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Real names:Jürgen Duchêne
Style:Sun and Moon
Music style:Psychedelic Trance/ Ambient

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CD and Digital | BMSS1CD019

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It`s clearly psychedelic, it"s clearly progressive.. and every now and then there"s a hint of Forest atmosphere: With this formula, Takttrauma became one of Germany"s most up-and-coming DJs.

Things went quite quickly for this fellow from Frankfurt area: In 2007 he found his way into the world of Psytrance. Shortly after, he found himself on stage, spinning records as a DJ. An important factor for the rise of Takttrauma has been his synergetic relationship with "Alice im Wummerland", an event series that is hosting some of the biggest indoor events in Germany. From the very beginning, the success of this series gained from his unique DJ sets, which could be described as a blend of fat, driving bass lines, deep soundscapes, some bits and pieces of ethnic music, and a hint of Forest. In return, Takttrauma gained from the success of "Alice im Wummerland". A more recent milestone in his career is becoming a representative DJ for BMSS Records in 2014, where he will release his debut compilation this fall / winter, featuring artists like Middle Mode, M-Theory, Lupin, and more. If you plan to escape to Asia from the cold of the European winter, watch out for Takttrauma playing at parties and open airs in countries like Thailand or Malaysia - a tropical excourse from his busy tour schedule in Europe, where he played along artists like Astrix, Boom Shankar, Vertex, and others. Speaking of parties: Last but not least, Takttrauma is involved in some exciting underground projects in Germany.

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Alice im Wummerland (Germany / 2012 - 2014)
Goa open air (France / 2014)
Electro Jesus Raves (Germany / 2014)
Hari Kunang Kunang Di Hutan (Germany / 2014)
Raum-Zeit-Kontinuum (Germany / 2014)
Bohemica (Germany / 2013)
Psychedelic Ring (Germany / 2013)
Tranmpelpfade (Germany / 2013)
Sternenspiel (Germany / 2013)
Nataraja (Germany / 2013)
Skywalk (Germany / 2013)
Coloured Spring (Germany / 2013)
Teilzeit (Germany / 2012)
Shamanic Call (Germany / 2012)