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20 Years of BMSS: Return to the Source Chapter 1

 Celebrating 20 years of the BMSS family and ten years of BMSS the record label, "Return to the Source" brings together sonic synthesis from all corners of the multiverse.

31 tracks representing the mature tone of BMSS, which has evolved over the last two decades into a style that pays tribute to the source of our scene by disregarding trend and convention.

An eclectic selection gathered by label manager and globe trotting DJ Boom Shankar to challenge standards that breed conformity and reflecting his own personal style that prioritizes story and flow over genre and BPM.

The story told by this 20th anniversary release unfolds in two parts. The journey begins by taking you back to the source and the darker side of the Psychedelic spectrum.

Chapter 1 revolves around the intense magnetic power of the moon.

Tracklist Chapter 1:

01: Dark Nebula & Datacult - Beyond that Door
(Gamma Goblin Generation Mix)
02: Triceradrops - Stir Reality
03: H-Sunrise & Lucid Mantra - Compounds of Imagination
04: Imaginary Sight & Lucid Mantra - Source Code
05: Braincell - Meltdown
06: Majide (Spectra Sonics & Dj Yuya) - Partcaution
07: Genetica - Genetic Disorder
08: Bunker Jack - Sonic Expressions
09: Argon Sphere - Vertigo
10: Plasmatix & Total Eclipse - Parallel Universe
11: PsiloCybian - Wizard of Odd
12: Akasha & Cosmic Invader - Mystical Experience
13: Altus & Astro-D - Systems Go
14: Sabretooth - Conga Eel (PsiloCybian Remix)
15: Unknownium - Squids Attack
16: Hux Flux & Triton - Look who`s talking (BMSS Mix)
17: Datacult - Robot (Cimi Remix)

Art concept and design: Aashit Singh []
Mastering: Micky Noise [Plus Six Mastering]

Release dates:

Chapter 1: 26.11.2018 [Digital] from Bandcamp
Chapter 1: 26.11.2018 [Digital] from Beatport
Chapter 2: 10.12.2018 [Digital] from Beatport

Both Chapters: 14.12.2018 [CD] from Psyshop and from Bandcamp [Digital]

Return to the Source Banner

Defiant, relentless energy distilled into: one of the last tracks by the recently departed Hux Flux, new music by psychedelic pioneer Total Eclipse, Japanese production perfection from Majide, Triceradrops and his hybrid psychedelic Techno, Dark Nebula and Datacult`s re-imagined "Beyond that Door" experienced through a Gamma Goblin filter, PsiloCybian and masterful productions by the legend worthy Braincell, Imaginary Sight and Lucid Mantra.

Their sonic wizardry is designed to reinvent and reconnect you as you embark on this epic odyssey through the underbelly of moon-time music.

Clever re-interpretations of ancient Goa trance classics stand alongside the intensely psychedelic visionary art of Aashit Singh. His visual fusion of the old and the new creates a bridge between the past and the present where Plus 6 Masterings` full bodied analog sound gives each audible detail a clearly defined space.

Unusual choices. New points of inspiration. A return to the past through the forward looking lens of the now. No rules. No limits.

Tune into Chapter 1:

The scale and breadth of this project reflects the spirit of our time where borders and boundaries and burdensome labels become less and less relevant. Through diversity BMSS keeps the bridge to the past alive.

With this compilation we choose the unusual. We seek out the strange and unfamiliar. We break the rules and part with convention in favor of experimentalism and a desire to provide new points of inspiration. A selection to remind us that there are no rules & no limits.

A Return to the Source.

Return to the Source Cover

Argon Sphere: Messenger EP

 Messenger is Argon Sphere`s second release with BMSS. A Full On psychedelic excursion complete with beats that wobble under a bouncy rubbery bass and atmospheric ethnic elements.

Mysterious daytime music for full on dance floors set to a more progressive pace. Drifting dreamy melodies, transitory elements and groovy tribal flourishes, alongside lighthearted simplicity.

On the horizon is Argon Sphere`s first album with BMSS. Watch out for it!


01: Argon Sphere - Messenger
02: Argon Sphere - Droid of the Portal

Mastering: Micky Noise [Plus Six]

Release date:

19.11.18 via Beatport (Digital)

Ascents darker side of Trance: Mrak

 Ascent returns with a single track, designed to distill true spirit of progressive psychedelic music into long serious atmospheres and a strong dose of Goa influence.

With his singular ability to convey emotion and translate the inner realms of his own experiences into sound, Ascents latest offering is a dark meditation on his recent time here on planet Earth.


