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2012 - 2013: Our review of 2012 & outlook for the next year

As this year is approaching its end and the new annual cycle is about to start, we want to use this opportunity to thank you for your support throughout this year.

We hope you enjoyed our music and releases, had some blasting adventures on our parties and got inspired by our art and visuals.

It was a great year for us, and we are very much looking forward to 2013. With followers like you reading this, with fantastic new music in the pipeline and with an enthusiastic approach towards our gatherings, we are very confident with the new year. See you in 2013!

Catch our artists playing & decorating these events on New Years Eve

Timegate 2013 Banner

31.12. Timegate (Porrentruy / Switzerland) Boom Shankar (Timegate on Facebook)

Odyssee 2013 Banner

31.12. Odyssee (Berlin / Germany) Hypnocoustics & 01.01. Boom Shankar (Odyssee on Facebook)

31.12. Dreamliner (Konstanz / Germany) Soul Kontakt, Alexsoph (Dreamliner on Facebook)
31.12. Waldklang (Salzburg / Austria) Marco Scherer (Waldklang on Web)
31.12. Planetaria (Tuebingen / Germany) Anam Fio, Carstus Maximus, Jamas (Planetaria on Facebook)
31.12. Transition: Fin de Ano (Bollullos / Spain) Hell Blau (Fin de Ano on Facebook)
31.12. Wir wollen mehr (Augsburg / Germany) Sumishii Aran (Wir wollen mehr on Facebook)

We hope you will have a great transition towards 2013!

May light shine on you!

ManMachine / Animate Reality EP

 Before 2012 comes to an end, we are happy to please you with one additional release by an artist fully fitting our sound:

ManMachine from Serbia.

Miroslav manages to unite Psychedelic and Progressive Trance in all these tracks with additionally spicing things up by adding certain retro Goa Trance elements to the whole. The result is a driving, yet grooving voyage through Psychedelic Trance, full of surprises and suspenses but never leaving the main mission: to keep you on the dancefloor.

Animate Reality just got released exclusivly on Beatport and is already shifting realities globally.

Tune in!

Rebirth of the Sun / Entering the next level

The 21. December 2012 marked a very special day in the life of millions around the globe. It was a day of a new beginning, of a new cycle and a shift towards the next level.

Moksha from Israel, the SUN festival family from Hungary and friends and artists from the likes of BMSS and others invited the international scene to a stunning location deep in the desert near the Dead Sea to celebrate this special day with like minded and hearted beings.

The result was one of the most stunning events we experienced so far, uniting thousands of trancers from all over the world celebrating life itself.

Rebirth of the SUN Photo 1

We are thankful for every soul who took part in this gathering, who gave their energy towards this project, who trusted our vision and channeled their energy towards.

We are very optimistic and positive regarding what lies ahead and we would love to welcome you to our next project in Hungary in the summer of 2013: SUN Festival!

Loads of love and have a beautiful start of the new era as One!

Rebirth of the SUN Photo 1

Enjoy more Photos here!

Free Download of PhasePhour / We are not Machines EP

Download PhasePhour / We are not Machines

We are pleased to welcome you to our latest adventure in sonic treatments: Produced in Velvet Recordings in Norway, "We are not Machines" by PhasePhour features 3 master-blasters of the supreme production class. This EP is different and is based on the experience the three band members have gained in more than 10 years of production. After 2 album releases, tours in the US and in South America they are back with a fresh output of their adventures and ideas. The outcome is a crystal clear clarity and a full dynamic range you probably havent experienced so often and so far within the Psy Trance scene.

Release date:

06. December 2012 (Free Download via BMSS)

To welcome the guys back on European track, to celebrate our 100.000th listen on our Soundcloud page, to make you a fine St. Nicholas` Day present and as the best things in life are for free, so is this EP! Its released while you read these lines and you can download it as a WAV or MP3 zip from our server!

Tune in and enjoy this sophisticated listening experience!

08.12.2012. Transition Indoor Experience (Spain)

Our German Family is coming to Transition Lands! Featuring Boom Shankar with an exclusive 3h+ Set, Alexsoph and Carstus Maximus plus Hell Blau and Djane Free Soul - Festival vibes guaranteed!

Ganesha Space Garden (GSG) and Jamas, two of the decoration crews for Transition Festival will make sure that the Templo Transition will glow as it has never been before! A massive PA and the Open End feature are the cherry on top of this exquisite night deluxe...vamonos!

Transition Indoor Experience

Location: Templo Transition / Bollullos (Huelva) / Andalucia / Spain

More info on Facebook and via Transitioncrew

PhasePhour / We are not Machines EP

 Get ready for a cutting edge sonic treat coming out of this lovely studio!

PhasePhour is the band, "We are not Machines" the title and by the look of this photo one might say "but they DO have some", which, is right! :)

Produced in Velvet Recordings in Norway, this EP will feature 3 dancefloor bombs of the highest production class possible. And as the best things in life are for free, so is this EP!

It will be out as a St Nicholas Day present on the 6th of December 2012 and you can download it as WAV/MP3 from our servers at - Teasers will be soon online on


01: We are not Machines
02: New Story
03: Vulcan II

We are not Machines Promo


Aiodaya (Suduaya & Aioaska) - Debut release!

