listener on an esoteric journey through mystical dune-filled expanses interspersed with modulated ultraviolet oases. This is a release not to miss!


01:SPS (Super Power Source) - Perception

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: Sketch inc. / BMSS

Release date:

17.02.20 via Beatport

UNI, The Papuna & Dopamine - Keiseihouou EP

 UNI, the Papuna and Dopamine hit BMSS Records with a pair of slickly produced psychedelic collaborations. This Israeli-Japanese production combo dates back to a 25-year-old friendship, a time when Papuna was promoting parties in Tokyo. When UNI recently played at a party in Israel, the idea of a collaboration project came together - and what a result: a mind-blowing combination of Goa Trance inspired by their travels to India in the 90s and cutting edge Psytrance of the now.

"Keiseihouou" - inspired by the notion of spiritual training - is a driving and brooding workout, flush with hallucinogenic FX, monstrous gargling synth work and modulated leads.

"Back to Life" is a faster but equally powerful affair, this time motivated by a near-death experience.

These collaborations ultimately provide an expertly crafted and sophisticated interpretation of psychedelic trance - blasting dancefloor fodder that is sure to blow the listener"s mind! This is one of those special releases we at BMSS are looking forward to reveal to you since quite some time.


01: UNI & The Papuna & Dopamine - Keiseihouhou
02: UNI & The Papuna & Dopamine - Back to Life

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: Sketch inc. / BMSS

Release date:

10.02.20 via Beatport

Boom Shankar: Jungle Spirit III

 3 years after the second part of my Jungle Spirit Mix series I am really happy to finally present you the third chapter.

2:22:02 hours of what I define as Psychedelic Trance featuring a high octane selection of my preferred trip advisors.

It was once again inspired by underground gatherings in the Malaysian jungle, Chinese meadows and the floating villages and bamboo forests of Thailand.

Thanx to all the artists and labels for the sonic gems involved and to for the visual interpretation.

I hope you enjoy this journey! 🙏

[Boom Shankar | February 2020]

Ghost Note & Strange Cookies - City of Angels EP

 Ghost Note and Strange Cookies combine forces to unleash a mighty new EP on BMSS. Warped and funky in equal measures, this release tells a perverse cinematic tale filled to the brim with dark plots and unexpected twists.

"City of Angels" is a radiant blaster where massive sound design and glistening melodies ride a relentless bassline.

"Zappa on Sex" - well the name says it all! - manages to fuse full-on vibes with an infectious raw funk...this is a track that is guaranteed to simultaneously trip-up and trip-out the dancefloor.

Coming soon to a dancefloor near you!


01: Ghost Note & Strange Cookies - City Of Angels
02: Ghost Note & Strange Cookies - Zappa on Sex

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: BMSS

Release date:

03.02.20 via Beatport

Psychotropists - Psilocybians Invade

 Hot on the heels of their debut BMSS Records release, the Psychotropists are back with their new bomb "Psilocybians Invade".

True to their style, this brain-warping production is a sonic representation of an influx of ideas as fueled by a psychotropic substance. A veritable breach of the barriers of consciousness, the track relies on insanely modulated synth work, FM stabs and playful bassline to take over the listener`s mind.


01: Psychotropists - Psilocybians Invade

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: BMSS

Release date:

27.01.20 via Beatport

We welcome Akasha to BMSS

 We are very happy to expand our artist roster and to welcome Akash Sandhu aka Akasha to BMSS Records!

Akasha`s musical style is dark and energetic with groovy melodies and an element of futuristic Psychedelica. Her tracks are carefully selected with a personal reminiscing touch, which she enjoys sharing with the rest of the Psy world.

In the beginning of 2020 she joined BMSS Records, representing the label in New Zealand and all over Oceania.

Welcome to the family Akasha! ❤️

More info:


This is the third of a bunch of new artists we signed to BMSS for 2020. Stay tuned for more surprises coming soon... 🔮

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