Real names:
Ivy, Janik, Masha & Katia LunOsol
Sun and Moon
Music style:
USA & Canada

LunOsol Biography

Lunosol Productions is destined to bring positive life changing experiences at all events and festivals produced or decorated for, by providing top quality environment for artists` attendees and volunteers connecting the international and the local psychedelic trance community into a family of love and light.

Productions Lunosol is a non-profit organization based out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada inspired to give the opportunity to local artists to present their work in an international setting. Helping the Quebecois musicians, painters, dancers and installation artists put their talent on the map in a secure friendly atmosphere.

Lunosol does not only organize events but also creates decorations for their partners with high production value sound systems light/laser shows with unique decorations and atmosphere augmentations techniques. Lunosol is able to reach multiple genres of music and help create events in multiple niches including corporate setting.

Through connections with various music festivals Lunosol is allowing for combined effort to reach more people with broader music choices. Communal projects like permaculture workshops and other community based movements are a big part of all Lunosol festivals & events. Social awareness and corporate responsibility programs as well as loyalty programs and bonuses for volunteers are also implemented. Local and foreign vendors participating in fair trade are encouraged to buy in by showcasing their creations. Lunosol provides a safe and friendly environment to all artists, vendors and volunteers to guarantee their best experience possible. Workshops of Yoga, Reiki, Massage, Meditation and other enlightening experiences is what makes Lunosol a unique and top quality partner.

"Being artists in Montreal we got inspired to contribute to the local scene. In 2014 when Ivy, now our Creative Director moved to Montreal we knew that our dream of having a business in the industry will finally come true. After all the visual aspect of any event is what impresses people as they walk through the door.

With educational background in art and design and extensive experience designing and creating psychedelic decorations with Global Village Ivy is at the heart of Lunosol. Her partner, Janik is Lunosol`s Music Director, his many years of organizing and installing events and his passion for music, Janik is a key element that makes Lunosol what it is.

Our Public Relations Director, Katia is the friendliest person you will ever meet, always making sure everyone is happy, contributing her social skills to the Lunosol mix. Masha, having experience in sales and operations is our Marketing Director and is the brains behind the operation, moving Lunosol forward in the right direction to guarantee good reputation and international success."



Sundari (Canada / 2015)
Tranceplants (USA / 2016)
Unitz Festival (USA / 2016)
Orion (Canada / 2015 - 2016)
Future Forest (Canada / 2016)
Duality (Canada / 2015 - 2016)
Eclipse Festival (Canada / 2015)
St-Jean Bassiste (Canada / 2015)
Space Gathering (Canada / 2016)
Israeli Independence Day (Canada / 2015-2016)
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