Real names:
Pedro Matias
Music style:
Psychedelic Trance

Fluxo Biography

Fluxo is Pedro Matias / Exolon, a Trance pioneer from Portugal. He has been developing his taste and interest for trance and electronic music since the early days. His DJ career started around 1995, when the Acid Trance and Techno scenes where still blended and the Goa trance influenza was yet to arrive to Portugal. Until around 2000 he played in several national events and after parties, making some unique and twisted sets devoted to both acid and melodic aspects of music. Sharing stage with EDM monster producers and DJs as Josh Wink, Green Velvet, Hardfloor, Jesus del Campo, to mention some, was a perfect start for his career. At this time he was working on a pioneer dance music institution / shop called Dance Planet, where he had the pleasure to interact with both artists and public in very special way, and had the opportunity to help building a fantastic teaching studio and develop lesson strategies and plans to help the emerging interest community to make electronic music.

Meanwhile, in 1999 with a group of friends, he founded the party collective Quest4Goa, getting totally in love with Psychedelic Trance, Goa and Ambient music. For him as DJ was the ultimate opportunity to explore, in a broader spectrum and connectivity, the world of Psychedelic Trance, through the opportunity of hosting in his parties, the great majority of the most known Psytrance creators and Djs.

He had the pleasure to play along classic artists such as Infected Mushroom, Psysex, Cosma, Dj Jorg, Talamasca, Hux Flux, Protoculture, Black & white, Wizzy Noise, Neuromotor, Oforia, Space Cat, Psycraft, Illumination, Dynamic, Panick, Xerox, Alien Project, Quadra, Absolum just to name a few, and current dancefloor killers like Astrix, Ajja, Burn in Noise, Dickster, Tristan, Djantrix, Middle Mode, Boom Shankar, Spirit Architect, Avalon and many many more.

He has been playing in Portugal on a regular basis since the beginning of the millennia, having his biggest highlight at Boom Festival 2006, playing in his favorite time slot in the first Boom morning. Magic happened! Besides a tremendous gratitude feeling for those special moments he received also a great feedback from international public. Other countries experiences included Greece, Ireland and Switzerland, spreading positive trance vibes on every step of his journey.

His love for music and trance culture allied to his mixing technique and selection allow Fluxo to have a great interactivity with the dancefloor, and that special connection with the public is one of his strong attributes as a DJ. Flawless mixing and a 100% dancefloor oriented musical selection is a pair of boosts you can also expect when he is around. In 2017 he joined BMSS Records and is our label representative in Portugal and beyond.

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Emotions (Portugal / 2016)
Good Mood (Portugal / 2003)
Boom Festival (Portugal / 2006)
Dream Gathering (Ireland / 2012)
ZNA Gathering (Portugal / 2016)
Magic New Year (Portugal / 2016)
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