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Argon Sphere: Traveller EP

 Argon Sphere, previously incarnated on BMSS as one half of Genetica, brings you a high powered debut, "Traveller".

Two hard driving tracks, both as stimulating and evocative as the other, remind you to forget about Mondays, routines, rules and regulations. Bouncing bass lines and theatrical flourishes roll alongside touches of old school Goa. Chattering synths speak to your inner rebel and say, "We are all mad here." ... Aren`t we?

Watch out for Argon Spheres upcoming album due out at the end of this year.


01: Argon Sphere - Traveller
02: Argon Sphere - Tortured Brain

Mastering: Micky Noise [Plus Six]
Design: BMSS

Release date:

27.08.18 via Beatport (Digital)

Goa Trance by InnerZone feat. Odyssesy of Noises

 InnerZone, alive and kicking since 2005, brings "Unlimited Happiness" to BMSS. This debut EP features two versions of the title track plus an updated remix of the Trance classic "Fire Dance" (1994) by Odyssey of Noises.

While both versions of Unlimited Happiness transmit brightly colored dream filled positivity, InnerZone`s 2018 version of "Fire Dance" never loses touch with it`s Goa origins now reinvigorated with kicks and basses worthy of any morning time dancefloor.


01: InnerZone - Unlimited Happiness
02: InnerZone - Unlimited Happiness (BMSS Mix)
03: InnerZone - Fire Dance (Tribute to Odyssey of Noises)

Mastering: Micky Noise [Plus Six]
Design: BMSS

Release date:

20.08.18 via Beatport (Digital)

Blastourist [Spiritcat & Gorgo] - Dual Components

 Blastourist, a new project from BMSS veteran Gorgo in combination with Spiritcat, takes a fresh look at Forest infused nighttime Psytrance with their first EP on BMSS. Playful body rocking basslines propel you through vibrant nighttime fantasies filled with sonic wizardry and mystical midnight madness.

This two tracker EP is a must have for Forest freaks!


01: Blastourist - Dual Components
02: Blastourist - Son Rise

Mastering: Micky Noise [Plus Six]
Design: BMSS

Release date:

13.08.18 via Beatport (Digital)

Chrizzlix & E-Motion: Re-Calibrate EP

 Electrifying Psytrance defines the Chrizzlix sound. On his first EP with BMSS, the North German producer and founder of Sun Department Records teams up with E-Motion to give us two bright blissful journeys that defy the rules and regulations of traditional Psytrance.

Heavy dramatic basslines underscore synthetic Trance inducing melodies propelling you through inner landscapes and into new sonic territory. Powerful mastering by Stryker.


01: Chrizzlix & E-Motion - One Step Aside
02: E-Motion - Passion (Chrizzlix Remix)

Mastering: Bart [Stryker]
Design: BMSS

Release date:

06.08.18 via Beatport (Digital)

Inverse Out (Frosty Fennic & Tim Duster)

 Inverse Out, the prolific and vigorous producers from Finland bring their first collaborative release to BMSS Records.

Well known for their individual projects as Frosty Fennic & Rye Smugglers, their new project is a psychedelic exercise in groove and mysticism. With a back catalog of releases with their individual projects on Sangoma, Forestdelic, Vertigo, Z-Plane & Ovnimoon Records, Inverse Out brings even the most reluctant feet to the dancefloor.

Using highly danceable rhythms, "Grand Theft Psychedelics" is a smooth criminal armed with harmonic Full On elements and a twisted intent that will push the dancefloor to its limit!


01: Inverse Out - Grand Theft Psychedelics
02: Inverse Out - Depardieu

Mastering: Ady Connor [Scorb]
Design: BMSS

Release date:

30.07.18 via Beatport (Digital)

Inverse Out EP Banner

Thanx for your S.U.N.shine Solar.United.Natives!

 What is the essence of a Psychedelic Trance gathering?

