Real names:
Carsten Reimann
Sun and Moon
Music style:
Backdrops & String Art
Germany & Finland
Konstanz / Nelas

Jamas Biography

Jamas Decor"s story begins in the lush, serene tranquility of Germany, where the artisan form was breathed to life near the Swiss border. Our roots were deeply established as a decor crew, creating with passion and unity to bring out the essence of our combined talents. However, life has a way of redirecting the course of our journey. We were stretched in opposite directions – Portugal and Finland, south and north, symbolizing the broad expanse our creativity intends to span.

Despite the disbandment, our fire continues to burn in one lone member who bravely held the mantle, ensuring the perpetuation of our art. An art remixing nature and culture, inspiring a style that blends nuances of dream catchers, Lycra and forest elements, fiercely ignited by the passion for the esoteric and aesthetic.

Our canvas is nature itself – incorporating materials born from the great outdoors. We find our muse in fallen trees, roots, branches, leaves, and stones and elevate them with the simplicity of wood, the rustic charm of natural ropes, and the comforting touch of mellow colored fabrics.

Our vision was challenged in 2021 when, after detention in Finland for three years, we were hit with a crisis. Our beloved workshop in Germany - home to two decades of our hard work, dedication, and heart - was claimed by flames, leaving a painful void. All creations, painted and crafted with love, technical tools, materials, and personal mementos were all lost to the blaze.

The devastation was visceral, but it fanned the flames of resilience within us. It tested our determination and underlined the importance of balancing personal and professional life. Out of the ashes rose a revitalized resolve. For every creation lost, we vowed to create tenfold, remembering that the artist’s spirit within us is untamed and unstoppable.

Today, Jamas Decor is not just a company; it"s a phoenix –rising, recreating, and reimagining. We draw strength from the undying embers of our past and fuel our passion for the future. Our journey serves as a reminder that it"s in rising from the ashes of adversity that an artist is truly birthed, crafting stories and memories that resonate at the intersection of life and art. Join us in our inspiring journey as we continue to infuse life in nature and make the world a little more beautiful and intricately crafted, one piece of decor at a time.


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