Real names:
Carsten Reimann, Michi Zoll, Jenny Wilding
Deco Artist
Sun and Moon
Music style:
Backdrops & String Art
Konstanz / Nelas

Jamas Biography

Jamas is a deco-team based in southern Germany and in Portugal, consisting out of three friends. Founded in 2003 they are constantly providing parties with their vision of Psychedelic artwork.

The decorations are put together by different styles and several materials are used for construction. Michi concentrates on string-arts and 3-D-objects. They use to make the strings-arts out of wool und usually wood for an objects construction. Jenny & Carsten build all kinds of dreamcatchers. To make the ring, whether they use copper or tubes out of plastic. The net is tied out of wool as well. Furthermore, Carsten scatches and paints self created backdrops in uv-colours.

"We are very proud to present us as one team. We are very excited what will happen in the future and we are happy to show something special to all eyes on the world."



Transition Festival (Spain / 2010 / 2011)
Transylvania Calling (Romania / 2007 / 2009)
The Changeling Festival (Spain / 2009)
Fantasia Festival (Germany / 2008)
72 Hours (Switzerland / 2007 / 2008 / 2009)
Save the Freaks II (Switzerland / 2007)
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