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Terrasun - Fiction EP

 Terrasun from Israel contributes to BMSS a phenomenal level of production on his debut EP. Uplifting atmospheres and groovy rhythms create bright emotions while tribal elements combine playfully with melodic flourishes.

Though the pace of these two tracks leans more towards the progressive, there is enough Psychedelia here to keep the biggest day time dance floors happy and stomping!


01: Terrasun - Self Reflection
02: Terrasun - Fiction

Mastering: Micky Noise [Plus Six]

Release date:

04.03.19 via Beatport (Digital)

BMSS debut EP of Triceradrops

 Triceradrops first EP release on BMSS, "Disposable Harmony" is a full on take on psychedelic techno. "Gorge" and "Burn", both perfectly technodelic, have grinding rumbling basslines that layer and flow over and under dark haunting soundscapes.

Weird creepy rhythms tickle your senses. Surreal melodies remain minimal but impactful. A perfect primer to his upcoming compilation on BMSS.


01: Triceradrops - Gorge
02: Triceradrops - Burn

Mastering: Micky Noise [Plus Six]

Release date:

25.02.19 via Beatport (Digital)

Mind Lab - Airborne EP

 On "Airborne", Mind Labs third EP with his home label, crunchy vivid synths travel over a throbbing rolling bass propelled by intense, forceful and mechanical rhythms. Tribal melodic elements create the perfect atmosphere for dance floor stomping.

In two of his best productions so far, Mind Lab forges powerful wild rides for day time adventures. His bright emotive productions showcase the essence of the BMSS sound, "Psytrance with a twist of Goa".


01: Mind Lab - Airborne
02: Mind Lab - Innergalactic

Mastering: Micky Noise [Plus Six]

Release date:

18.02.19 via Beatport (Digital)

Shock Therapy - Galactic Storm

 Shock Therapy from Israel comes to BMSS with his first release "Galactic Storm". Powerful uplifting arps create digitally inspired "art"mospheres where voluminous warm rolling basses take you for a Full On Psychedelic journey layered with sneaky funky beats.

Galactic Storm is cheeky fun, light hearted and encapsulates the BMSS sound "Psytrance with a Goa Twist". This single track EP is perfect for Full-On dance floors day or night!


01: Shock Therapy - Galactic Storm

Mastering: Shock Therapy

Release date:

11.02.19 via Beatport (Digital)

Sidekicks - Tonal Abuse EP

 Sidekicks, our latest signing to BMSS give us their debut EP "Tonal Abuse". Full on with a heavy dose of Goa, these two LA based artists create intense adult trip music.

"Chased through the Woods" and "Of a Machine" build their stories on deep rolling hypnotic bases perfect for peak night time moments. Apocalyptic synths and Goa inspired elements evoke thoughts of invading cybernetic organisms while futuristic machines march out their mechanical rhythms to intense metallic melodies.


01: Sidekicks - Chased through the Woods
02: Sidekicks - Of a Machine

Mastering: Micky Noise [Plus Six]

Release date:

28.01.19 via Beatport (Digital)

Hujaboy - Psyence Fiction

 On his 4th release with BMSS, Hujaboy explores the universe with a magnetizing psychedelic Full On track.

His signature rolling saw bass is as fat, full and funky as any lawless crunching space creature after a reckless dinner of dancefloor divas. Vivid animated synths, both mysterious and fictional open up a winding path down which menacing thumping rhythms stomp clear and unhindered! Mysteriously fictional melodies flesh out your feverish dreams with psychedelic fiction!


01: Hujaboy - Psyence Fiction

Mastering: Nir Shoshani [Hujaboy]

Release date:

21.01.19 via Beatport (Digital)

Solitary Shell - Acient Empire EP

 Solitary Shells first release with BMSS transports you to an ancient realm with two thoroughly modern Psytrance tracks.

Groovy earthy basses and tribal rhythms travel along together accompanied by luminous melodies that are uplifting yet deep. Driving dance floor destroyers loaded with subtle Goa elements create full power experiences for acid laced hallucinogenic explorations of once forgotten "Ancient Empires."


