Real names:
Bojan Stojiljkovic
Live Act
Music style:
Progressive Psytrance

Ascent Biography

Bojan Stojiljkovic alias Ascent was born 1987 in the town of Krushevac in Serbia. He comes from a family of musicians and as very young child started playing keyboards. When he turned 20, he started his career as a DJ in the Psychedelic Trance music scene. Worked and played psytrance music all around Serbia at festivals and parties, he started as well in 2010 to produce progressive Psytrance and Downtempo / Psychill music. Ascent has released albums in several labels like Ovnimoon Records, Iono Mucic, Phoenix Groove Records and finally at BMSS Records where he signed in 2016.

His latest release was the album of The Key, an innovative vision plucked from the mind of Ovnimoon from Chile, mixes the psychedelic and progressive sounds of the prolific Ascent with the powerful emotions that fuel Progressive Psytrance. His latest solo works are in the pipeline already and scheduled to be released on BMSS in 2016.

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