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Real names:Cels Mimesis & C├ęsar Mimesis
Type:Deco Artist
Style:Sun and Moon
Music style:Scenography & Ambientation

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Mimesis is a young psychedelic art collective from Barcelona (Spain), mainly focused on plastic and musical ways. Was founded around 2009 as a friends collective with the intention of spreading the psytrance philosophy. Not until 2013 we decided to bet for a 100% on it and dedicate all of our energies to contribute and return some things that we`ve received from the psychedelia, putting our effort especially on the decoration. So we feel like a really young collective in a growing process!

About our main passion; the decoration, the first thing you can see that defines us is that we`re focusing especially on the booth or cabin.
When the people are dancing, their attention is mainly directed to the 21th century shaman who is performing, so we think that his/her altar is the most important place to transform, to make the psychedelic experience stronger and facilitate the change of state of consciousness. For the same reason, it`s usual to see how our roofs flow directly from there.

Our esthetical philosophy is based on the fractal geometry and the golden ratio, together with some abstract effects, always intending selfconsciousness and sense`s stimulation. We work some techniques, like string, sculpture, fabrics... and about our thematics, probably our actual hallmark it`s our stunning UV effects with floating paints and mandalas, but we try to surprise always, and have made also some totems, aliens, tribals, dinosaurs... and many more to come, but all always with a recognizable Mimesis character!

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Connection Festival (Spain / 2012)
Pre-MO:DEM Festival (Spain / 2013)
Connection Festival (Spain / 2013)
Inka Spirit Festival (Peru / 2014)
Ayahuasca Trance Festival (Peru / 2014)
Suntrip 10 Years Anniversary Tour (Spain / 2014)
When Magic Happens II (Portugal / 2014)
Pre-P.L.U.R. Festival (Spain / 2014)
Transylvaliens Festival (Romania / 2014)
Connection Festival (Spain / 2014)
Hypnotik Halloween (Italy / 2014)
Bye Bye 2014 (Portugal / 2014)
Dance For Life NYE (Belgium / 2014)