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Boom Shankar
Interconnected [Dj Set]

 It was about time for a fresh sonic output from my Mixer and here it is, my latest on-the-fly Dj Mix: Interconnected!

This journey is dedicated to all my fans and followers who have supported me for almost 20 years, thank you guys so much! In addition, it pays respect to the interconnectedness of 3 of my families: BMSS Records, Transition and S.U.N. - 3 crews I love working with, sharing and connecting our ideas, visions and projects, a trinity which means the world to me!

A massive thanx as well to David Vigh from the S.U.N. family for his amazing graphic I used as a background - it perfectly symbolizes my aim and what matters to me in this scene: to connect! Much love to all of you and thank you all for your continuous support, it means a lot to me! xxx

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Boom Shankar