01: Solitary Shell - Oracle
02: Solitary Shell - Ice Ritual

Mastering: Micky Noise [Plus Six]
Design: Sati

Release date:

14.01.19 via Beatport (Digital)

Astral Projection - Power Gen (Kundalini Remix)

 Kundalinis 4th EP with BMSS is a reworking of an epic track by "Astral Projection".

20 years ago Astral Projections "Power Gen" set dance floors all over the world on fire. In 2019 we are happy to present you a modernised remix of this true Goa Trance classic.

This cleverly updated version has Kundalini"s signature kick and bass sound which brings "Power Gen" into the present moment without loosing the vibe and the magic that made the original so memorable.

A perfect dancefloor remix we are really happy to present to a new generation of trancers!


01: Astral Projection - Power Gen (Kundalini Remix)

Mastering: Micky Noise [Plus Six]

Release date:

07.01.19 via Beatport (Digital)

Merry Christmas from Ascent & BMSS

 Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year! 🍾

Here is our present for you: enjoy our free release by Ascent:

"Laws of Nature EP" ❤️

Laws of Nature is a chilled out Downtempo exploration of the idea that mother nature is the true artist.

With wide open atmospheres, and minimalistic but inspiring composition Ascent recreates the natural harmonies of nature with balanced composition and euphoric energies.

Happy holidays! 🎊

Return to the Source: Chapter 2

 Following on from Chapter 1 comes an eclectic mix of music destined for daylight tripping. 14 tracks that define what the BMSS catalog has come to stand for over the last two decades.

"Return to the Source - Chapter 2" retests the limits and breaks out into a free flow of emotion and feeling. Prioritizing style over labels and arbitrary genres, label manager Boom Shankar curates just as he performs.

The second part of this 20th anniversary release continues the voyage from night into daytime music. Pleiadians remix a truly foundational classic by Technossomy, pioneer ManMadeMan teleports back to the source with a brand new track, new signing Inverse Out from Finland appears on a solo track as well as a collaboration with Vertical, and The Key (Ovnimoon & Ascent) resurrect a modern Goa Trance hymn.

"Game Changer" by Argon Sphere, a collaborative tribal piece by Atoned Splendor and Six Ears from China and the emotive closing track by Datacult and GMO are all pieces that push the boundaries of modern Psychedelic Trance by momentarily erasing them.

Tracklist Chapter 2:

01: Ascent - Pagans
02: The Key (Ovnimoon & Ascent) - Namaha
03: Sabretooth - Ravey Gravy
04: Technossomy - Elektron Bender (Pleiadians Remix)
05: ManMadeMan - Power Surge
06: Kundalini - Butterfly Effect
07: Vertical & Inverse Out - Lure
08: Kundalini - Mind the Gap
09: Inverse Out (Frosty Fennic & Tim Duster) - Makes Sense
10: Soul Kontakt & Mind Lab - Beyond Infinity
11: Atoned Splendor & Six Ears - Return of the Sid
12: Argon Sphere - Game Changer
13: Alchemix - What is Reality? (Mind Lab Remix)
14: Datacult & GMO - Dragon Wings

Art concept and design: Aashit Singh []
Mastering: Micky Noise [Plus Six Mastering]

Release dates:

Chapter 2: 10.12.2018 [Digital] from Bandcamp
Chapter 2: 10.12.2018 [Digital] from Beatport

Both Chapters: 14.12.2018 [CD] from Psyshop and from Bandcamp [Digital]

Return to the Source Banner

Alongside these clever re-interpretations and genre bending music, the intensely psychedelic visionary art of Aashit Singh provides visual fuel. His fusion of the old and the new creates a bridge between the past and the present where Plus 6 Mastering full bodied analog sound gives each audible detail a clearly defined space. Unusual choices. New points of inspiration. A return to the past through the forward looking lens of the now. A selection to remind us that there are no rules & no limits.

Tune into Chapter 2:

The scale and breadth of this project reflects the spirit of our time where borders and boundaries and burdensome labels become less and less relevant. Through diversity BMSS keeps the bridge to the past alive.

With this compilation we choose the unusual. We seek out the strange and unfamiliar. We break the rules and part with convention in favor of experimentalism and a desire to provide new points of inspiration. A selection to remind us that there are no rules & no limits.

A Return to the Source.

Return to the Source Cover

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