 The debut EP by Aiodaya (Suduaya & Aioaska) is out today on Beatport!

The two lightwarriors teamed up to deliver the perfect Sunday afternoon audible treat featuring warm and groovy baselines and pulchritudinous melodies.

We at BMSS Records simply feel honoured to present you this gem which clearly should be labeled music for music lovers!


01: Aiodaya - Grounded (132 Bpm)
02: Aiodaya - Psychedelic Pyramide (132 Bpm)

Mastering: Johannes Regnier (Silicon Sound)
Design: Andreas Lehner (Aioaska)

Aiodaya / Grounded is exclusively available here:

Beatport (WAV / MP3)

Transition Open Air Festival 2013: Unity through Trance

 Transition welcomes you to 5 days of magic and music in a stunning Open Air location in the National Park of Donana in Southern Spain.

We are nature, we are music, we are dance, and we are one!

Transition is a representation in the material world as the opportunity for learning and change. Since its rebirth in 2004, the crew always believed that it would give the chance to grow beyond personal boundaries, darkness, and blocks from the past. The way to achieve this is through unity, love, and change.

You are invited to feel this major change the human culture is experiencing in 2012, achieving a wisdom that is trying to be uncovered with secrets of life and laws of the universe. It is a wisdom that has tried to figure out the equation for decoding the natural laws in order to manifest the transformation of human beings into spiritual human beings.

Unity is achieved by understanding the mysteries of nature and the secrets of life. This needs to transform our everyday life into golden moments of higher self, never stronger than now. By connecting the spirits we will hear the heart of Gaia, and thus, the pulse of a civilization that believes in peace, love, unity, and respect: the true wisdom of the soul.

For a deeper connection visit:

Lets connect!

Collage Transition Festival

To keep the family vibes this festival is known for, there will be only 2.000 wristbands available. In order to ensure your Transition, please get your ticket in advance for the early bird price of 40.- EUR which includes free (caravan) camping. You can order your ticket here:

And we are finally very happy to present you the first Transitioneers of the 2013 edition, here they are:

• AVALON (Nano Records / UK)
• FILTERIA (Suntrip Records / Sweden)
• LUCAS (TIP Records / UK)
• SONIC SPECIES (Alchemy Records / UK)
• SUDUAYA (Altar Records / France)

Stay tuned for more exiting updates...

And stay in touch!

If you want to contribute then feel free to share our pages with your friends:

See you in Transition!

Various Artists / Transmissions (BMSS2CD007) is released!

 Egorythmia, Hypnocoustics, Sonic Species & Avalon, Headroom & Zen Mechanics, Zyce, Ovnimoon and Hypnoise are among the plethora of producers who are involved in this latest release by BMSS Records.

Our own Boom Shankar and Alexsoph spent the last year sampling the highest calibre of audible delights from around the world and have managed to create an epic musical story consisting of 23 tracks, given to you in two chapters (CDs).

Chapter one is fuelled by the energy of the Sun, giving lashings or progressive and morning drenched psychedelic trance tunes. As the sun goes down so does this CD end… but not the compilation!

The second disk is infused with the energy of the Moon, our friend of the night, which is why this final chapter consists of those moving twilight psychedelic and goaish soundscapes of the night time variety.

The full journey of this 2CD monster (with an additional 3 bonus tracks to download online!) really does showcase the wide spectrum of audible treats our lovely scene has to offer.

Transmissions is available here:

Psyshop (CD) - Beatport (MP3 / WAV) - Bandcamp (MP3 / WAV) - Beatspace (CD) - Goastore (CD) - Juno (WAV)

Transmissions PR Cover

(All Transmissions were conscious- and unconsciously channelled by Boom Shankar and Alexsoph, carefully mastered and dynamically tuned by Silicon Sound, holistically designed by Miro Moric and respectfully embodied in a deluxe double CD Digipack to ensure the maximum stimulation of all your senses)

The Rebirth of the SUN

 SUN Festival is showing its first rays of light!

On the 21st of December 2012 the tribes will unite in Israel for "The Rebirth of the Sun"

For the Maya at high noon on December 21, 2012 the Sun will be in front of the Dark Rift and the Sacred Tree will be high above them. This day will contain the "Sacred Triple Rebirth of the Sun”.

The Long Count calendar pinpoints a rare alignment with our Milky Way Galaxy, due to occur in 2012 – a date written as in the Long Count. It is a scientific fact that the astronomy that will unfold in the sky on the precise day of the Winter Solstice of 2012 will place the Sun in front of the Dark Rift, as seen from Earth. This alignment occurs only once every 25,800 years.

So the triple rebirth of the Sun as follows:

☀ The daily rebirth of the Sun at sunrise
☀ The yearly rebirth of the Sun on the day of the winter Solstice
☀ The yearly rebirth of the Sun on the day when it is in the middle of the dark rift

We are looking forward to this new chapter of magical gatherings! Come on board and join us for a peaceful international musical gathering in Israel @ an enlightening open-air location to celebrate the mystical "Sacred Triple Rebirth of the Sun" astrological event.

Rebirth of the Sun is presented by:

Moksha - Brother Moon Sister Sun - Iboga - IONO - Human Touch - T.I.P. World - Twisted - Ultimae

...and you...and you dont wanna miss that one! :)

More Info:

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