Enjoy this fresh mix from BMSS Records" latest signing: Damnedge from BMSS Malaysia. 2 hours of Full On Psytrance made for the Twilight hours.

Jamal views Psytrance as an organic universe. One that is independent of judgement and needs no spoken words. It is a place of pure raw energy that unites artists, dancers, producers, DJs, healers and those in need of healing through sonic frequencies. This is a universe where everyone is a piece of the puzzle and has an equally important role in the great balance…

He finds it difficult to describe music conventionally. His sets are described using terms like "intenseuphoric”, "cosmorgasmic” and contain elements which he says are a bit "heavier but happier”! He considers this fervent spiritual state "The Edge”, the connecting bridge of our world to the beyond…

Like a neon fairy tale, his sets contain tracks meticulously handpicked by him which are a reflection of his immense devotion to this genre and the love and energy that he wants to bestow. His belief of the highest form of a gift… One of simple love, ecstasy, dance, joy, bliss, smiles and happiness…

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