Real names:
Joaquim Ponte
Live Act
Music style:
Psychedelic Trance

Bunker Jack Biography

Bunker Jack is the solo Psytrance project of Joaquim Ponte (aka Kiko), a Portuguese sound engineer who currently lives in the city of Lisbon.

His first contact with Psychedelic Trance scene was in 1999 and since then his interest in psychedelic sounds and frequencies has never stopped. The project "Bunker Jack" was born in 2007 from a strong desire to create a new Psychedelic trance project that he really connected with.

The sound of Bunker Jack is best described as pure Psychedelic Trance for the mind, body and soul. Expect energetic & groove laden structures, with organic and mechanical elements as well as some industrial influences especially designed for psychedelic dancefloors. This is topped of with a mix of emotional and strong futuristic leads filled with soaring, cosmic sounds and atmospherics designed to drive the listener into a state of pure Trance.

Currently representing BMSS Records and Locobot Records. Kiko has released music on Mainstage Records, BMSS Records, Locobot Records, Global Army Music, Replicant Records, One Foot Groove Records, Phantasm Records, Ovnimoon Records, Hypergate Records, Groove Technology Records, Planet BEN Records, Woorpz Rec, Sidewave Records and a few more. Kiko also represents half part of the Synergies duo.

Keep your eye out for what lies ahead as the best of Bunker Jack is still to come!

BMSS releases

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Various Samaveda Parties (Portugal)
Locobot Records Party (Belgium / 2018)
Magic New Year (Portugal / 2017 / 2018)
Insomnia Festival (Portugal / 2013 - 2018)
Space Music Drops Anniversary (Portugal / 2015)

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