Real names:
Omer Kadosh
Live Act
Sun and Moon
Music style:
Gothadelic Psytrance

Dark Soho Biography

It all Started in 1998...Dark Soho was founded by three friends from Israel, Omer Kadosh (Rizo), Sagiv Boxer and Zeev Diukman.

Considered as one of the pioneers to mix between Psytrance, Rock, Metal and Industrial music in a proper and serious way, something unique back then, maybe only referable to legends like Tim Schuldt or Front Line Assembly, Dark Soho entered the scene with a strong impact for the years to come. Their first album "Sun Spot", which was released in 2001 on B.N.E. Records, has been considered a mile stone within the Psytrance history and lead the way for the following albums: "Combustion" which came out in 2002 and "Light in the Dark" which hit the scene in 2004 (both on Alchemy Records). This success lead to Dark Soho touring worldwide for the following years, headlining festivals and parties all around the world and globally taking the scene by storm.

After long break, Dark Soho went back touring and finally released their latest album in 2018 on BMSS: "Hybrid". The album is, as the name suggests, a sonic synthesis of industrial sounds, Gothic atmospheres, herculean basses and signature crunchy guitar riffs that hover over profound emotions. Collaborations featured Orpheus, Originals and a remix by No Comment, all good friends of Rizo and big inspirations for the modern interpretation of Full On and Psytrance.

In 2019, Dark Soho finally signed with BMSS Records and we welcome Rizo with open arms to our family. A lot of new tracks are in the making and the direction is clear: back to the roots of Dark Soho but in a modern design. Stay tuned...

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