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The Trancemancer - Amazing Things EP

 French producer The Trancemancer returns with 3 fresh twilight-tinged dancefloor beasts. Composed around the notions spirituality and the origins of life, the EP provides a futuristic sonic landscape peppered with dark atmospheres and razor-sharp FM leads.

Not one for the faint hearted, this is a hard, twisted and funky amalgamation that is sure to please nighttime and twilight Psytrance fans.


01: The Trancemancer - Awakening
02: The Trancemancer - Origin of Life
03: The Trancemancer - Amazing Things

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: Sketch inc.

Release date:

04.06.21 via Beatport and 18.06.21 via Bandcamp

Arkadia - Unity EP

 Arkadia presents a brand new EP "Unity" on BMSS. Portuguese producer Pedro has massively stepped-up his game from the already slick sound featured in his past releases: this time bringing a massive uber-driving vibe, liberally doused with Goa-inspired melodies set to futuristic synthesised leads - the whole bound by production qualities that are second to none.

Evoking a spiritual trip through the jungle on a shamanic quest, Arkadia merges organic textures with metallic timbres and psychotropic FX to produce a couple of dancefloor bombs that are sure to devastate and elevate in equal measures!


01: Arkadia - Unity
02: Arkadia - Life

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: Sketch inc.

Release date:

21.05.21 via Beatport and 04.06.21 via Bandcamp and all other platforms.

Bunker Jack & Sabretooth - Puffball EP

 Eminent BMSS residents Bunker Jack and Sabretooth combine forces to present the Puffball EP.

Featuring 3 fast-paced cutting-edge blasters, the fusion of Bunker Jack’s mind-altering psychotropic grooves with Sabretooth’s relentless driving sound is a potent and memorable concoction. A sprinkle of Goa-inspired melodies, a hint of psychosomatic FX and a liberal dousing of acid, the whole topped by a few hours’ simmering in a nuclear reactor and polished-off to a futuristic metallic finish. The result: an epic collaboration EP ready for a hopeful return to the worldwide trancefloors!


01: Bunker Jack & Sabretooth - Puffball
02: Bunker Jack - Made on Earth (Sabretooth Remix)
03: Sabretooth - Kinesia Paradoxa (Bunker Jack Remix)

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: Sabretooth

Release date:

10.05.21 via Beatport and 24.05.21 via Bandcamp and all other platforms.

Kundalini - Little Monsters EP

 Kundalini drops a trio of 145bpm supersonic psychedelic blasters! The inspiration behind the tracks is quite literal - these are Little Monsters, brought by Vessels, at Ferris. Bulgarian producer Nikolay stayed with some good friends, and was inspired to write the tracks in situ - and this release is the resulting sonic ode to friendship and traveling.

True to the unique Kundalini sound, the EP hurtles along with great abandon, bouncing the listener`s consciousness between dimensions by means of analogue synthesis, trippy grooves and innovative production.


01: Kundalini - Vessels
02: Kundalini - Little Monsters
03: Kundalini - At Ferris

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: Sketch inc.

Release date:

26.04.21 via Beatport and 01.05.21 via Bandcamp

Muatoy - Antiphonic Shapes EP

 Founder and former member of Inverse Out Jukka returns to BMSS with an enthralling debut from his new project Muatoy.

Featuring a mind-boggling and playful sound, this release is at once energetic, melodic, warm, and uplifting - a flurry of sonic forms interacting with one another in a groove-laden elixir.

The 2 tracks represent new beginnings, a new era, and remind us that when life gets you down, music can always be relied on to boost your soul!


01: Muatoy - Psychedelivery
02: Muatoy - Void Particles

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: Sketch inc.

Release date:

12.04.21 via Beatport and via Bandcamp

We welcome Muatoy to BMSS

 ..and we welcome him with open arms!

His debut EP Antiphonic Shapes just hit Beatport and we consider this the perfect moment to welcome him officially to our BMSS artist roster.

