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Psychotropists - Psilocybians Invade

 Hot on the heels of their debut BMSS Records release, the Psychotropists are back with their new bomb "Psilocybians Invade".

True to their style, this brain-warping production is a sonic representation of an influx of ideas as fueled by a psychotropic substance. A veritable breach of the barriers of consciousness, the track relies on insanely modulated synth work, FM stabs and playful bassline to take over the listener`s mind.


01: Psychotropists - Psilocybians Invade

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: BMSS

Release date:

27.01.20 via Beatport

We welcome Akasha to BMSS

 We are very happy to expand our artist roster and to welcome Akash Sandhu aka Akasha to BMSS Records!

Akasha`s musical style is dark and energetic with groovy melodies and an element of futuristic Psychedelica. Her tracks are carefully selected with a personal reminiscing touch, which she enjoys sharing with the rest of the Psy world.

In the beginning of 2020 she joined BMSS Records, representing the label in New Zealand and all over Oceania.

Welcome to the family Akasha! ❤️

More info:


This is the third of a bunch of new artists we signed to BMSS for 2020. Stay tuned for more surprises coming soon... 🔮

Sabretooth - Kinesia Paradoxa EP

 True to form, Sabretooth strikes back with a mesmerising new EP on his home label BMSS.

First up, "Kinesia Paradoxa" is a colossal daytime blaster. Propelled with gargantuan force by a super-slick driving bassline, the momentous razor-sharp synths and psychotropic grooves cook-up a potent maelstrom, alongside haunting macro-hooks and consciousness-convulsing acid lines.

"Revelations" is a more subtle psy-prog affair. Fusing a captivating old-school Goa vibe and gravitational grooves with sleek production and a relentless rhythm section, this is destined to become a secret-weapon of choice for the more sophisticated dancefloor...


01: Sabretooth - Kinesia Paradoxa
02: Sabretooth - Revelation

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: BMSS

Release date:

20.01.20 via Beatport

We welcome Narko to BMSS

 We are very happy to expand our artist roster and to welcome Christian Godard aka Narko to BMSS Records!

The project Narko was born to create massive ambiances and connect through minds secretly, creating a puzzle for your ears to solve. He just released his first EP with us and more is already on the way.

Stay tuned and welcome to the family Chris! ❤️

More info:


This is the second of a bunch of new artists we signed to BMSS for 2020. Stay tuned for more surprises coming soon... 🔮

Narko - Particles EP

 Lose yourself in Narko`s debut EP on BMSS!

The Canadian producer has delivered a full-power no-shower 2-tracker, set to blast psychedelic trancefloors worldwide. Finely produced, the 2 twisted tracks incorporate a plethora of psychotropic tricks, uber-driving basslines and brain-warping synth work.

Like a particle accelerator, this release will stimulate every molecule in your body and mind, and propel your consciousness to a higher spiritual plane!


01: Narko - Hypnotoad
02: Narko - Particles

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: BMSS

Release date:

13.01.20 via Beatport

We welcome Psychotropists to BMSS

 We are very happy to expand our artist roster and to welcome Miro Moric & Protonix Davis to BMSS Records!

Psychotropists are an Indian - German combo based in Delhi, Munich and on Koh Phangan in Thailand.

Formed out of their solo projects Psybuddy and Protonix, the music of Psychotropists reflects on cultural diversity, spirituality and oneness from a psychotropic point of view. They just released their first track with us and more is already on the way.

Stay tuned and welcome to the family guys!

More info:


This is the first of a bunch of new artists we signed to BMSS for 2020. Stay tuned for more surprises coming soon... 🔮

Kundalini - Dream Interpretation

 Kundalini strikes back with fresh psychedelic banger "Dream Interpretation".

A high-paced psychotropic blaster of the highest caliber, the track was inspired by a trip to the magic island of Malta.

The Bulgarian producer`s trademark modulated leads, funked-up basslines and twisted vibes are all featured in high doses - and the result is a luminous soundscape that is certain to warm the soul and scorch the trancefloor...

To boot, BMSS are rewarding their followers by providing a bonus chill out track with the release on Bandcamp. Kundalini is renowned for his unique chillout sets - and this is a beautiful insight into his lush and mellow vibes.


01: Kundalini - Dream Interpretation
02: Kundalini - Winter Dream [Free Bonus Track]

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: BMSS

Release date:

06.01.20 via Beatport and Bandcamp

Merry Xmas from PsiloCybian, Deimos & BMSS

 Get ready for an extraordinary voyage to nowhere and everywhere with:

Dual Barrel - "Adventure Into Procrastination"

A psychedelic concept album 8 years in the making, this is the story of two misfit cowboys on an epic adventure fuelled by a storming soundtrack.

As the devilish duo discover a bizarre and twisted world filled with belligerent cacti and devious aliens, the soundscape evolves through Spaghetti-Western-inspired breakbeats to momentous honky-tonk digi-ballads, and - of course - electrifying Psy Trance.

The resulting narrative is a filmic exploration of the boundaries of trance - and indeed all electronic music - production, backed by beautifully crafted illustrations to match.

In a world driven by money and time pressures, "Adventure Into Procrastination" is a refreshing and wonderfully crafted musical journey that you will know for sure has been created for the pure unadulterated sake of it...just because!


01: Saddle Up
02: Spaceroute 66
03: Raved New World
04: Jamming with Nasties
05: Baked Beanz and Coffee
06: Funky Space Trollz
07: Wild Space Express
08: No Sunset for this Cowboy
09: The Mystery Machine
10: The Alamo
11: Rain Dance
12: Honky Tonk Time

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: PsiloCybian

Release date:

24.12.19 via Bandcamp as a free download!

Psychotropists - Ancient Pagan Plants

 The Psychotropists join BMSS with their debut release "Ancient Pagan Plants".

A Goa-inspired psychedelic blaster, this is a track that is grounded by a driving prog-inspired feel but lifted by soaring hallucinogenic hooks, modulated leads and phantasmic FX.

For the first time, the German-Indian duo`s super-slick sound proves to us that psychotropic visions can be transferred into synthesized realms using the medium of psychedelic trance production...definitely one to watch!


01: Psychotropists - Ancient Pagan Plants

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: BMSS

Release date:

16.12.19 via Beatport

Dual Barrel - Adventure into Procrastination

 Spaghetti Western Psy anyone?

Here is a story of two misfits going on an epic adventure through a strange world of cowboys & aliens - followed by Psytrance blasting from a massive BOOMbox! 🔈

Sounds weird? Good! We love this kinda shit!

Our BMSS Records Croatian shroom PsiloCybian teamed up with Deimos / Perfect Blind to form their new project Dual Barrel and we are proud to state that this is a kind of psychedelic music, you probably haven`t heard before! 🛸

8 years in the making, you can be sure this will once again break boundaries with the standardized Psytrance of nowadays, something fresh for your ears. ⚗️

"Adventure into Procrastination" will be a free X-mas gift for all our followers who supported us throughout the years and will be downloadable from our Bandcamp page on 24.12.2019

⚠️ ⚠️

Save that page and date and have a dope holiday season everyone. Thank you all for your support! ❤️

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