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Boom Shankar
Psyence Fiction [Dj Set]

 "It took me a while to come up with something fresh for your ears, but here we go: Psyence Fiction, the latest recorded output from my Mixer.Two hours of mind altering Psytrance. Slightly twisted but fully loaded. Containing some of my favourite tracks of the past season, some gems from BMSS Records, a handful of unreleased blasters and of course some wtf surprises.

Psyence Fiction reflects my night-time approach towards Psychedelic Trance, driven by energy, rolling basslines, intense soundscapes and occasional references to the past. This is my take on the slightly darker side of Trance. Psyence Fiction tells a coherent story and gives you a psychedelic experience that ends in a rather groovy positive mood.

My thanx go out to all participating artists for their master pieces and to all the labels involved for releasing such amazing tracks! And you guys, enjoy this psy-transcendental flight and have a smooth landing...I hope you have a blast!"

[Boom Shankar, November 2016]

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Boom Shankar