All the way from the early ages Jukka was showing his passion for creating something of his own. In the music he found a way to manifest his creativity and express himself when he was 7 years young bloke. His journey started as enthusiastic sound manipulator and music producer during his music studies. Psychedelic music stepped in to his life when he followed the sounds in the deep Finnish forests in the summer of 2002.

In 2004 Jukka had his first gig under the suomisaundi project called Oikeusjyvä which evolved over decade later into different styles of projects like Frosty Fennic, which is darker side of the mind and Inverse Out, that was a burst of a brighter psychedelic perception. He gathered inspiration resulting in his newest project Muatoy.

We are very happy to welcome Jukka with this new project to our realms. Welcome to our family Muatoy! ❤️

Boom Shankar & Kai Mathesdorf - Trust in Trance

 I love challenges and I love oldschool freestyle Djing. This is a live recording of an 8 hour back to back marathon set I played together with Kai Mathesdorf (Mushroom Magazine | Trancers Guide to the Galaxy) at an underground party in South Africa at Christmas 2020.

Unfortunately we started with the recording already during the mix and the SD card was not capable of recording the whole session, but nonetheless some hours were recorded.

Kai started with 127 BPM and we kept this tempo for the whole duration of our flow. It"s the first time I "release" a set like this which doesn"t contain the energy of my usual performance but captures the pure Trance vibe and love I have for music and my friends.

As all my recordings, this set was performed on CDJs, no sync button, master tempo or other millennial trickery was used, this is Djing at it"s purest and truest form, it"s certainly not perfect but as all art it"s coming from the heart and from a set of skills both Kai and me developed over the past two and a half decades.

I hope you enjoy this special journey. Love!

Boom Shankar | Tanzania | 2021

Datacult - Spectrum Dj Mix

 Datacult is back on the decks: New set, new tracks, all Datacult stuff. That means a journey of deep and stomping Progressive Psytrance, with quite a technoid touch.


1. The Key - Tridimensional Abstractions (Datacult Remix)
2. Sabretooth - Driven (Datacult Remix)
3. Datacult - Aliyah
4. Dark Nebula & Datacult - Beyond That Door (Remix)
5. Datacult & Takttrauma - Subspace
6. Datacult - Maschine
7. Datacult - Schizophrenia
8. Datacult - Falcon
9. Klopfgeister - Seven Days (Datacult remix)
0. Datacult & GMO - Dragon

Listen on SoundCloud via the player below or via Datacult`s iTunes Podcast.

Quasars - Unknown Source EP

 Quasars hit BMSS Records with fresh blaster ‘Unknown Source’. Featuring a groovy bassline, deep-acidic synths, uplifiting melodies and world-infused psychedelic sounds, the track fuses an old school vibe with forward-looking production.

The release is completed by a carefully crafted remix to BMSS artist The Trancemancer`s track A.I.; giving the original track a new twist and a fresh re-imagination by infusing it with the trio’s signature mixture of driving sounds. A night/day crossover bomb not to miss!


01: Quasars - Unknown Source
02: The Trancemancer - A.I. (Quasars Remix)

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: Sketch inc.

Release date:

29.03.21 via Beatport and 12.04.21 via Bandcamp

We welcome Oumuamua to BMSS

 ..and we welcome them with a bang! 💥

Their debut EP Beyond the Singularity is already topping the Beatport charts for some days and we couldn`t be any happier: a debut EP and then straight to #1 - thank you all for your support!

Oumuamua which means "the scout" in Hawaiian, is the name of a stellar object that crossed our galaxy in 2017. It`s origin, composition and the reason why it came close to our planet remain unknown. It is through the prism of this stranger that we invite you to join our psychedelic universe at the crossroads of inspiration.

The project Oumuamua consists of Damien Crespo (alias The Trancemancer | BMSS Records) and Théo Rockenstrocly (alias The Macedonian | label manager of Multiversal Records). Their sound can be best described as a melting pot of Night Psytrance, Dark and Forest.

Oumuaua are ready to blast and we at BMSS are more than just happy to welcome them to our realms. Welcome to the family guys! ❤️

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