Real names:
Karen Helletsgruber
Sun and Moon
Music style:
Progressive Trance & Melodic Techno
South Africa
Cape Town

Special Kay Biography

The dance floors of Cape Town have been my playground for the past 25 years.

In the summer of 2007, I realised that this was becoming serious, and that I needed to let the magic of music become a more profound part of my life. As the Trance scene in the Cape was evolving, and the music was flowing into a more progressive and percussive tribal energy, I finally found my sound. After years of driving everyone crazy, I was finally given my own pair of CDJs and DJane Special Kay was born, honing my style and building my audience in my quest for full electronic nirvana.

Much of my style is based on a driving gallop of a bass-line together with a powerful melody or vocal message in the intro as well as in the breaks. It is my way of bringing awareness into a dance floor space. My sets are full of groove and always interactive, making it impossible to leave the floor. A journey from deep tribal rhythms to uplifting melodic Progressive Trance with a psy twist - always very danceable.

As my sound matures and my audience grows with me, I look forward to delivering more quality sets that are full of emotion, that allow me to connect with my dancers, and that will be remembered long after the party has ended.

In 2024, I am happy that I finally found a home within BMSS Records, and I am looking forward to representing the label in South Africa and beyond.

Videos, Live & Dj Sets



Antaris Festival (Germany)
Bachblyten Festival (Germany)
Experience Festival (Thailand)
Indian Spirit Festival (Germany)
Origin Festival (South Africa)
Vortex Trance Adventurers (South Africa)
Summer Camp (South Africa)
POD Karoo (South Africa)
Wackey Woods Festival (South Africa)
Groove Productions Private Events (South Africa)
Camps Bay (South Africa)
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