Real names:
Erez Siklay
Sun and Moon
Music style:
Psychedelic Trance & Techno
Tel Aviv

Siklay Biography

DJ Siklay is a Tel-Aviv based psychedelic and progressive trance DJ, club owner, and event producer. Starting off to building some of the most successful party lines in Israel, Siklay grew from deep within the local trance scene. Having years of experience working with some of the biggest local and international DJs, and deeply understanding the crowd`s rhythm and energy, Erez developed his own unique sound.

Siklay debuted in Israel 4 years ago as a fresh, new and promising artist, creating the exact experience and sound the crowd is yearning to feel. With an accurate mesh of psytrance, full-on, and progressive, Siklay brings all psychedelic worlds together into a symphony of sounds, vibes in order to unite the dance floor.

DJ Siklay has already made his mark on the Israeli trance scene, playing in some of the biggest clubs and prestigious underground productions, such as Doof, Desert Adventures, Moksha, Paganka and Unity. He signed with BMSS Records in 2017, promoting the label in Tel Aviv and all over Israel.



Funky Crew (Israel / 2013)
Unity Festival (Israel / 2014)
Pagnaka (Israel / 2015)
Moksha (Israel / 2016)
Doof Festival (Israel / 2016)
Tides of Youth (Croatia / 2016)
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