01: Ascent - Mrak

Mastering: Shogan
Design: BMSS (Soraya Putra)

Release date:

12.11.18 via Beatport (Digital)

Sabretooth & Block Device remix N-Kore

 Multifaceted N-Kore brings two remixes of his 2015 work to BMSS. Both tracks have been reinvented and updated by the outstanding producers Sabretooth (Bitter Sweet Psychedelic) & Block Device (Mechanical Dreams).

Sabretooth uses his energy building expertise and a strong UK vibe while Block Device brings the French party vibe to the mix. The result: two reinvigorated dance floor destroyers!


01: N-Kore - Bitter Sweet Psychedelic (Sabretooth Remix)
02: N-Kore - Mechanical Dream (Block Device Remix)

Mastering: Micky Noise [Plus Six]
Design: BMSS (Soraya Putra)

Release date:

05.11.18 via Beatport (Digital)

Fresh output from the Sabretooth studio

 Ben Fraser returns to his home label BMSS with his latest Sabretooth release. The EP takes the listener on a primeval journey back to a time when life and death revolved around apex predators such as the Skalugsuak - the Inuit mythical being now known as the Greenland shark.

The title track channels tribal Psytrance with the driving force worthy of any God-like deity, while Thagomizer wields techy progressive grooves. Acid inspired chants ward off aggressive predators. Take your dancefloor back to our common tribal roots!


01: Sabretooth - Thagomizer
02: Sabretooth - Skalugsuak

Mastering: Micky Noise [Plus Six]
Design: Ben Fraser

Release date:

29.10.18 via Beatport (Digital)

Synergies: Key of Life EP

 Bunker Jack & Pedro Kafar bring their energies together as Synergies, previously released on labels like Digital Om and Nutek.

"Key of Life", an ethnic, groovy two tracker brings deep psychoactive atmospheres together with mystical ancestral voices and bright celestial soundscapes. Definitely for day time dance floors, these two steam rollers are bursting with positive potential and blissful delight.


01: Synergies - Key of Life
02: Synergies - Third Eye

Mastering: Micky Noise [Plus Six]
Design: BMSS (Soraya Putra)

Release date:

22.10.18 via Beatport (Digital)

BMSS welcomes Bunker Jack

 BMSS Records once again extends the family ties to welcome Portugal-based artist Bunker Jack.

The sound of Bunker Jack is best described as pure Psychedelic Trance for the mind, body and soul. Expect energetic & groove laden structures, with organic and mechanical elements as well as some industrial influences especially designed for psychedelic dancefloors.

This is topped of with a mix of emotional and strong futuristic leads filled with soaring, cosmic sounds and atmospherics designed to drive the listener into a state of pure Trance.

Check out his debut BMSS EP "Lunatic Activity" and his second project Synergies who"s debut EP we just released.

Welcome to the family Bunker Jack!

BMSS welcomes Triceradrops

 BMSS Records extends the family ties across the Atlantic to welcome California-based artist Triceradrops.

His experimental approach to the Psychedelic Trance sound takes us into unfamiliar territory. Expect dark industrial soundscapes that test hallucinogenic boundaries.

A preview of his music in form of a remix to Sensient is available for free download here:


We consider his sound such a unique find that over the coming months you will hear more of him on EP`s, Compilations and Remixes. 🔥

Welcome to the family Triceradrops! ❤️

Yner, Out of Jetlag & Upsoull: Connections Pt.2

 Yner releases the second part of his project "Connections" featuring Upsoull and Out of Jetlag on BMSS. Trough sound and sonic wizardry, Yner transmits the fun and pleasure of collaborative creative passions.

These two forward moving Progressive Trance floor fillers are vibrant, surprising and melodic in all the right places. Bright charismatic and bubbling over with electrifying basses and enigmatic elements, Broken Limits and Volvet will test the limits of your day time dancefloor.


01: Yner & Out Of Jetlag - Volvet
02: Yner & Upsoull - Broken Limits

Mastering: Micky Noise [Plus Six]
Design: BMSS (Soraya Putra)

Release date:

15.10.18 via Beatport (Digital)

Yner - Connections Part 2 EP Banner

Bunker Jack: Lunatic Activity EP

 Breaking with the tradition of compulsory breaks and build ups, Bunker Jacks "Lunatic Activity" is a full bodied non stop whirlwind through granular psychedelic visions and altered states of reality.

Drawing from his own manic states, and his experiences as an explorer of the mantra sound, "Lunatic Activity" and "Dimensional Space" are merciless juggernauts designed to push your dance-floor well past the limit.


01: Bunker Jack - Deep Space
02: Bunker Jack - Lunatic Time

Mastering: Micky Noise [Plus Six]
Design: BMSS (Soraya Putra)

Release date:

01.10.18 via Beatport (Digital)

Bunker Jack EP Banner

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