Real names:
John Robert Egeland & Eldar von Essen
Live Act
Sun and Moon
Music style:
Psychedelic Trance

PhasePhour Biography

PhasePhour has its roots in one of the most northern peaks of the planet: Norway. The project is in the experienced hands of John Robert Egeland, Eldar von Essen and Christer Andersson.

The sound of PhasePhour is not easily defined. With its massive melodic full-on sound combined with a deep Scando landscape, it`s a perfect combination to both move the dance floor and for repeated listening at home.

PhasePhour has released two full albums; the praised debut album "Boiing & Zipp" and the second album "Fun From Far Away". With other numerous releases on major labels like Shiva Space Technology, Chill Tribe, Aleph Zero, Geomagnetic Records, and upcoming releases on BMSS and Digital Distortion Records, PhasePhour has earned its way into the international psytrance scene as one of the leading artist coming out of Norway.

PhasePhour has been playing live around the globe several times with amazing performances in Europe, USA, Brazil and Mexico.

The future looks bright.

BMSS releases

Videos, Live & Dj Sets



Area 51 (USA / 2011)
Burning Man (USA / 2011)
Genesis Festival (USA / 2013)
Transition Festival (Spain / 2012)
Utopia: Boom After Party (Portugal / 2012)
BMSS & S.U.N. Label Party (Austria / 2013)
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