Real names:
Bojan Stojiljkovic
Live Act
Music style:
Progressive & Psychedelic Trance

Ascent Biography

Ascent is a Psy / Progressive project helmed by Bojan Stojiljkovic from Serbia. Throughout his life, music has been a significant part, initially as a keyboard player in numerous Rock & Blues bands during his formative years. However, he eventually discovered a deep love and passion for electronic Trance music. Following years of DJing and producing, the Ascent Project was born.

In 2013, Ascent gained recognition with the successful release of his debut album, "Secret Place", on Ovnimoon Records. This achievement led to opportunities with several esteemed labels, including Iono Records, Tesseract Studio, Dacru Records, and more, where he continued to release numerous tracks within the Psy & Progressive genre.

Building upon the acclaim of his debut album, Ascent released his second album, "Nature Creations", in 2014, further cementing his global recognition and securing performances at various festivals and parties throughout Europe.

In early 2016, Ascent joined the BMSS Records family, allowing him to continue his musical endeavors with renewed vigor. From 2016 to 2018, his presence in the industry expanded as he played bookings worldwide. However, in 2018, Ascent took a hiatus to focus on music production amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Serbia"s nature.

After 5 years of pause with bookings, Ascent continues to travel and play his music worldwide, representing BMSS Records. The sound of Ascent can be described as progressive, psychedelic, atmospheric, and trance-infused, characterized by unique melodies, Goa melodies, emotional harmonies, and ethnic vocals.

BMSS releases



P.L.U.R. Festival (Greece)
S.U.N Festival (Hungary)
Shankra Festival (Switzerland)
Waha Festival (Romania)
Elysium Festival (Serbia)
New Healing Festival (Germany)
Hexaplex Festival (Lebanon)
SkogTroll Festival (Norway)
Exit Festival (Serbia)
Aura Festival (Spain)
Cosmic Dance Festival (Czech Republic)
Bee Trip Festival (Greece)
Digital Nexus Festival (Serbia)
River Flow Festival (Greece)
Musicology Festival (Greece)
September Ritual Festival (Turkey)
Bel Raj Festival (Macedonia)
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