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Inverse Out

Real names:Timo Kollin & Jukka Surakka
Type:Live Act
Style:Sun and Moon
Music style:Psychedelic Trance

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Inverse Out is the vigorous Psytrance duo hailing from Finland. These guys are well known faces in the global psychedelic scene with their other projects Frosty Fennic (Jukka Surakka) & Tim Duster of Rye Smugglers (Timo Kollin).

Jukka has already been playing since 2004 under his other Psytrance projects. Of these, the most familiar to the audience will be Frosty Fennic, which is kicking up dust on dancefloors around the world. Timo is one of the most respected and experienced psychedelic Djs in Finland. He is creating danceable style of modern Psytrance music that keeps the dancefloor moving all night long.

Together they have over three decades of gigging, playing hundreds of parties & festivals worldwide from Brazil to Japan and from northern parts of Europe all the way to South-Africa, with numerous releases on well-known labels such as Sangoma, Forestdelic, Vertigo, Z-Plane & Ovnimoon Records, just to name a few.

Their diverse music gets the dance-floor groove on within seconds you hit the play. They continue the journey with the most danceable rhythms and psychedelic atmosphere imaginable. This combination of smooth harmonic Full On and twisted elements will push you to your limits on the dancefloor. We at BMSS are happy to have them with us!

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