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Argon Sphere & Sabretooth = Argon Tooth

 BMSS stalwarts Argon Sphere and Sabretooth team-up for an epic new collaboration EP!

As you`d expect from these 2 veteran producers, the resulting 3 tracks are jam-packed with crunchy psychotropic treats and trail-blazing production techniques.

Ben and Ivan have swapped files for remixes of Argon Sphere`s classic Traveller and Sabretooth`s mischievous Ravey Gravy - each delivering a masterful and playful take on the original, whilst staying true to their vibe.

The innovative collaboration track "Argon Tooth" features a full-frontal bass attack that drives away like an out-of-control juggernaut and a mythical blend of psychoactive tricks and blips.

Along with mesmerising percussion, gravitational grooves and synergetic synths, this is a guaranteed dancefloor bomb!


01: Sabretooth - Ravey Gravy (Argon Sphere Remix)
02: Argon Sphere - Traveller (Sabretooth Remix)
03: Argon Sphere & Sabretooth - Argon Tooth

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: Ben Fraser

Release date:

21.10.19 via Beatport

Arkadia - Another Galaxy EP

 Come on an interstellar trip into outer space with Arkadia`s new EP "Another Galaxy".

A refreshing fusion of uplifting hooks and subtle melodies, the 2 tracks soar indubitably towards the stars in a twisted but elegant fashion. Expect to be propelled into another galaxy as the driving basslines, modulated leads and hallucinogenic FX take hold of your mind, body and soul.


01: Arkadia - Desire
02: Arkadia - Another Galaxy

Mastering: Stryker
Design: BMSS

Release date:

07.10.19 via Beatport

Moon Tripper - Belantara EP

 A full power psychedelic trip, Moon Tripper`s new EP "Belantara" features 2 dust-raising monsters!

The title track is a groovy ode to a magical spot in the Malaysian rainforest where a gathering of like-minded psychedelic travelers gather every year - a forest-tinged daytime blaster, the track is positively teeming with creeping psychosomatic equatorial jungle arthropods and is set to embroil the dancefloor in its dense canopy of modulated synth-lianas.

"Groovy Doobie" is a good-vibes smile-inducing psychotropic concoction in which layer-upon-layer of squelchy organic goodness coalesce to fry the listener`s brain.


01: Moon Tripper - Belantara
02: Moon Tripper - Groovy Doobie

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: BMSS

Release date:

30.09.19 via Bandcamp & Beatport

Here is some B.L.U.R. from PsiloCybian

 PsiloCybian makes a welcome return to BMSS Records with brand new dancefloor bomb "B.L.U.R".

This fresh stomper is destined to set the trancefloor alight with its consciousness-convulsing grooves, relentless rolling bassline and riproaring 303 action. Its succeeds in infusing a light Goa-inspired melodic morning touch whilst simultaneously serving-up a real smorgasbord of psychedelic treats for the mind, body and soul.

If B.L.U.R hasn`t already got you stomping about like a demented maniac, it will very soon!


01: PsiloCybian - B.L.U.R.

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: BMSS

Release date:

23.09.19 via Beatport

Anthropod join BMSS with an epic debut EP

 Deep underground, in an illegal laboratory, 2 rogue engineers have been experimenting with radioactive material, lysergic acid and some modulated sound waves. The result is Anthropod - a supersonic infectious insectoid set to scuttle into the deepest recesses of your mind.

We welcome the boys to our tribe!


01: Anthropod - United Front
02: Anthropod - Modular Ocular

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: Sabretooth

Release date:

16.09.19 via Beatport

BMSS Records Showcase 2019: Tribal Lineage

 These tracks are my personal highlights of our release outcome of the past months on BMSS Records: the essence of what represents Psychedelic Trance with a drop of retro Goa Trance for me - a kind of return to the source in an avant-gardish and unconventional design.

It is the kind of music I love to play during daytime at mature psychedelic gatherings. A set of unique tools to hallucinate the dancefloor and to spiral the vibe up. Tune in!

[Boom Shankar | BMSS Label Manager | September 2019]


01: Anthropod - United Front
02: Kundalini - Affirmation
03: Jirah & Random - A Maze
04: Vertical & Inverse Out - Platonic
05: Tektrix - Complete Control
06: E-Motion - Shrooms on Bass
07: PsyBuddy - Shivas Realm
08: Exolon - Dreaming about India
09: Arkadia - Samaveda
10: Triton - The z-Axis

Mastering: Micky Noise [Plus Six Mastering]
Design: BMSS

Release date:

18.09.19 via Bandcamp [Full VA] & Beatport [Single Tracks]

Cosa Nostra - Sophia EP

 Cosa Nostra make their debut appearance on BMSS with their massive heavy-duty EP "Sophia". This colourful and fast-paced release is jam-packed with full-power vibes and dancefloor-rocking leads.

The title track is inspired by artificial intelligence - its deep driving bassline and epic acidic synths recount the unbelievable true story of the humanoid Sophia. "Ohm Nama", on the other hand, is a euphoria-tinged daytime stomper who"s piercing modulated leads and kaleidoscopic FX are typical of the Israeli duo"s unique style.

Costa Nostra are embarking on a high octane psychoactive trip with this EP - and you"re welcome to join them on their mind-expanding journey!


01: Cosa Nostra - Sophia
02: Cosa Nostra - Ohm Nama

Mastering: Cosa Nostra
Design: Cosa Nostra

Release date:

09.09.19 via Beatport

Inverse Out & Vertical - Geometric Doctrines EP

 Get ready for Inverse Out`s second EP on BMSS! A hypnotic 2-tracker, the release fuses fast-paced psychedelic trance with a spectral forest vibe.

"Objectone" is a dark but funky affair, laced with complex Goa-metric grooves and brooding transmogrified leads. "Platonic" is a collaboration with the legendary Vertical; bouncier but equally contorted, the track is a kaleidoscopic workout that will beguile and bewitch the trancefloor.

With "Geometric Doctrines", the Finnish duo have whiped-up a potent conconction that will mesmerise your mind with a myriad of psychoactive tricks and trips - sending you hurtling head-over-heels into a multidimensional jaunt of epic proportions!


01: Vertical & Inverse Out - Platonic
02: Inverse Out - Objectone

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: BMSS

Release date:

02.09.19 via Beatport

Triton: The z-Axis EP

 Triton`s new EP on BMSS takes us on a hallucinatory trip between dimensions with a tough but playful pair of tracks.

"The z-Axis" is a humour-infused psychedelic workout that tells the tale of the Simpsons" adventures in the third dimension. "Wachuma" is inspired by the sacred cactus and its use in ancient tribal ceremonies - it reminds us that we can travel to new dimensions in our consciousness whilst remaining physically in the present one.

This is fast-and-furious and yet forward-thinking rave music that transcends the usual dimensions of psychedelic trance, whilst guaranteeing ultimate dancefloor satisfaction.


01: Triton - The z-Axis
02: Triton - Wachuma

Mastering: Plus Six
Design: Triton

Release date:

12.08.19 via Beatport

E-Motion: Shrooms on Bass EP

 Get ready for the latest E-Motion EP on his home label BMSS Records.

After years of experimentation in the studio, E-Motion delivers a release that takes the listener on an exhilarating journey into the producer`s consciousness - an electrifying roller coaster ride through mangled psychedelic musings and twisted hallucinatory visions.

Propelled by mangled leads and supersonic rhythms, this modulated and electrifying journey is a trip you don`t want to miss!


01: E-Motion - Shrooms on Bass
02: E-Motion - Supersonic Experience

Mastering: Mind Spin
Design: E-Motion

Release date:

29.07.19 via Beatport

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