Real names:
Taiki Fukumoto
Sun and Moon
Music style:
Psychedelic Trance

PiERO Biography

Born in Japan in 1994, Piero`s musical journey ignited after a transformative experience in Goa, India, the revered Mecca of Trance, during his global travels in 2014. Embracing the unique approach of "1 DJ 3 Styles," Piero showcases his versatility through distinct personas:

DJ PiERO (Psychedelic Twilight Style) - Crafting an enchanting trance atmosphere for midnight peak time, he elevates dance floors with a distinctive and high-energy groove.

PiERO (Morning Goa Full On Style) - Unleashing a one-of-a-kind groove with Morning Full On, seamlessly blending elements of Goa Trance for the morning hours.

PiERO (Tech House to Acid Techno) - Exhibiting versatility, he navigates from peak-time Acid Techno to the soothing vibes of Tech House reminiscent of Ibiza`s sunset beach clubs.

Piero`s playful yet serious musical approach, coupled with adept timing, captivates even the most seasoned party-goers, earning him unwavering trust and a dedicated fan base. Beyond his prowess as a DJ, he owns a dance club and operates as an event promoter, consistently organizing and executing diverse events, including the psychedelic extravaganza "CrazyCircus", the art-infused techno soirée "Black Rock", and "The Under", hosting international artists and championing the highest quality dance music.

Committed to energizing Japan`s party scene, Piero orchestrates over 100 events annually as part of his life`s work. In 2015, he founded "Revorior", specializing in apparel production and event management. Since 2020, Piero serves as a special lecturer at IDPS School Osaka Campus, cultivating globally renowned DJs from Japan. In 2021, he marked a milestone with the release of his inaugural original track, Electric Shanti.

The year 2022 saw the establishment of a new club, "Under", in his hometown of Osaka, dedicated to Trance and Techno culture, with Piero as CEO. In 2023, he made a significant international move by joining BMSS Records, based in Germany, becoming the first Japanese official DJ for the label.


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