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Anthropod join BMSS with an epic debut EP

 Deep underground, in an illegal laboratory, 2 rogue engineers have been experimenting with radioactive material, lysergic acid and some modulated sound waves. The result is Anthropod - a supersonic infectious insectoid set to scuttle into the deepest recesses of your mind.

We welcome the boys to our tribe!


01: Anthropod - United Front
02: Anthropod - Modular Ocular

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: Sabretooth

Release date:

16.09.19 via Beatport

BMSS Records Showcase 2019: Tribal Lineage

 These tracks are my personal highlights of our release outcome of the past months on BMSS Records: the essence of what represents Psychedelic Trance with a drop of retro Goa Trance for me - a kind of return to the source in an avant-gardish and unconventional design.

It is the kind of music I love to play during daytime at mature psychedelic gatherings. A set of unique tools to hallucinate the dancefloor and to spiral the vibe up. Tune in!

[Boom Shankar | BMSS Label Manager | September 2019]


01: Anthropod - United Front
02: Kundalini - Affirmation
03: Jirah & Random - A Maze
04: Vertical & Inverse Out - Platonic
05: Tektrix - Complete Control
06: E-Motion - Shrooms on Bass
07: PsyBuddy - Shivas Realm
08: Exolon - Dreaming about India
09: Arkadia - Samaveda
10: Triton - The z-Axis

Mastering: Micky Noise [Plus Six Mastering]
Design: BMSS

Release date:

18.09.19 via Bandcamp [Full VA] & Beatport [Single Tracks]

Cosa Nostra - Sophia EP

 Cosa Nostra make their debut appearance on BMSS with their massive heavy-duty EP "Sophia". This colourful and fast-paced release is jam-packed with full-power vibes and dancefloor-rocking leads.

The title track is inspired by artificial intelligence - its deep driving bassline and epic acidic synths recount the unbelievable true story of the humanoid Sophia. "Ohm Nama", on the other hand, is a euphoria-tinged daytime stomper who"s piercing modulated leads and kaleidoscopic FX are typical of the Israeli duo"s unique style.

Costa Nostra are embarking on a high octane psychoactive trip with this EP - and you"re welcome to join them on their mind-expanding journey!


01: Cosa Nostra - Sophia
02: Cosa Nostra - Ohm Nama

Mastering: Cosa Nostra
Design: Cosa Nostra

Release date:

09.09.19 via Beatport

Inverse Out & Vertical - Geometric Doctrines EP

 Get ready for Inverse Out`s second EP on BMSS! A hypnotic 2-tracker, the release fuses fast-paced psychedelic trance with a spectral forest vibe.

"Objectone" is a dark but funky affair, laced with complex Goa-metric grooves and brooding transmogrified leads. "Platonic" is a collaboration with the legendary Vertical; bouncier but equally contorted, the track is a kaleidoscopic workout that will beguile and bewitch the trancefloor.

With "Geometric Doctrines", the Finnish duo have whiped-up a potent conconction that will mesmerise your mind with a myriad of psychoactive tricks and trips - sending you hurtling head-over-heels into a multidimensional jaunt of epic proportions!


01: Vertical & Inverse Out - Platonic
02: Inverse Out - Objectone

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: BMSS

Release date:

02.09.19 via Beatport

Triton: The z-Axis EP

 Triton`s new EP on BMSS takes us on a hallucinatory trip between dimensions with a tough but playful pair of tracks.

"The z-Axis" is a humour-infused psychedelic workout that tells the tale of the Simpsons" adventures in the third dimension. "Wachuma" is inspired by the sacred cactus and its use in ancient tribal ceremonies - it reminds us that we can travel to new dimensions in our consciousness whilst remaining physically in the present one.

This is fast-and-furious and yet forward-thinking rave music that transcends the usual dimensions of psychedelic trance, whilst guaranteeing ultimate dancefloor satisfaction.


01: Triton - The z-Axis
02: Triton - Wachuma

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: Triton

Release date:

12.08.19 via Beatport

E-Motion: Shrooms on Bass EP

 Get ready for the latest E-Motion EP on his home label BMSS Records.

After years of experimentation in the studio, E-Motion delivers a release that takes the listener on an exhilarating journey into the producer`s consciousness - an electrifying roller coaster ride through mangled psychedelic musings and twisted hallucinatory visions.