We think it`s mostly you, the people, friends, trancers, dancers, the psychedelic astronauts, the jugglers, the magicians - that`s what makes the essence of a gathering. Not the big line ups, not the stars, not epic soundsystems and dancefloors.

Less is more is an idea that beats at the heart of our scene.

In times we live now, it`s very seldom that a festival comes back to it`s roots, everything has to be bigger, louder, more stylish...but is this what we really want?

Speaking for us at BMSS Records, we prefer to come back to our roots and to have a family gathering. A place to have all your friends around and a gathering space to connect and to enjoy shared experiences.

S.U.N. Festival 2018 1

For the first time we feel that we achieved exactly this, and we want to thank all you beautiful Solar.United.Natives that are part of our tribe and to contribute so much love, creative energy and positive vibes towards the S.U.N.!

Thank you all for some wonderful days together under the Sun- and Moonlight and we hope you will come back to your family in 2019! ❤️

Have a great ongoing summer season and thank you for your S.U.N.shine! ☀️

BMSS Records & the Solar.United.Natives families

S.U.N. Festival 2018 2

Exolon feat. Gandhabba - Otherlife

 Otherlife, Exolon`s third release on his home label, BMSS reflects the edgier side of his signature sound with two perfect morning tracks. Complete with mystical atmospheres, driving rhythms and positively mesmerizing grooves, Exolon`s melodies reveal themselves by leading you into electronically induced states of trance.

"My Mind Your Mind", a collaboration with Gandhabba, also from Portugal takes you onward, upwards and out towards shimmering sunlight filled blue skies.


01: Exolon feat. Gandhabba - My Mind Your Mind
02: Exolon - Otherlife

Mastering: Micky Noise [Plus Six]
Design: BMSS

Release date:

16.07.18 via Beatport (Digital)

Shifting Waves in E-Motion

 E-Motion comes to BMSS with "Shifting Waves", his first EP on the label. Featuring two tracks, both the perfect accompaniment to the tidal ebbs and flows of rambling summer nights.

"Shifting Waves" throws you from wave to wave with ever forceful pressure and powerful grooves. "Boomers", a tribute to the well beloved festival, takes you down an intensely twisted path filled with strangely puzzling sonic stimuli.

Rolling onward, with crashing rhythms, and hallucinatory ideas "Shifting Waves" submerges you in an ocean of mechanical psychedelia.


01: E-Motion - Shifting Waves
02: E-Motion - Boomers

Mastering: Micky Noise [Plus Six]
Design: Point Zero Productions

Release date:

09.07.18 via Beatport (Digital)

E-Motion Banner

Hypnoia or "There is actually some Forest in Dubai"

 Showcasing profoundly ethereal vibrations and mystical forest forces, Subnormal and Moon Tripper come together as Hypnoia for their first EP on their home label BMSS Records.

"Dune Rattles" which features a collaboration with Symatik from Dubai and "Ancient Future" are night time forays into the abstract paralyzing sound of a strange obscure underground filled with twisted mantras and sacred incantations to keep your dance floor spellbound in the darkness.


01: Hypnoia - Ancient Future
02: Hypnoia & Symatik - Dune Rattles

Mastering: Micky Noise [Plus Six]
Design: BMSS

Release date:

02.07.18 via Beatport (Digital)

Ascent: Live Set for Summer 2018

 Dive deep into the beautiful sounds of Ascent`s live set for this summer season of 2018. Including some of his recent gems and an outlook into what`s coming next on BMSS. Enjoy the journey!


01. Vertex & Interpulse - Galactik Frequency
02. Ascent & Norma Project - Mission 385
03. Vertex & Ascent - Istok I Zapad
04. Ascent & Shogan - Cosmic Portal
05. Ascent & E-Mantra - Dancing Elves
06. Ascent & E-MoV - Flow Charge
07. Ascent - Gravity
08. Ascent - Pagans (Unreleased)
09. Ascent & Sound Control - Power of the Mind
10. Ascent - Morava
11. Ascent & Lupin - Electro Magnetic Spectrum

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