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Real names:Jannipa Yoosaeng
Style:Sun and Moon
Music style:Psytrance

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DJ Pzychobiz is Jannipa Yoosaeng, originally from Bangkok and affectionately known throughout the Asian psychedelic scene as "Nun".

Known for her killer mixing skills and deadly selections (both behind the decks and the bar), Pzychobiz makes her larger-than-life presence and massive heartfelt wherever she goes. A firm favorite and stalwart of Thailand`s underground party circuit, Nun has also ventured far and wide, showcasing her talents at festivals in Malaysia, Korea, China, Vietnam, Hungary and Germany.

Now a BMSS Records label DJane, Pzychobiz is ready to impose her infectious sense of humor, ass-shaking music and unique brand of magic on a dancefloor near you soon.

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Angelic (Thailand / 2018)
Sonic Night (Thailand / 2018)
Voozoo Festival (China / 2018)
S.U.N. Festival (Hungary / 2018)
Magic Mountain (Thailand / 2018)
Spirit Tribe Festival (China / 2018)
Play Festival (South Korea / 2018)
Samadhi Psytrance (Vietnam / 2018)
Moon Mountain (Thailand / 2014 - 2018)
Psychedelic Happiness (Germany / 2017)
Belantara Festival (Malaysia / 2015 - 2018)
Playground Movement (South Korea / 2018)
Play Ground Timeless (South Korea / 2017)
Lost in Paradise Festival (Thailand / 2014 - 2017)