Real names:
Fabien & Pierre
Live Act, Chillout Live
Sun and Moon
Music style:
Live Band / World / Ethno

Matibhrama Biography

Created in the beginning of 2010 and native from France, Matibhrama is a group of electronic instrumental fusion music that combines Psychedelic Ethno Trance, World Music and Ambient styles.

Let yourself carry around the world by the combination of electronic sounds with ancestral instruments from Didgeridoo to Roubab, Guitar, Vocals, different kinds of Flute (Bansuri, Quena etc) and many other instruments. These two musicians mix different atmospheres to create their own world...a world where people, nature and music are one.

BMSS releases

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Universo Paralello Festival (Brazil / 2013 - 2014 )
S.U.N. Festival (Hungary / 2013 / 2014 / 2015 )
Freqs of Nature Festival (Germany / 2012)
Transition Festival (Spain / 2014 / 2015 Opening Ceremony)
World People Festival (France / 2013 Opening Ceremony)
Ressonar Festival (Brazil / 2014 , 2015 Opening Ceremony)
Terra em Trance Festival (Brazil / 2015 Opening Ceremony)
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