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Real names:Diogenes Kyratzoglou & Labros Kantzos
Type:Live Act, Chillout Live
Style:Sun and Moon
Music style:Psychedelic Ambient / Trance

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Odiolab is a psychedelic project formed by Diogenes & Labros in 2005.

Rock, Psychedelia, Pop, World music, New Age, Electronic and Experimental are the musical genres they draw their influences from. Since the early 90s both members have, together or individually, pursued their musical orientation through garage bands, studio work and music production as well as the human soul laboratory.

They joined BMSS Records in 2014 and are currently working on their debut album which should see the light very soon...

Additional info

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Earthdrop Festival (Greece / 2014)
Blackmoon Festival (Italiy / 2014)
Alice Im Wummerland (Germany / 2014)
Ambient Revolution 2 (Opening for Aes Dana and Asura) (Greece / 2012)
Ambient Revolution (Supporting act for Solar Fields) (Greece / 2012)
It - The Place with Aes Dana (Greece / 2013)
Athens Legalize Protestival (Greece / 2012)
Utopian Techologies (Greece / 2011)
Free Earth Festival (Greece / 2013)
Ambient Revolution (Greece / 2011)
S.U.N. Festival (Hungary / 2014)
Void Network (Greece / 2012)