Propelled by mangled leads and supersonic rhythms, this modulated and electrifying journey is a trip you don`t want to miss!


01: E-Motion - Shrooms on Bass
02: E-Motion - Supersonic Experience

Mastering: Mind Spin
Design: E-Motion

Release date:

29.07.19 via Beatport

Dead Residents: Compiled by Triceradrops

 BMSS are proud to present their latest psychedelic compilation "Dead Residents". Expertly compiled and curated by Triceradrops, this is the first chapter in a unique showcase of US psy trance producers and their original sound.

Whilst every track features an individual vibe, the compilation is bound by cutting-edge production, attention to detail and accelerated BPMs - typical of the intense and unrelenting US psy sound. The collection takes the listener on a head-spinning journey through dark recesses of psychedelic production, every nook and cranny filled to the brim with mind-altering grooves.

The resulting sonic landscapes are reminiscent of the great awe-inspiring American outdoors: jagged waveform formations emerge unapologetically from epic desert-like expanses; poisonous robotic creatures lurk in colossal Redwood forests; mechanical behemoths cruise interstate highways free and unencumbered at breakneck speeds. Lush progressives vibes occasionally trick the dancefloor into a false sense of security before plunging headlong back into glitchy textures and twisted atmospheres. This is not a release for the faint-hearted!

Ultimately, Dead Residents brings US psychedelic production to the forefront of the worldwide psy trance scene for all to appreciate.


01: Triceradrops - Dead Resident
02: Jirah & Random - A Maze
03: Strange Cookies - Cookie Crumbles
04: Altered Space - Phase Shift
05: Uriya - Psychedelic Universe
06: Sidekicks - Mechanism
07: Tektrix - Complete Control
08: Primordial Ooze - Plush
09: Magnosis - Colorless
10: Psypien - Cactus Magic

Mastering: JJ Noriega [Triceradrops Mastering]
Design: Soraya Putra []

Release date:

08.07.19 via Bandcamp [Full VA] & Beatport [Single Tracks]

Matibhrama`s debut EP release: Taku Wakan EP

 Matibhrama are proud to present their debut EP on BMSS, "Taku Wakan".

Inspired by the narratives of Native American tribes, the release takes the listener on an ancestral journey through mystical shamanic rituals.

Based on the entrancing evocation of primeval spirits, each of the 3 tracks invites us to delve deep inside our consciousness to discover our totem animals: Aku Wakan (“the sacred”), Maka Mahpee (“between sky and earth”) and Oyate (“tribe”).

The EP has been constructed holistically, with the artwork carefully crafted to reflect the music: the sensitive hand-painted piece by French artist Bellule captures the atmosphere of the EP perfectly with her symbolic representation of a transcended physical world.

Through "Taku Wakan", Matibhrama deliver their trademark fusion of electronic and instrumental music. This unique alliance between psychedelic trance and live tribal music allows us to waver magically between soaring ethnic stratospheres and earth-bound tribal roots.

At once moving and grounding, "Taku Wakan" offers the dancefloor a captivating vision of the future of Ethno Trance, propelled by ground-shaking primordial rhythms.


01: Matibhrama - Oyate
02: Matibhrama - Taku Wakan
03: Matibhrama - Mahkah Mahpee

Mastering: Micky Noise [Plus Six]
Design: Bellule

Release date:

01.07.19 via Bandcamp (Digital)

Kundalini - Happy Accidents EP

 BMSS Records proudly presents Kundalini`s next release on his home label. "Happy Accidents" is a two tracker EP inspired by gigs, dance floors and the related experiences - those that lead to beautiful and random connections with people and places. And it"s these happy accidents that Kundalini has captured so uniquely through sleepless studio sessions.

The immense production, flavored with fizzing analog goodness, is ready to take the festival season by storm!


01: Kundalini - Happy Accidents
02: Kundalini - Affirmation

Mastering: Micky Noise [Plus Six]

Release date:

10.06.19 via Beatport (Digital)

Sabretooth: Exclusive Producer Mix 2019

Enjoy 2 hours of the finest Psytrance in the latest and exclusive producer mix by our UK representative Sabretooth, recorded live in Germany. Expect deep driving basslines, hypnotising techno grooves, brooding atmospheres and cut-throat synths...the whole laced with a hefty dose of acid! Tune in!

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