"You must understand the concern of the taxpayers. People want value for money. That`s why we always insist on the principal of Information Retrieval charges. It`s absolutely right and fair that those found guilty should pay for their periods of detention and the Information Retrieval procedures used in their interrogations. So don`t fight it son, confess quickly. If you hold out too long, you could jeopardize your credit rating. Help the Ministry of Information Retrieval help you." [Brazil, 1985]

This mix is heavily inspired by the film "Brazil" and works as a soundtrack for it. It follows the story, the shape and the rhythm: Big objects need big bass; Small objects need delicacy, intricacy and finesse; Fast movement or cutting needs a quick tempo. It has everything a perfect soundtrack should have.

You can expect a journey (140-145bpm) from Psygressive into Psytrance into Full-On and for the first time ever, Fohat included one of his very own tracks. Enjoy!

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