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Real names:Sebastian Horsch
Type:Live Act
Style:Sun and Moon
Music style:Psychedelic Trance

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BMSS releases

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Tribal Lineage 3

Digital | Sun222-1
Big Wave

Digital | Sun203
Shrooms on Bass

Digital | Sun169
Shifting Waves

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CD and Digital | BMSS1CD022


Sebastian Horsch is the psychedelic mind behind E-Motion.
An electronic music enthusiast from a young age, he discovered the colorful sound of psytrance at 15, which forever expanded his musical horizons and changed everything.
He has been writing music since 2014 and regularly performs in his home country of Germany and has travelled to play around Europe too.
Seeing the energy and joy in the people, burning the dancefloor, has always been his biggest drive and so is his music...packed full of an energetic and trippy soundscape with a powerful ground.
After many releases and finding his way into the psytrance scene, he released his first EP on BMSS Records called "Shifting Waves" in 2018 and shortly after he joined the Brother Moon & Sister Sun Family.
E-Motion is looking forward to unforgettable hours with all of You out there and of course, burning dancefloors.

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Flying Circus (Germany / 2015)
Psy Spirits Events (Germany / 2015)
Natürlich Irre Festival (Germany / 2017)
Psy Spirits Events (Germany / 2017)
Evolution Events (Germany / 2017)