Real names:
Jukka Surakka
Live Act
Music style:
Suomi Forest Trance

Frosty Fennic Biography

The realm of Frosty Fennic is a musical exploration crafted by Jukka Surakka`s creative mastery. This project captures the essence of Nordic culture by combining Suomisound, Forest, Dark, and even industrial elements into a truly unique sonic experience while maintaining the essence of Psychedelic Trance music. It is the outcome of the long-term Suomisound project Oikeusjyvä.

The name "Frosty Fennic" honors the Finnish people`s resilience and adaptability, reflecting their affinity for the pristine landscapes and frozen beauty of the North. Jukka incorporates this cultural spirit into his compositions, resulting in tracks that transport listeners to the heart of Nordic craziness.

Frosty Fennic has released on labels such as Samaa, Sangoma, Digital Shamans, Forestdelic, and Z-Plane Records, to name a few, and is now proudly contributing to the BMSS Records artist repertoire. You might notice echoes of his other project, Muatoy, which has already cemented its place in the BMSS Records family.

Videos, Live & Dj Sets


Lawatanssit (Finland / 2009)
Metsäfestival (Finland / 2010 - 2014)
Systo Palty (Russia / 2013)
Kosmos Festival (Finland / 2014 - 2019 - 2023)
Terra Em Trance (Brazil / 2015)
Spiritz Of The Jungle Festival (Sweden / 2018)
Alice im Wummerland (Germany / 2018)
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