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Micasphere - Spherical Wave [Dj Set]

 Micasphere, magnetized by the euphoric process of forging a unity between the music and the audience wandered from Psytrance to Techno and back again. Her style of music is fast driving and melodic, partially progressive but also coming close to Full On and Psytrance. It is music engineered to make you »Close your eyes and learn to fly!«

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01. ephedra - final flight over the universe
02. skarma - animoneae
03. stellar force - astral dive
04. goatree - aura
05. imba - chloe`s thing
06. psy-h project - procession of the universe
07. lectro spektral daze - quite a trip - jara luca rmx
08. ephedra - moro rock
09. lectro spektral daze - almond eyes
10. psy-h project - brahma samhita
11. ephedra - this is the truth
12. oxi - haphazard dance - nova fractal rmx
13. imba & somnesia - astral travellers
14. nova fractal & oxi & e-mantra - stargate
15. mindsphere - zygote
16. ohm mind - ultimate state of consciousness

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