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Boom Shankar
Jungle Spirit 2016 [Dj Set]

 Containing nearly all the tracks played throughout my 2016 season in Asia, the outcome of my latest freestyle session is like rocket fuel mixed with high grade Acid. It took me a while to record this new mix, but here it is. It was inspired by underground gatherings in the Malaysian jungle, Chinese meadows, the floating villages and bamboo forests of Thailand as well as clandestine clubs in Japan.

The outcome is a far different style than what I play in Europe: it pays respect to the intoxicating, overwhelming vibe of the East. No breaks. Not suitable for a lazy Sunday. Definitely suitable for your own private stomp, after which you will probably need a shower... :)

Have an exceptional mind-bending journey through this psychedelic jungle experience! Enjoy and Boom Shankar!

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Boom Shankar