Real names:
KiAnn Kim
Music style:
Full On Psytrance
South Korea

KiAnn Biography

DJ KiAnn is considered one of the founding fathers of the first generation of the Korean Psytrance scene and has contributed to popularizing it in his home country through Djing and party organization for the past 26 years.

His journey started from his passion for cultural exchange while he was a student in Osaka, Japan, where he discovered the club culture through interactions with people from all walks of life, which made him establish his first business "the International Bar Nell`s" in Shinsaibasa, Japan, soon to be followed by his DJ career.

After 2 years, he decided to shift his focus towards constructing his musical identity by travelling to different countries and playing at various festivals and club parties, including Thailand`s Full Moon Party, which had a huge impact in his musical journey.

In 2001, he attended live performances by Jeff Mills and David Clark, which inspired him to focus on his musical career as a DJ and event organizer by establishing his first event agency, Kim`s Productions. Later that same year, when Psychedelic Trance was growing massively in Japan, many artists came to Japan to perform, but the live performances of Juno Reactor, The Delta and S.U.N. Project had a profound influence on him, and it was the turning point where his musical taste became the combination of Techno and Psytrance.

In 2004, he moved his artistic base to his hometown of Seoul. During this period, he began to introduce Psytrance music and culture to the Korean scene by organizing Psytrance events and performing at parties in various locations in Seoul, Busan and Daegu together with his team of fellow Psytrance enthusiasts and ravers.

Over the following years, they witnessed the community at their parties expand from about 50 people to more than 4000 Trancers, leading to Korea`s first outdoor Psytrance festival in Deokso in 2006 "Wonderland Korea 2006 Festival".

Throughout the years of development as a DJ and event organizer, he gained a tremendous experience that resulted in him and his friends successfully opening the popular Club Heaven in Gangnam, Seoul, hosting thriving Psytrance parties, and furthermore, hosting internationally renowned artists from all aspects of electronic music, such as Astrix, Infected Mushroom, Skazi, Eskimo, John Phantasm, GMS, VOID, S.U.N. Project, Talamasca and many more.

Since 2012 he has focused on promoting emerging talents and supporting international and local artists, by managing tours in Japan, UK, Netherlands and Spain.

After some years of hiatus, he finally turned his focus to exclusively organizing parties in the Asia region, resulting in the birth of "Asia Dance Music Community" aka (ADMC), which led to him meeting our label CEO and joining the BMSS Records in 2024 representing our label in Korea and all over Asia.



Nagisa Music Festival (Japan / 2010)
Full Moon Festival (Thailand / 2006 - 2008)
Half Moon Festival (Thailand / 2007 - 2008)
Jungle Experience (Thailand / 2008)
Punta Arabi (Spain / 2012)
Music-Circus (Japan / 2016)
ADMC (Korea / 2023)
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